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Japanese リムジンクラゲ, Rimujinkurage
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Type Unclassified
Capture Level Unknown
Length 25m (Setsuno's pet)
Price Unknown (worth more than several hundred luxury automobiles)
Habitat Unknown
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 93
Anime Episode 36
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The Limousine Jellyfish is a giant flying jellyfish whose elastic insides can be molded into anything a traveler may need, such as rooms and furniture. Setsuno uses one for transportation.


It is unknown how natural and unremodeled Limousine Jellyfish look like in the wild. However, Setsuno's Limousine Jellyfish (the only one seen so far in the series) is a gigantic pink-colored jellyfish with a heart-like body shape, nine "window" holes in its side, two thin smokestacks poking out from its top and side, eleven long tentacles growing from its underside (one of which has been fashioned into a stairway by Setsuno) and a pink and frilly skirt-like formation between its body and tentacles. Its insides have been remodeled to have three floors with a stairway on each floor. The first floor resembles a living room complete with chairs, a couch and a table. The second floor is modeled into a kitchen with a large cooking table, a stove, a counter, a sink and a fridge. The third floor is designed into a large bedroom, possessing a large king-sized bed with a heart-shaped pillow, a potted plant on a shelf over the bed, a large dresser behind the bed, and what appears to be a large bathroom area (from which one of the smokestacks come out of) with a shower and bathtub visible within.

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The Limousine Jellyfish appears to be a calm and loyal creature to its riders and does not appear to posses any known hostile tendencies. It's natural habitat is a complete mystery but it is said to not have originated in the Human World, possibly indicating its origins in the Gourmet World. Despite possibly being from the dangerous Gourmet World, this creature can apparently be tamed and sold by residents of the weaker Human World and it does not mind being used for travel or having its insides remodeled.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Limousine Jellyfish speeds up

The Limousine Jellyfish's incredible flight speed.

Whether over land or sea, the Limousine Jellyfish is a premier traveling experience and can go to almost any environment and terrain via water or in the air with its unique ability to float, it can even travel to such locations as the frozen tundra of Ice Hell while keeping its riders warm and comfortable. Its interior is elastic and can be shaped into furniture, cookware, and other staples of a rudimentary living space, even maintaining a fireplace without the fire doing any visible damage to it and a refrigerator-like ice box in which it can store food in without a problem.

The Limousine Jellyfish is an incredibly fast creature, capable of "swimming" through the air at a phenomenal speed and traveling far distances such as from Ice Hell to Life in a short amount of time while its riders remain comfy and untroubled. It does this by "swimming" in the air like a water-dwelling jellyfish by retracting then bursting out its tentacles to create strong enough force to propel it, showing it to be quite a mighty creature.

This creature also appears to posses an incredible power, as demonstrated by Setsuno's Jellyfish which managed to protect an entire gigantic mountain of ice filled with food from Midora's horrific Meteor Spice which most of the Human World was unable to defend against. How it managed to do this remains unknown.


Limousine Jellyfishes are primarily sold as expensive high-class transportation animals that act as the ultimate mode of comfort and safety while traveling, and their moldable and customizable comfy insides make them even more desirable. Limousine Jellyfishes rarely make an appearance on the market, so it is hard to determine a price, but they are estimated to exceed the cost of several hundred luxury automobiles.


  • Despite resembling a Jellyfish, it is marked as "Unclassified" in its Gourmet Checklist entry rather than a Cnidarian.

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