Mushroom  Numblemon  Sushi
Numblemon card
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Japanese しびレモン
Romanized Shibiremon
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Capture Level 5
Location Tropical areas
Height 12cm
Weight 200g
Price 6,000 yen
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 166
Anime Episode 92
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The Numblemon (しびレモン Shibiremon) is a shocking type of lemon fruit and one of the many ingredients used in the game of Food Concentration.



The Numblemon is a small yellow lemon with purple-colored lightning-shaped markings across its skin. Its insides are a bright yellow color.


Numblemons are produced by Numblemon Trees which grow in tropical locations where lightning strikes. Numblemon Trees can function as lightning rods, and when struck by lightning they become charged and are able to grow Numblemons. Because of this, the Numblemon has a high amount of electricity and will deliver a shock of 10,000 volts to the eater which, while painful, also has the effect of reviving cardiac action.[1] Individuals with an enhanced body, such as Livebearer, seem to be immune to the shocking effects of the Numblemon; able to squeeze the raw juice out of it and drink it without difficulty despite the shock.[2]

Cooking MethodEdit

Numblemon served

Numblemon served.

The Numbmelon can be eaten raw and in slices, however the high amount of electricity it contains may cause great pain to ordinary humans, even if they posses Gourmet Cells. A special sauce made from the honey of the Honey Dragon can also be added to Numblemon slices to enhance their flavor.[3]

Honey Numblemon Crepe

Honey Crepe with a garnish of grated Numblemon.

A small amount of grated Numblemon can often be used to stimulate the flavor of certain cuisines. Squeezed Numblemon juice mixed with carbonated water is also quite popular among young people. Garnish of grated Numblemon skin can be added to certain sweet pastries, such as a crepe, to give them an interesting texture. The flavor can be further enhanced by adding a special flambe syrup made from Honey Dragon's honey and Summer Whiskey which must be poured on the crepe via a long peel of a fluffy orange, which gives the syrup a juicy flavor, thus making a delicious Honey Numblemon Crepe.[1][4]


The flavor of the Numblemon is not as sour and bitter as most lemons and its juice can be enjoyed unsweetened if mixed with carbonated water. A Honey Numblemon Crepe is shown to have a great texture and a strong sweet flavor.


Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

A Numblemon was eaten by Toriko after it was traded from Livebearer to restore him after being damaged by the Nitro Cherry. In the anime, Livebear ate it by juicing it while for Toriko, it was served with the honey of the Honey Dragon.



  • Numblemon Created by Tokushima Prefecture PN Capture Level ∞(捕獲レベル∞).


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