Melk the First

Melk after timeskip


Japanese 初代メルク
Romanized Shodai Meruku
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday November 16th
Age 72 (start of the series);
76 (Post-Timeskip)
Status Alive
Height 270cm
Weight 380kg
Blood Type AB
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO

0th Biotope

Occupation Sharpener,

0th Biotope member

Personal Status
Relatives Melk the Second (adopted daughter)
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 121
Anime Debut Episode 55
Japanese Voice Naka Hiroshi
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Melk the First (初代メルク Shodai Meruku) is the most famous knife sharpener in the world. He was previously known as the "Demon Gourmet" for his great strength and intimidating appearance. Living and working as a hermit atop his mountain, Melk raised an orphaned girl as his daughter and apprentice, who later took on the mantle of Melk the Second. Melk is also a member of the IGO's secret 0th Biotope.


Melk is an enormous, muscular man 2.7 meters in height. He has a wild mass of black hair with a beard, and his tanned body is criss-crossed with many knife wounds. After the timeskip he wears a bandage on his left shoulder that covers the place of the left arm that he lost.

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Most individuals believe Melk to be a powerful and frightening hermit who lives as a mute. However, he is actually a very loving and cheerful man, as demonstrated by his care for his adoptive daughter, Melk the Second. Despite his apparent silence and shyness, he is also very talkative, but his voice is so comically quiet that he cannot be heard under normal circumstances. Until he spoke with Toriko, Melk simply assumed that people tended to ignore what he said because of his intimidating appearance, and that his daughter's attempts to get close enough to hear his voice were acts of affection. He is able to talk in a normal voice after recently finding a naturally occurring Amplifier Stone to wear around his neck.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Melk is the best bladesmith in the world. As proof of his skill he was able to create a knife to prepare Acacia's salad dish AIR. Melk the Second developed her abilities (which he admits are superior to his own) under his tutelage. He also discovered many types of grindstones, the most notable one being Melk Stardust.

A testament to his strength is the fact that he is a member of the 0th Biotope, which is located in the Gourmet World, implying he is fully capable of surviving it and the beasts living there. He can move freely and without difficulties even in high gravity. He is powerful enough to take on beasts of a very high capture level for materials and also capable of entering danger zones to mine grindstones. His strength is such that it earned him the nickname of "Demon Gourmet".

Melk also possesses a unique ability to hear the Voices of Kitchen Knives. Much like how certain chefs have the ability to hear the Voices of Ingredients, Melk is capable of hearing the voice of different kitchen knives. One such knife whom he was able to hear the voice from is Komatsu's own knife. During Toriko's training in Heavy Hole, Melk took Komatsu's broken knife from Toriko and is able to "hear" the voice of the knife. This ability is once again demonstrated by Melk when AIR had been successfully prepared, the Daruma Hermit felt worried that the preparation of the Food King had failed however Melk heard the voice of the knife he had forged for Ichiryu, ensuring him that the second generation had succeeded.



He is acquainted with IGO's President Ichiryu, referring to him as "Ryu-san". He also seems to have seen the knives of legendary chefs like Setsuno and Froese. At some point he also joined the 0th Biotope.

When he was wandering in a forest gathering materials for his knives, he found an abandoned child and adopted her. He was said to have had many sharpeners come to him to request discipleship, but none have ever lasted for more than three days. He claims that the Second Melk was able to match his skill at age 15 and entrusted the second generation to her before leaving, though she hadn't heard any of what he was saying due to his quiet voice.

He used to live on top of Melk Mountain, a mountain that's said to have been constructed by himself. Since he received the request from the President six years prior, he has been working on a knife capable of preparing the salad of Acacia's Full Course, "AIR", isolating himself deep inside Heavy Hole so that no-one can distract him. He also says that this will be his last work as a sharpener.

Melk Stardust ArcEdit

Melk the First's Workshop Eps 55

Toriko arrives in Melk's new knife forge.

He first appears when Toriko is fighting a Scorpion Demon Cattle . He tells the cow to get an Amplifier Stone, Toriko can't understand what he is saying. When the cow comes back, he uses it so Toriko can understand what he is saying. He then takes him to his underground workshop. He explains to Toriko he is busy working on an important job and he tamed the cow as a bodyguard, so no one can interrupt him. He also explains to him why he is working in Heavy Hole. When Toriko mentions Melk the Second, he asks him how is his daughter doing. He is shocked when he told his daughter the reason why he has to leave, but she didn't understand a word he is saying because of his silent voice. Toriko asks him if he knows where he can find Melk Stardust and he offers him as much stardust as he wants. Before Toriko leaves Heavy Hole, Melk asks him if he can look at the list he got from Ichiryu. He tells him to find the Mellow Cola in the Gourmet Pyramid for his next ingredient because it is the season when the cola tastes good.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Melk is called to a meeting at the 0th Biotope. Yosaku asks him how long it has been since he went to the Gourmet World and he replies silently. During the meeting, Ichiryu asks him how he is doing for making a knife for AIR. Manan is the only person to be able to hear him and tells everyone that he already completed it.

Four Beast ArcEdit

He is seen again with Ichiryu and Atashino at Slow Rain Hills, with the knife to prepare Acacia's salad, "AIR".

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

In a flashback, Melk the First, Atashino and Ichiryu are seen in the Slow Rain Hills whilst attempting to get AIR, Acacia's salad. The IGO president comments that the other members of the 0th Biotope should already be near their destinations. Shortly after, however, Midora arrives riding his beast, a massive eight-legged tiger. Ichiryu wonders if they can have a calm chat instead of fighting, but the Bishokukai Boss refuses. With the refusal of the Bishokukai Boss, a Rampage and Tornadragon appear from behind the Bishokukai Boss, Melk the First along with Atashino prepare to face the two beasts while Ichiryu and Midora relocate to the skies.

AIR ArcEdit

He is seen with Atashino taking refuge in the Hex Food World with a bandage on his left shoulder as he lost his left arm at somepoint during his attempt to capture AIR. He tells the details regarding what occured a year and half ago and the method to capture AIR to the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu.

After explaining about the method, Melk asks the Four Heavenly Kings to divide into four teams and aim for the Slow Rain Hills. Later he takes the Daruma Hermit for a walk to the Atmosphere Garden as the region contained high levels of oxygen optimal for the Hermit's recovery as some of his symptoms showed altitude sickness. The Hermit then reveals some information related to the Horse King. According to him, all of the Horse Kings were 'Aerovores' who enjoyed breathing air like eating and then explains some facts of the abilities of Heracles and the reason why Area 8 is the 'Rain Continent'. Then the Hermit reveals that when the Horse King gives birth, it requires 100 times the normal level of fresh air and the only thing that can provide so much air is the Air Fruit which grows on the Giant Air Tree, food king AIR and when the fully ripe Air Fruit falls on the ground, the air that emerges from it blows away all the clouds and mist on Area 8 and connects the continent to the other continents of the Gourmet World and when the Horse King gave birth, the foal runs up the rainbow bridge towards another continent to let the power of the Horse King known and in time to be feared as 'Heracles'. Then the Hermit expresses his inability as there was no record of a Horse King foal crossing a rainbow in last few ten thousand years as the Blue Nitro have found a way to harvest AIR before it falls and though he had taken the method to prepare AIR, he could not win against the Blue Nitro. The Hermit then predicts the end of the continent as the decline of the member of Eight Kings marks the end of the continent and the only thing they can still do is to become fertilizer for the Air Tree and become food for the Horse King.When Melk was going to speak to the Hermit, the Amplifier Stone that he was holding onto rolls down and the Hermit couldn't hear anything.


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