RiceBall  Marbled Tuna  Manga meat
Marbled Tuna Eps 58
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English Marbled Tuna
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Type Fish
Capture Level Unknown
Habitat Seas near World Connect
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Anime Episode 58
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Marbled Tuna is a species of saltwater finfish with small bull-like horns on its head.


Marbled Tuna travel and swim together in large schools and are native to the seas near the World Connect.

As FoodEdit

Marbled Tuna (Served) Eps 58

Marbled Tuna sushi.

Its meat is a seafood delicacy that can be made into a fine sushi, however the freshness of its meat declines quickly making it a difficult fish to serve in restaurants as it expires so quickly and as such must be eaten quickly as well. Luckily, the food stands in the Gourmet Carriage are easily capable of preparing and serving them quickly and in large numbers as the carriage has numerous fisherman on staff that can catch the fish while the carriage travels over the seas, and the seas near the World Connect are filled with schools of Marbled Tuna. When eaten, its meat feels like its melting on one's tongue and creates a sensation that makes the eater wish the feeling would never end.


Mellow Cola ArcEdit

In the anime, while Toriko and Komatsu were traveling on the Gourmet Carriage, they went to the all-you-can-eat food stands where they ate plenty of Marbled Tuna sushi and Sizzle Cattle Roast Beef.

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