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Japanese オクトパルド
Romanized Okutoparudo
IGO Icon 2 Bestiary IGO Icon 2
Type Mollusk-Mammal Beast
Capture Level 620
Length 40m
Weight 2800t
Price 100g / 2,500,000 yen
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Gourmet World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 246
Anime Episode 143
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The Octopard (オクトパルド Okutoparudo) is a gigantic feline beast native to Gourmet World that appears to be a hybrid between a leopard and an octopus. An Octopard was briefly used as an Animal Partner by Midora, the boss of the Gourmet Corp..


Midora's Beast leg

It is a gigantic beast easily the size of a building. Its overall body shape is similar to that of an octopus, having eight long muscular tentacle-like limbs with suctions cups (and at the end of each of its limbs it has paws with sharp claws like a leopard), and finally it has a large bulbous back similar to an octopus's head. Its head resembles that of a leopard's but with the razor sharp long fangs of a sabre toothed cat. Most of its body is covered in the same spotted pattern that is common to leopards.


The Octopard under Midora's control was shown to be a fearsome creature that showed no signs of fear when it first confronted Ichiryuu and his group and it also showed no fear in the presence of other beasts which have high capture levels close to its own. However its courage eventually waned when Ichiryuu demonstrated his true power, shocking the Octopard into a state of fear.


It is a creature of gargantuan size and mass, which likely endows it with great strength, as indicated by its high capture level of 620. Despite its great size, it is extremely agile and swift, able to leap high in to the air and can basically bounce off the air through sheer leg strength to simulate flying, similar to the way a squid moves in water. As it is from Gourmet World, it is naturally accustomed to intensely harsh environments, survive in its harsh wilderness and is easily vastly more powerful than any creature in the Human World.

However with all its strength, Midora's Octopard proved to be nothing more than a pest in the presence of Ichiryuu who easily subdued it and several other beasts with his Chopsticks technique, all without killing them and was later completely obliterated by his own master's tongue.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

It first appears carrying Midora at Slow Rain Hills to battle the 0th Biotope members.[1] Ichiryu wants a change of location for battle. As soon as Ichiryu flies up into the sky, Octopard leaps high in the air close behind. It does a couple of mid-air jumps to continue gaining altitude. They eventually land on one of the Stray Islands where the Octopard along with other native beasts (Ripper The Fox and Goron Beast) are about to attack Ichiryu from multiple directions. Ichiryu uses his Chopsticks technique and easily subdues all three of them.[2] Later on all three of them are consumed by Midora's Hungry Tongue.[3]



Octpard Submission

Octopard Submission

  • It was created by Uminchuh of Kanagawa Prefecture.
  • Octopard 's name is driven from the 2 animals that make up the beast, an Octopus and a Leopard.


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