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Japanese ラヴイワシ
Romanized Ravuiwashi
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Type Fish
Capture Level 11
Length 20cm
Weight 150g
Price 50,000 yen per fish (250,000 yen per pregnant females)
Habitat Warm ocean waters
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 67
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Love Sardines are a special species of fish that are valued highly for their eggs.


The Love Sardine is a small light blue-colored fish that can grow to be around 20 centimeters in length, and when fully grown it can weigh up to 150 grams. Males and females look practically identical and it takes a keen and experienced eye to discern the differences between the two genders.


Female Love Sardines are reproductively active creatures with a strong affinity for being surrounded by a large group of males, and it is only when they are surrounded by 100 males that they are encouraged to lay quality eggs. Love Sardines primarily prefer to reside in warm ocean waters.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Love Sardines are harmless creatures whose capture level mainly stems from the difficulty of picking out females from the males.

As FoodEdit


The Love Sardine requires special handling, as females will only lay high-quality eggs when surrounded by 100 males. They're not too difficult to catch, but it takes a seasoned and skilled chef to be able to discern between the females and the males and to properly prepare them. In fact, this food is so difficult to prepare that it will bring a chef to tears unless they're dead serious about the task.


Century Soup ArcEdit

Setsuno kept many Love Sardines in the underground kitchen beneath her dining hall. Upon seeing them, Komatsu was amazed by their numbers and commented on how he could not even tell which were the females among the countless males.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • Love Sardines were not shown in the anime along with the Lonely Grizzly species for unknown reasons.


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