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Japanese ぬらりひょん
Romanized Nurarihyon
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Type Apparition
Habitat Hex Food World
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 280
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Nurarihyons are a race of people with very long heads that come from the Hex Food World.


Nurarihyons resemble humans in appearance, but have pointy ears and, most notably, large and long heads that protrude backwards from their faces in the shape of a gourd. Their clothing resembles traditional Japanese attire.

Behavior and CultureEdit

Like the rest of the villagers, Nurarihyons highly respect and revere Heracles and shared the dream of one day eating AIR alongside their fellow villagers.



Like the rest of the races within Hex Food World, the Nurarihyons are actually the descendants of ancient humans who were mutated by the Nitro many centuries ago after being injected with Gourmet Cells. These ancient humans would later establish a society in Area 8 and their descendants would become the many diverse races of Hex Food World.

AIR ArcEdit

When Sunny met a very hairy creature and wondered what it was, Mappy told him that he was a guy that lives to the cram school of the little brother of that famous Nurarihyon's grandson, Takeshi. Nurarihyons are later seen walking down the streets in the town.



  • In Japanese Folklore, the Nurarihyon is considered the leader of all the monsters and Youkai, pictured as an old man with an oversized, long head.

External LinksEdit

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