Nightmare Hill
Horse King Hill
Japanese 馬王の丘 (ばおうのおか)
Romanized Ba-Ō no Oka
English Nightmare Hill
Aliases Horse King Hill
Location Area 8
Residents Heracles;
Janus Unicorns;
Daruma Horses
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 282
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The Nightmare Hill is one of the four paths that leads to the area of Slow Rain Hills. The path is different from the other three paths in that instead of a threat of deadly rains, the path is instead accompanied by one of the Eight Kings, Heracles, which uses the location as its nest. It is also accompanied by many other horses like beasts of different class, including the Daruma Horse

In order to pass the route and obtain the Acacia's salad "AIR", it is said that a sacrifice must be made to "Nightmare" Heracles.

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