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Japanese ナミボウズ
Romanized Namibouzu
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Type Sea Current
Capture Level 1600
Length body / 10cm
Height Varies
Weight body / 200g
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Conveyor Belt Islands (Area 6)
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 325
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The Namibouzu (ナミボウズ) is a species of living sea current monsters native to the seas of Area 6.


It is a gigantic creature appeared to be made almost entirely of sea water. It has a large head with two glowing eyes and a maw, along with what resemble dorsal fins on the top of its head. Its head overall somewhat resembles a monstrous fish. It can also form two large arms from the sea water.


The Namibouzu is a vicious beast that attacks any prey that comes close to its waters. Members of the species live together in groups among the Conveyor Belt Islands that they call home, often lurking beneath the waters awaiting for prey to ambush.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Being that it is made almost entirely of water, the Namibouzu is immune to most physical attacks. However its head appears to be its primary weak spot, or to be precise its forehead, likely indicating that this region of its body may not be made of seawater. One cut or shot to this part of its head will cause the Namibouzu to instantly collapse. It is also apparently weak to intense flames. Their watery bodies also allows them to easily camouflage themselves among the waves and attack unsuspecting prey. They are also resistant to the harsh sea currents of the Conveyor Belt Islands.



As the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies make their way into Area 6's Conveyor Belt Islands, their Turtloon is confronted by a giant Namibouzu. As the gigantic beast prepares to devour them whole, it is suddenly electrocuted and set ablaze by Brunch and Starjun. However more Namibouzus soon arrive and attack the group, luckily they are quickly taken out as well, this time however, they are saved by Jiji with the use of his Gunman Sunfish.


  • It is based on and named after the Umibōzu, a Japanese sea spirit said to resemble a giant monk.
  • It is the work of a fan from Hyougo Prefecture.
    • The Namibouzu's creator also created the Fire Ape.

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  • Umibōzu - Monstropedia article about the Umibōzu

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