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Match using Match Iai Sanmai Oroshi on Sharcodile
Match Iai Sanmai Oroshi
Match using Exhaustion on Freezer Bison
Match Exhaustion Freezer Bison
Match using Meuchi Ichirin Zashi and Kaiten Kaubutowari
Match Meuchi Ichirin Zashi and Kaiten Kaubutowari
Match's doing Ittou Ryoudan Kabutowari
Match&#039;s Ittou Ryoudan Kabutowari
Barry defending with Koura Shield from Match Iai San Mai Oroshi
Koura Shield and Iai San Mai Oroshi
Barry defending from Match attacks and doing Mince Lariant
Barry Mince Lariant
Match using Exhaustion to defeat Barry
Match Exhaustion
Barry pushes away Match
Barry pushes away Match
Match defeats Barrygamon again
Match defeats Barry again






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