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Mahmai Moi portraitMahmai Moi with his female companion
Race Human
Gender Female Female
Professional Status
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 210
Anime Debut Episode 125
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Mahmai Moi was accompanied by this young female woman on his vacation trip around the space on a Gourmet Space Ship.


She is a pale-skinned young woman of blond hair who wears a dark blue dress and a collar of pearls.


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Mahmai Moi at CF
She is first seen aboard the Gourmet Space Ship #07 that makes his safe landing on the International Gourmet Towers Space Airport, who was seating next to the Gourmet Billionaire Mahmai Moi. She is seen pretty excited with the travel, and asks the president to take her again sometime to the trip. While he jokes that he might travel again without her, she wonders and gets worried if it'd be with another woman. They are later seen hugged and getting outside the plane, and on their seats inside the Cooking Stadium ready to witness the event.

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