Mushroom  Longevity Sugarcane  Sushi
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Japanese コトブキビ
Romanized Kotobukibi
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Type Plant
Capture Level Unknown (high)
Location Areas of cold dampness and intense sunlight,
Near Gourmet Temple
Price Unknown
Related Chitose Ame
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
First Appearance Episode 81
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Longevity Sugarcane (コトブキビ Kotobukibi) is a rare species of sugarcane whose sap is 10 million times sweeter than a regular sugarcane's and because of this it is considered a precious ingredient that combines the hues of good fortune with a taste that all can enjoy. Their high rarity is due to that it will only grow in areas where two environments don't naturally coexist, needing cold dampness and intense sunlight in order to survive, also of note is that due to its great sweetness, wild beasts are naturally drawn to it and have an insatiable appetite for it.

It is also the key ingredient in making the Gourmet Temple's extremely delicious Chitose Ame which is packed with every kind of sweet flavor, texture and scent, and one rod of Longevity Sugarcane can make a length of Chitose Ame 1,000 times the circumference of the Earth.