Miko anime
Japanese 美子 (みこ)
Romanized Miko
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation None
Personal Status
Relatives Yocchi (husband)
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 147
Anime Debut Episode 74
Japanese Voice Doi Mika
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Miko was the fatally ill but loving wife of Yocchi. She was a kind and caring woman who adored her husband, sadly their time together was short, the only thing she wished for was to have spent more time with him.


She was a kind and caring woman and a loving wife who greatly loved her dear husband Yocchi. Despite her grave illness and the little time they spent together, she cherished every moment with her husband and her one regret in life was that she could not have one last meal with him. The love she had for him continued to live on within Meeko.



Due to Yocchi's desire to try and earn enough money to buy her enough healthy foods, he was always busy and never spent much time with his beloved until one day when he returned from a hunt it was already too late and she was close to death, her last words were only that she regretted not being able to share one last meal together with the man she loved and she then passed away. Shortly after her passing, Yocchi discovered an abandoned newborn Chicken Tiger on the site where he buried his wife who he decided to adopt and name Meeko, after his late wife. He truly considered the newborn's appearance a blessing and wondered if it was Miko reborn.


Years later, when Yocchi would be close to death, he requested of his new friends, Toriko and Komatsu to take care of Meeko in his absence as she would get lonely without anyone to play with her. Shortly after Yocchi's passing, Meeko laid an egg that hatched into a newborn Chicken Tiger who was born on top of both Miko and Yocchi's new grave, this made Toriko and Komatsu wonder if the chick was Yocchi reborn, and if so both Yocchi and Miko were finally reunited.


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