CloudIcon Meteorite Rain CloudIcon
Japanese 隕石の雨 (いんせきのあめ)
Romanized Inseki no ame
English Meteorite Rain
Aliases Meteor Rain
Location Stardust Hill
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 282
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The Meteorite Rain is a type of rain which falls on the Area 8's mainland. It is a devastating rain whose each meteorite can differ in size with some being as small as a rock and some being very large like a big rock.

This unusual climate forms part of the unstable weather of Area 8 caused by Heracles, whose exhalation of a high volume of the air in the continent makes the air pressure stay in a low level. The discharge of that exhalation contains toxins that through updrafts becomes various forms of torrential rainfalls which pours down over the continent in various unusual forms.

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