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Komatsu post-time skip

Komatsu artwork

Japanese 小松 (こまつ)
Romanized Komatsu
English Komatsu
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday March 31st, 475 GA
Age 25 (start of the series)
29 (Post-Timeskip)
Height 155 cm
Weight 51 Kg
Blood Type A
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO, Four Heavenly Kings
Occupation Chef for Hotel Gourmet;
Toriko's partner
Partner Toriko
Personal Status
Pets Yun Icon
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 1
Anime Debut Episode 1
Japanese Voice Daisuke Kishio (OVA),
Romi Park (Anime)
English Voice Joshua Grelle
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Galala Gator ArcEdit

When we first meet Komatsu he is in at a meeting with Hotel Gourmet's manager, Smith, and IGO Director General, Uumen Umeda, who has a problem with the main dish. Instead of White-Haired Cinderella Cattle Fillet Steak, Uumen insists they get Galala Gator. While they say that they have no problem cooking it, the main problem is providing it. Uumen concurs that with a Capture Level of 5, they would have to hire a Gourmet Food Provider, or Bishokuya to capture it, to which Komatsu excitedly thinks means Toriko. Komatsu personally goes to propose their deal to Toriko, who he finds fishing, using a giant grass hopper as bait. As he waits for the Bishokuya's response, Toriko astound the chef by drinking a bottle of 50% alcohol Bourbon in one gulp, and then lighting a branch of a Cigar Tree with the friction from a snap of his fingers. Only then does he actually notices Komatsu's presence. After the chef repeats their deal for the capture of a Galala Gator, Toriko says that he probably won't be able to capture it alive. However, they were distracted when Toriko got a bite, and heaved to catch a Pincer Fish, much to the chef's surprise. Then a Five-Tailed Giant Eagle grabbed Toriko's fish while it was in mid-air. Toriko then swung the rod, slamming both of them into the ground, shocking Komatsu. after Toriko explains the strength of the rod he's using, and how it compares to a Galala Gator, he tells the chef that he'll capture the gator alive if they double the price, to which Komatsu agrees that he'll tell his superior. Toriko then goes back to fishing, saying that his real target is a Swamp Shark, and that the two beasts he just landed were desert. After Komatsu reintroduces himself, Toriko offers Komatsu a chance to fish, giving him the rod after cutting it in half , much to the chef's surprise.

Komatsu was moved by Toriko's hunting style, and wishing to see the ingredients in their natural environment, accompanies the Bishokuya on the hunt, but saying it was his superiors idea. When Toriko told him to leave a will as they were heading into a designated danger zone, Komatsu panics a bit. After being introduced to the boat captain, Tom, as the client who "wants to die once" by Toriko, he actually starts writing his will. As Toriko starts eating a Striped Salmon, which was part of his "breakfast," he asks Komatsu about the high-class restaurant he works at, but the chef realizes he never told the Bishokuya his profession, nor where he worked. When he asked Toriko how he knew, the Heavenly King revealed his incredibly sensitive nose, saying he could smell high-class ingredients like Toro Eel, Whelk Fruit, Red Haired Pig and Mellow Oil, emanating from his hands. Komatsu admits that he is the head chef of Hotel Gourmet, then confesses that the superiors didn't tell him to go with Toriko, and that he chose to do so, so that he could see the ingredients as they are naturally and become the best chef he could possibly be. He then realizes that Toriko was only half listening as he was chowing down on an Almond Cabbage. Komatsu then asks the Bishokuya what his dream is, to which Toriko replies that he wants to make a lifetime Full Course Menu. They then reach the southern most tip of the Baron Archipelago, Babaria Island. Though Komatsu thought that they wouldn't be able to get any closer, due to the rocks surrounding the island, known as the Baron Fence, but is reassured by Toriko that Tom knows how to get through. He is then sent tumbling as Tom takes a chaotic path to get their location, the Baron Marsh, and all the time wondering how Toriko is able to keep his balance. They then reach the Marshes entrance, known as the Ogre's Mouth, and leave Tom behind, going in a small inflatable boat.

As Toriko starts paddling them in, Komatsu thinks back to a talk he had with Uumen, and how, though a 150 year old Galala Gator was a Capture Level of 5, reports have stated that the one in the marshes was over 300 and probably has an even higher Capture Level. He is brought out of his thoughts when Toriko told him that they've landed. Komatsu was then about to tell Toriko about the news, when their path was blocked by a Baron Tiger. Just as Komatsu prepared his gun, Toriko scared it off. The Bishokuya then voices his opinion that something overwhelmingly powerful was lurking in the marshes thats scaring the other species to the fringes. At this point Komatsu tells Toriko of the news he heard, but rather than being scared, the Bishokuya was now even more interested, as he then and there wanted to eat the Gator himself. Toriko then warns Komatsu that from this point onward, there are no creatures that could be killed by a shotgun.


Komatsu at Baron Archipelago

As they walk through the forest, Komatsu was scared by a Snake Frog, which Toriko promptly kills. Komatsu then realizes that a large Baron Leech has attached itself to the back of his hand and was sucking his blood. Toriko got rid of it by squeezing a few mangrove leaves to extract the salt, though the bleeding didn't stop. Komatsu then noticed that there were a lot of "Mystery Birds" in the sky, to which Toriko explains that they are the reason they can't approach the archipelago by air. They then decide to camp for the night, thinking that they will tackle the Galala Gator at dawn, since the beast is a nocturnal animal, and should be sluggish in the daylight. However, as they ate the Snake Frog, Komatsu noticed that they were surrounded by beasts. Toriko explained that they were starving animals that wanted the scraps of their meal, and that the Galala Gator, being omnivorous, has left them like this. Komatsu is shocked that the the 200,000 species that reside in the marshes are in danger of extinction because of the Gator, but then realizes that if the food source was to dry up, the Galala Gator was capable of adapting to the ocean and leaving the island. However Toriko silences him, and the beasts around them ran of, just as a Swamp Snake burst out of the near by water.

Komatsu is shocked that the beast died, as it was supposed to be untouchable in the swamp, but then hears something approaching from behind and turns to see the Galala Gator. When Toriko prepares to fight, Komatsu then realizes that he was in the presence of two dinosaurs. After the Bishokuya clashed with the Gator once, he asks Komatsu if his leech bite has stopped bleeding, to which Komatsu replies that it hasn't, and then realized that another leech has attached itself to his hand. Toriko then outlines his theory of how the Gator was using the Leeches to bleed the other animals and beasts, so that the Reptile Beast itself can accurately hunt down the creatures by the scent of their blood. Toriko realizes he'll have to get slightly serious if he is to capture the beast, asks Komatsu (with a scary expression) if it's alright to kill it, to which Komatsu wholeheartedly agrees to. As Toriko gets serious, Komatsu wets himself in the face of the Bishokuya's Intimidation. He is astounded when Toriko kills it, quickly followed by relief after the battle is over. Komatsu is unsure whether they should be eating the requested meat, when Toriko starts cooking the Gator, despite the Bishokuya's insistence that it will be alright. After Toriko tries some and expresses how delicious it is, Komatsu also tries a slice and concurs. They then cook more of the meat, and as they feasted on the Gator, Komatsu asked the Bishokuya that if the opportunity to go hunting again occurs, whether they can, to which Toriko says that he should do what ever he wants. The next day, Komatsu realizes that they've eaten the entirety of the Gator. Though Toriko stated that he saved some of the meat, he then reveals that he he was holding on to a Leech from the Gators mouth. Komatsu distresses on what they will do, and gets annoyed with the Bishokuya, when Toriko said to tell the client it was delicious, but it still wasn't good enough to make his Full Course.

Rainbow Fruit ArcEdit

Komatsu is accompanying the IGO's Section Chief of Foodstuff Development, Johannes, at World Kitchen, both of whom were there to buy an Ingredient. Johannes has to prompt Komatsu to hurry, who was continuously being distracted by the high quality and rareIingredients being sold. They then encounter Tom, whom Komatsu thanked for transporting them to the Baron Archipelago. After learning that Toriko was coming to the market today, Komatsu was startled to turn see the man in question dragging a Sharkenodon. After learning that Toriko was selling it to Tom, he asks the captain to send some to Hotel Gourmet. Johannes then asks Toriko to help capture a Rainbow Fruit, causing Komatsu to shout it out loud in surprise. Johannes tells the chef to be quiet, while Tom talks about the things he has heard about the Fruit, and Komatsu also stating that the fruit is ridiculously expensive. The chef then begs Toriko that they take the request, as he wants to see the Fruit himself, despite hearing the dangers of the Troll Kongs, and the Bishokuya warning Komatsu that the smaller man may really die this time. However, Toriko was also interested in the fruit, so he accepts.

As they travel to the Biotope holding the Rainbow Fruit, Komatsu inquires why the Troll Kongs haven't eaten the Fruit in question, to which Toriko replies that the beasts are carnivores, and Johannes elaborates that they live in the tree, because the Fruit draws prey to it. When they reach the 8th Biotope, Komatsu is amazed by the size of the wall surrounding the place, when they are all startled (except for Toriko) by a loud thunder-like sound. Though the chef thought a beast was hammering at the wall, Toriko explains that the sound was actually a Troll Kong beating its chest in order to intimidate them. After learning that the gate wasn't going to be opened since the creature was close to it, Toriko surprises everyone by making his own entrance through the wall with a 3-Hit Nail Punch. As Komatsu enters through the hole Bishokuya made, Toriko yells to Komatsu to go back, just as Zombie Taipans are hurled at them. All of the snakes bite down, and wrap themselves on Toriko, causing Komatsu to worry, but the Bishokuya easily gets rid of them using smoke from the Cigar Tree, much to the chefs surprise. Komatsu then worries about the Taipans poison, but Toriko says that he doesn't need to worry, as he already possess the "anti-serum." The little chef follows Toriko, lagging behind after finding some Bacon Leaves, but when he tries to show them to Toriko, he is disappointed to see that not only has the Bishokuya found it, but has already started eating it with a Banana Cucumber. While they started contemplating whether Bacon Leaves would go well with the Rainbow Fruit, Toriko falls for a Troll Kong ambush, and just as Komatsu was about to be killed by the beast, the Bishokuya jumps out of the trap and performs Knocking on the ape, with a Knocking Gun but not before it vomited on him. Komatsu is confused as to why Toriko didn't kill the ape, since it caused them so much problems, and potential problems it could inflict, but Toriko stated that their original goal was the Rainbow Fruit and also since it wasn't really edible, there was no point in killing it.

Rainbow Fruit Tree

Komatsu, after confirming he could smell the Rainbow Fruit, thinks it would be easy now that Toriko's defeated the Troll Kong. However the Bishokuya reveals that the one they just encountered was the weakling of the pack, and that only now, they will face the true threat. they then finally see the tree, but it is surrounded by hundreds of Troll Kongs. Komatsu then clings to Toriko's back, as Toriko continuously attempts to avoid the apes while ensuring the Chef's safety. As Toriko dodged the beasts attacks, occasionally performing Knocking on them, Komatsu asks why he doesn't kill any of the apes, to which Toriko responds that, unless he's going to eat it, he won't kill it. Though Komatsu was scared, as Toriko continued to fight, he noticed a large white gorilla, standing the furthest away, but then went into hiding just as soon as a bolt of lightning struck the earth. Toriko then tried to find the leader of the Kongs, being the one who would have ducked away first at the sign of lightning. Toriko goes on to explain to the confused Komatsu that the Leader would be the most cautious of all the beasts, which prompts the Chef to point out the Silverback. Toriko then, all the while using his Intimidation, clears a path to the Siverback, intimidating it into submission. Once directly underneath the tree, they stare in awe at the Rainbow Fruit. Toriko then takes one, selling half to the IGO, the other half for auction at the World Kitchen, with a small portion he kept to eat for himself.

After capturing the Rainbow Fruit, they go to Hotel Gourmet, where Komatsu (tries to) cook for Toriko, at the fastest rate possible. However the kitchen soon runs out of Ingredients, which the Head Chef expected, and though Komatsu's muscles were sore from hanging on so tightly to the Bishokuya at the 8th Biotope, he then decides to prepare desert. Komatsu wheels out a pudding he made from the Rainbow Fruit. He tells Toriko, while continuously drooling at the scent, that he kept the fruit at 5 degrees Celsius, and as the temperature rises, the taste will change, so that the Bishokuya can get the maximum flavor out of it. He tells Toriko to enjoy and, while still salivating, watches with bated breath as Toriko takes a bite out of the Rainbow pudding. After Toriko swallows, Komatsu silently watches, as the Bishokuya starts crying, with happiness, at the flavor. Toriko then tells Komatsu to go gather the staff, as he wants to celebrate the fact that he has decided on the Dessert of his Full Course Menu, which the chef happily complies.

Puffer Whale ArcEdit

It is said that Toriko normally sets out on a journey for ingredients mainly for 2 reasons, the first being out of a request by the IGO, and the other to enjoy the tastes himself. This time seemed to be the latter as he travels by train to the town of Gourmet Fortune accompanied by Komatsu in search for the legendary Puffer Whale. The Puffer Whale is mostly poisonous but is truly a delicacy and they only way to eat it is by removing the poison sack located somewhere in its body, which is considered to be an extremely difficult feature. It is said that only 10 people in the world are capable of removing the poison sack within the Puffer Whale's body, and for that reason, Komatsu accompanied Toriko to get a chance to meet a Puffer Whale expert. While Toriko was having a few drinks, another Bishoku-ya, an arrogant man by the name of Zongeh appears who demands Toriko give him the liquor. Toriko pleases him by giving him the drinks, however he leaves Zongeh quite disturbed after the latter realized what a tall and intimidating man Toriko was after he stood up from his chair. Then another short old man comes requesting the same and they happily oblige, the old man then promises to repay the favor some day. Finally they reach their destination, the town of Gourmet Fortune. The town appears to be desolate, but that was only because it was predicted by the town's best fortune teller that a fearsome beast would arrive. In the distance the famed Bishoku-ya and Fortune Teller of the Four Heavenly Kings, Coco approaches Toriko and Komatsu while at the same time, a massive Kuendon appears and prepares to attack the man but is seemingly scared off after realizing that Coco houses powerful poisons in his body. After meeting with Coco, they head straight towards Coco's house. On the way, they begin discussing various matters and reminisce about the old days of the Four Heavenly Kings. They especially talk about Zebra, one of the four who was recently imprisoned. When they reach Coco's home, Komatsu is surprised to see the house on top of a tall and unclimbable hill, but he is then even more surprised to see an extinct Emperor Crow flying over head, who is then revealed to be Coco's beloved pet Kiss, who then takes the three of them to the house. After a quick meal, Coco agrees to help them prepare the Puffer Whale as he himself is an expert in handling poison. However Coco is inwardly tense about Komatsu's life being in danger as he can "see" an aura of death enveloping Komatsu's being.

Toriko, Coco, and Komatsu approach the cave which houses the puffer whale deep inside, the Labyrinthine Cave, and found a lot of Bishokuya and bandits already there, some ready to venture into the cave, and some waiting for an opportunity to seize the whales the moment someone gets hold of them. Inside the cave, Toriko sights Zongeh running away out of fear. The cave was dark and was a disadvantage for Toriko and Komatsu but to Komatsu's surprise, Coco was advancing without any obstacle. Toriko then tells him about Coco's superhuman eyes which allows him to use an object's electromagnetic waves for view. Coco then also reveals his secret poison that has made him a wanted subject of research among scientists.

Deeper in the cave, they get attacked by more beasts, and within the confusion, Komatsu is kidnapped by a Bishokuya Bandit to be used as a bait when facing beasts. Meanwhile, Toriko and Coco get their hands full battling a deadly Devil Snake. The fight was hard on Toriko as he couldn't see inside the cave's darkness but with Coco's help, they defeated the snake. Komatsu and the bandit encounter a stronger Devil snake, the Demon Devil Snake. The bandit offers Komatsu to the beast as he searches his way out of the cave but encounters more beasts that get him killed. Komatsu, at a pinch, remembers the secret weapon Toriko gave him to help him avoid beasts, the Fire Crackers. Komatsu didn't get the time to put on the ear plugs thus had his heart stop. Toriko and Coco then hurry to Komatsu's place after hearing the explosion only to find him alive and well. Komatsu then reveals that he was actually dead for a minute but then saved by a huge old man who returned his heartbeat by using a Knocking Gun. Toriko and Coco then tell him that the only one capable of doing this was Knocking Master Jiro, a legendary Bishokuya, and that he's the same short old man from the train. Team Toriko reach their destination to the Sandy Beach in the Cave where the puffer whales lie. Team Toriko dives into the sea to capture the Puffer Whales. Coco uses his presence erasing technique, Life Erase to not startle the whales lest they turn poisonous. He then uses a Knocking Gun to render them unconscious and capture them. Suddenly, Coco, loses sense of Toriko's wild aura and sight of him and then comments on how fast Toriko is growing as a Bishokuya as he learned the technique by just looking at it once. Toriko refuses Coco's Knocking gun offer and knocks the whale unconscious with his finger saying that he wants to do things his way. Coco fails in an attempt to slice the whale stating how he is fatigued from his fight against the Devil Snake and asks Komatsu to prepare it in his stead. Coco was surprised as to how dedicated and experienced Komatsu was and instructed him on the way to prepare the whale. Finally Komatsu was able to remove the poison sack successfully. Toriko then expresses his joy of taking Komatsu along with him. Toriko states the puffer whale has an endless delicious taste that remains even after he ate the whole meat inside his body. After treating themselves to the meal, a mysterious creature appears from the sea, leaving Toriko and Coco in shock of its ominous aura. Coco then comments that this is not a living creature. Komatsu and Toriko prepare for departure from Coco's town saying their goodbyes. Coco says that he has a feeling they will meet soon and thanks Komatsu stating that he has learned a lot from him.

Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Komatsu is surprised when Toriko makes his own Toriko Burger (with Devil Serpent meat, Mineral Cheese and Neo Tomato from Coco) and eats it by distending his jaw, much like a snake.The Department Head Johannes explains about Regal mammoth in First biotope and takes Toriko and Komatsu to the biotope with an IGO helicopter. Toriko and Komatsu briefly chat about the Puffer Whale entering Toriko's full course, with Toriko explaining that he expects to taste a better fish dish later on, thus denying the whale a spot on the course. Johannes takes them to Gourmet Coliseum, where details would be explained by the chief.

Komatsu rushes with Toriko towards First biotope (Research Facility). Johannes says to Komatsu that he can't enter the place simply, even though he is an five star chef. Toriko instantly disregards this, as Komatsu is his guest, and Toriko has high official status within the IGO.

Komatsu takes off his clothes on Toriko's order. They are then taken to a sterilizing shower, while their clothes go through a sterilization process as well. Komatsu inquires as to who this chief is and Toriko says that he is an old drunkard man. He also is known as number three man within the IGO, which outs his position at a greater level than Uumeda. They head to research lab, where Komatsu remarks upon the fact that some of the creatures within the lab don't look natural. Toriko explains that they are clones that are new species, having been created by splicing different animal genes. He says that they are used for Gourmet research. Komatsu is horrified when a Muscle Crab previously contained escapes, with workers trying to use anesthesia. Development Bureau Director and Gourmet Research Facility Chief Mansam appears, and uses his Fry Panch technique to disable the creature with little effort. He welcomes Komatsu and Toriko the research facility. Mansam proceeds to entice Toriko and Komatsu into attending a match in the Gourmet Coliseum, with the tantalizing promise of a Battle Wolf supposedly fighting. In the Coliseum, a Galala Gator and a Troll Kong, two of Toriko's previously enemies, are fighting, with the Troll Kong emerging victorious. As the three men enter the Coliseum, Komatsu begins to suspect that he has seen the faces of most of the patrons of the Coliseum Komatsu doubting himself, asks about research facility's coliseum visitors and he is informed by Toriko that they are all rich men (IGO V.I.P) and celebrities in the outside world.

For the next match, a Elephantsaurus, a Mysterious Bird Gerold, a Gauchi, and a Silverback Troll Kong are released into the arena. The next creature to emerge is the legendary Battle Wolf, which impresses the crowd immensely. Komatsu comments on the sheer size of the Battle Wolf. The other four creatures in the arena can feel they are vastly overpowered by the Wolf, and show no intention of fighting it. Seeing this, Mansam requests that Rin release Battle Fragrance to stimulate the fighting spirit within the animals. The four creatures then attack the wolf in a berserker rage, and the Wolf then, to everyone's great surprise, accepts the attacks from the four clearly lesser animals. Toriko questions this behavior, coming to a conclusion when the Chief informs him that the Battle Wolf is female. Toriko then enters the Coliseum by breaking a large hole in the protective dome, and knocking out the Gauchi with a Kugi Punch. Komatsu watches with confusion and horror as Toriko knocks every animal in the arena out to protect the Battle Wolf, and observes him destroy the protective dome entirely with a combination of throwing the Elephantsaurus into the hole Toriko used to enter the arena. Komatsu then watched the the newly born Battle interact with its mother. Unknown to all, the Devil Serpent that was supposed to fight in the arena had been exposed to a large dose of Battle Fragrance, and had gone out of it's mind with battle rage. Komatsu reacts with horror as he watches the Devil Serpent break into the arena, and devour all the creatures within, except the Battle wolves and Toriko. Komatsu comments on how this Devil Serpent is even more vicious then the one from within the cave. Mansam reacts with surprise towards Komatsu, as he had not run away. Komatsu responds that after his adventures with Toriko, he had come to expect and calmly process these situations.

Komatsu then observes Mansam approach the President of Roto, Dohem. Mansam asks him to leave due to the danger, and Dohem proceeds to stab Mansam through the torso with a brutal hand jab. Mansam uses Fry Panch on Dohem to reveal that he is really a GT Robo, piloted by Bei of the Gourmet Corp. Bei then shoots Mansam through the base of his neck after a failed attempt at using Knocking on the Chief. During this fight, the Battle Wolf, having just given birth, rises to fight the now engorged Devil Serpent. While the legends say it was an even match, this proves untrue, as even with the Battle Wolf completely exhausted, the Devil Serpent totally full, and in an insane rage, it is destroyed in an instant by the adult Battle Wolf. As the adult Wolf walks to return to its child, it is shot through the torso by the GT Robo. Komatsu, worried for the well being of Mansam,as well disgusted by this action, watches an enraged Toriko fight and destroy the GT. Komatsu watches Toriko adopt the now orphaned Battle Wolf, deciding to call the Wolf Terry Cloth. Mansam then invites Toriko, Komatsu, and all remaining to stay and eat his full course.

Toriko and Komatsu begin to sample Mansam's full course, which consists entirely of naturally alcoholic food and drink. Komatsu comments of the excellent taste of the food, even thought he has professed a dislike of alcohol in general. In the middle of the meal, Mansam suddenly remembers the reason he called Toriko in the first place, the capture of the Regal Mammoth. Meanwhile Rin informs the party that she is able to see Sunny. Sunny appears carrying a Regal Mammoth on his back, which was apparently captured with ease. Komastu reacts with incredible shock. Gang Hood Reptiles then appear in a swarm and attack Sunny, intending to take the Mammoth. Komatsu remarks about them that they are fearful beasts with large appetites, and Toriko tells him not to worry. The Gang Hoods begin falling on the ground. Komatsu then realizes with surprise that Sunny was able to perform Knocking easily without any noticeable physical contact.Sunny then remarks upon how amazing he is, and asks to be thanked for completing the request on his own. Mansam then informs Komatsu's group that this is only a child Regal Mammoth. With the baby being massive size, the entirety of the group wonders how gigantic the adult Mammoth will be. Toriko's group finally embarks into the biotope, arriving at the Black carpet, a large field of Black Grass. Komatsu remarks that it is his first time seeing Black grass in large quantity. Sunny questions Komatsu as to who exactly he is, and Komatsu introduces himself. Sunny says that he has no beauty. Sunny says he need to pick the food which have more vitamins in them. Astonished faces of Team Toriko. The Rock Drum is the animal seen as giant shell with large rock structure of capture level 29. Komatsu and Rin astonish or probably scare themselves by sort of event running. Toriko says not to retreat and they would fight Rock Drum. Toriko says Sunny to cover him, but Sunny never mind in saying it is bothersome to fight it. He explains to Toriko that there is no beauty in fighting them, meanwhile Toriko states about the beast's tasty meat. Komatsu, as usual, worries from their behavior.

After Toriko convinces Sunny of the value of the Rock Drum's marble, the group of Rock drum is quickly defeated by Sunny's Dining Kitchen. Surprisingly enough, one Rock Drum remained conscious, and manages to kick Komatsu, along with Sunny, to the Mushroom Forest, while sending Toriko and Rin to Devil's Athletics. Komatsu begins to cook Cream Matsutake Mushrooms, adding the Shoru of a baby Shoru Grasshopper. Initially declaring the dish disgusting, Sunny offers the suggestion of Komatsu catching an adult Shoru Grasshopper, as its Shoru has matured, thus its quality increased greatly. Protesting that capturing a capture level 5 creature is beyond his abilities, Sunny immediately catches said adult Grasshopper, proclaiming that while Komatsu cooks, he is beautiful. Komatsu and Sunny continue towards the Regal Plateau, testing the different types of Mushrooms that grow abundantly within the forest. As Komatsu, assembles an impressive collection of gourmet mushrooms, he is informed by Sunny that the removal of ingredients from biotopes by your own accord is a serious crime. However, Sunny decides that his authority overrides Gourmet law because of his high position and influence within the IGO, and informs Komatsu that he may take whatever he desires as long as he uses the specialty gourmet carrying cases to contain the ingredients, as Sunny declares the cases to be beautiful as well. Komatsu ans Sunny then arrive at the Marshland of Antiquity, where he witnesses a Swamp Moray Eel devour a small flying dragon creature, within the Eel in turn being partially consumed by an Eight-Headed Snail, which was in turn attacked from below by a Crocodile Shark. Sunny tells Komatsu that they must cross the marsh, with Komatsu questioning their method, as they have no air travel, and swimming would have been suicide, Sunny proceeds to use his feelers to spread his own weight, along with Komatsu's, on the surface of the marsh, leaving the surface tension of the water unbroken, thus allowing Sunny to cross without sinking, much like a water strider. As they cross in this fashion (Sunny holding Komatsu in the air with his feelers), Sunny remarks on this distinct lack of rotting ingredients and creatures that he can detect within the water with his Dining Kitchen.

They then discover a massacre has occurred, with the general ecosystem of the marsh being greatly reduced, with the Gourmet Corp. being the presumed culprits. Sunny then takes this time to explain the origin of the superhuman abilities that he, Toriko, Chief Mansam, and Rin, with the introduction of Gourmet Cells. Komatsu describes his feelings of horror that all the beasts had been mercilessly slaughtered instead of knocked, with no purpose or intent to be used or cooked. Sunny expresses his anger and disgust towards the Gourmet Corp's. wasteful and sicking actions. Finally, they approach the Regal Plateau. Komatsu hears the battle cry of Terry Cloth, and ask Sunny if they should lend assistance. Sunny responds that taking such action would be insulting to the resolution that the group had come into the danger zone with. Komatsu then paraphrases this statement do to the basic facts that Sunny does not think such action would be beautiful. Sunny then proclaims that he and Komatsu have to climb the Regal Wall, a sheer cliff reported to be 3000 meters in heights. Komatsu correctly assesses that climbing would be impossible, and accordingly, is proved wrong with Sunny seemingly effortlessly using his feelers to begin a vertical assent of the cliff, holding Komatsu behind him. Sunny informs Komatsu that at is rate of travel, they will reach the Plateau's top in thirty-six minutes. Encountering a colony of Heavycliffs on the cliff face, Sunny assures Komatsu that the animals will not attack without provocation. The area suddenly becomes dark, and Komatsu and Sunny look to the sky above them in terror to see a gigantic object of unknown orgin descending the wall and blocking out the sun below it. Due to the overwhelming size of the creature, the pair do not realize that this object is actually the adult Regal Mammoth, which had moments before lept from the Regal Plateau. Komatsu and Sunny retreat from the area at top speed to avoid being crushed. The previously docile Heavycliffs then decide that Komatsu and Sunny are at fault for the strange occurrence, and throw themselves into the path of the oncoming Mammoth. As the pair near the base of the Plateau, they make out Toriko and Rin at the base of the cliff, and yell for assistance, as they are about to be crushed. Toriko uses his knife and fork to remove a large pillar the rock from the ground directly below Komatsu and Sunny, which they rush into, along with Toriko. The Regal Mammoth hits the ground, creating a large crater, and proceeds to rise again, unscathed. It is revealed that Komatsu, Sunny, and Toriko barely avoided being crushed by the Mammoth, using the combination of Sunny's Hair Net and the hole Toriko created to survive. Komatsu breaks into tears of joy as he and Toriko have reunited. Toriko expresses delight at Komatsu's safety, simultaneously requesting that he be allowed to eat the Sirloin Mushroom Komatsu had collected earlier. Komatsu and the group are then attacked by the Heavycliffs, which had managed to survive falling from the Regal Wall and being crushed by the Mammoth by hardening their bodies to an extreme degree. The creatures are then struck with a liquid attack, which paralyzes the entire colony in seconds. This attack was revealed to originate from Coco, who Komatsu embraces quickly, expressing great joy at seeing him again, with added gratitude for the assist with the Heavycliffs, It is revealed that Coco has also paralyzed the Regal Mammoth with his poison, with the purpose of facilitating an expedition into the body of the Mammoth to retrieve the Jewel Meat. Komatsu expresses his desire to taste the meat, as well as sell it in his restaurant, and joins the team venturing into the Mammoth.

The group is then subject to a sneak attack by Gido of the Gourmet Corp., who was piloting the Giant model GT Robo. Coco volunteers to fight the GT single-handedly to allow Komatsu, Toriko, Sunny and Rin to advance into the Mammoth's body. This group is then forcefully sucked up by the Mammoth's trunk, while Coco remained outside to do battle. Komatsu's group barely avoids direct digestion within the Mammoth's trunk, being saved by Rin firing Devil Durian Fragrance to irritate the Mammoth's nasal pathway, causing the Mammoth to sneeze the group into it's waiting mouth. This is a brief reprieve, however, as the Mammoth then closes it's jaws, threatening to crush Toriko, Komatsu, Sunny and Rin between it's massive teeth. Sunny and Toriko, through combination of Sani's Dining kitchen and Toriko's massive strength, manage to repel the upper jaw, and the group rushes into the body of the Mammoth, falling deep within its digestive tract.

Century Soup ArcEdit

After Toriko's adventures at the Wul Continent, he brought Komatsu some Blue Blood Corn to sample. As the Chef ate the BB Popcorn, and stating how delicious it was, Toriko stated how he made the Ingredient his Full Course Menu Appetizer, and that it was also Terry Cloth's staple diet. This surprises Komatsu, though not as much as seeing how much the Bishokuya ate. Toriko then invites Komatsu to go with him to Gourmet Town, which the Chef excitedly agrees to (though much to the grief of the other employees), stating that he'll first have to go and empty his savings.

Ozone Herb ArcEdit

After Toriko returned home to find his house has been eaten in his absence, he invites Komatsu, along with Coco, Rin, Mansam and Tom over to his newly rebuilt house. There, Komatsu is shocked to meet the young genius gourmet architect, Smile. The Chef is flattered, and extremely happy, when he learns that Smile has also heard of him. Tom then tells Komatsu to come to him if the Chef ever needs to resupply for the Ingredients needed for the Century Soup, which Komatsu gladly accepts. They then enter Toriko's castle and though they initially start with a small feast, featuring Komatsu's Century Soup, it ends with them consuming the building within a day.

Komatsu is later invited by Toriko to have dinner at the 7-star restaurant, Yakiniku Healthy, on the 273rd floor of the Gourmet Towers' fork building in Gourmet Town. As they cook the meat, Komatsu thanks Toriko for recommending him to this restaurant, and as they eat the top-class Cattle Pig Fowl, and other high-class meats, like beef ribs, sirloin, rumen and skirt steaks, Toriko explains about the Gourmet Towers, and then about the restaurant's specialty, their vegetables. The vegetable platter is then brought out, so Komatsu decides to try it, wrapping a beef rib in Snack Sanchu Lettuce, as well as Bacon Leaves, Egg Onions and pumpkins as well. Between the two of them, they soon finish everything, and Komatsu comments on how he didn't expect to come to a Yakiniku restaurant and get full on vegetables, before asking Toriko why the Bishokuya invited him here. Toriko then goes on to explain of how he accepted a request from the IGO president, Ichiryu, to capture the King of Vegetables, the Ozone Herb in Vegetable Sky. Komatsu, who has never even heard of the Ozone Herb or Vegetable Sky, is amazed by Toriko's explanation, and when the Bishokuya asked if Komatsu wanted to come along, the Chef eagerly agreed. After the meal was done, he was amazed when the price of it was nearly 40 million yens.

The next day, they took of to Vegetable Sky on IGO's private Capture Plane, which revealed Komatsu's initial doubt about Toriko personally getting a request from Ichiryu, annoying the Bishokuya. When Toriko mumbles that he only invited Komatsu because Ichiryu suggested it, Komatsu barely hears it and asks what the Glutton means. Toriko was then just just about to request something of the Chef, when the whole plane suddenly shook as it was attacked by a Sea Lion Bird. Komatsu starts panicking a little, but after they managed to shake of the Mammal Beast, he calms down and questions Toriko what the Bishokuya was going to ask of him. Toriko then simply says that it was nothing and that he will simply do his utmost to protect the Chef. After teasing Komatsu a little, he points out their destination, shocking Komatsu, as it was a giant vine hanging from the sky. Toriko explains that it is a Sky Plant, the 'entrance' to Vegetable Sky, and after landing on one of its lower leaves, says that they will have to climb up it for the rest of the way by hand, much to Komatsu's dismay.

They start climbing thevine, with Komatsu making slow progress, since the wind is strong and the vine is swaying, which incidentally, were the reasons they didn't land higher up the vine when the Chef asks Toriko later. Just when Toriko warns Komatsu to watch out for Bird Beasts, Komatsu is startled by the appearance of Pseudo-Rubanda's. Though Toriko tells him that they are quite docile, Komatsu still finds their appearance scary. As they climb up, they stop for a break, and replenish their energy as Toriko tells the Chef how up here, the high altitude and low temperatures tend to quickly sap away at a persons stamina, causing Komatsu to think that it will another intense journey. As they climbed higher, they encountered a few difficulties, with Komatsu slipping once, but being caught by Toriko, and encountering Bird Beasts, though it ended up being their dinner. As they got to an elevation of around 3000 meters, Toriko cautions Komatsu to keep himself hydrated, since at the current altitude, they'll lose moisture quickly. At 5000 meters the Bishokuya asks Komatsu how he is doing, to which Komatsu states that he's alright, and that the cold is nothing compared to Ice Hell. He also brought a canister of oxygen, to deal with the thin air, and a Lighter Suit to handle the cold. Toriko then gives the Chef some chocolate to keep the small mans energy up. As they go higher up, they encounter other minor difficulties, but eventually set up camp at 6000 meters elevation, where they can see the stars so clearly. However Komatsu experiences a headache, which Toriko attributes to altitude sickness, and tells the Chef to rest for the night. The next day, Toriko ties Komatsu to his back, as a part of the Bishokuya own training. Just as he tells the Chef to relax, and that there shouldn't be too many beasts this high up, Komatsu points out an Air Gorilla, which was then eaten by a hidden Wicked Beanstalk, much to the small mans shock. Just then, several Air Gorilla's and Wicked Beanstalk show themselves, some trying to attack the pair. However, Toriko managed to fight or evade some of them, until a Wicked Beanstalk managed to grab the Bishokuya. Though Toriko managed to cut himself free, they both quickly realize that they were stuck in mid-air. As they started free-falling, Komatsu starts panicking, but Toriko reveals his Flying Squirrel Suit, amazing Komatsu as they glide back to the Sky Plant. However, Komatsu then notices a flock of Drill Birds heading towards them, and points them out to Toriko, but the Bishokuya was unable to do anything as the Bird Beasts tore holes in his suit. They managed to get back to the Sky Plant anyway, but are suddenly hit by a Downburst, and look up to see the 'No Entry Boundary' Cumulonimbus Cloud, though Komatsu mistakes it for a Cloud Monster.

As Komatsu changes into his Rider Suit, he is shocked to see the Air Gorilla's being blown away by the strong winds, and then zapped by powerful lightning bolts, and questions out loud why the weather has suddenly become like this. After Toriko explains that the atmosphere at ground level has become unstable causing a change in weather up there, he gives Komatsu an oxygen mask. When Komatsu asks about the leaf in the mask, the Bishokuya explains about the Oxygen Leaf from the Oxygen Tree, a leaf capable of making oxygen even with a small amount of light, even those from lightning bolts. Komatsu is still scared, but asks whether Toriko would be fine not having one himself, before they plunged into the cloud, to encounter another down-burst. When gigantic hail starts to fall, Komatsu is shocked by its size, and starts panicking when they were nearly struck by lightning and requests to turn back, being sure that they would die. However, Toriko stated that they were on this trip to live not to die, moving Komatsu and reaffirming the Chef's resolve. As Toriko endures the environment, the tether holding Komatsu to the Bishokuya breaks. However, much to Toriko's relief, in blind faith to Toriko, Komatsu clings tightly to the Bishokuya and wasn't blown off. As Toriko progresses, he manages to get a Lightning Phoenix's feather to defend themselves against the lightning, and eventually managed to burst out of the top of the cloud, and see Vegetable Sky for themselves.

Toriko gets to the grass area of Vegetable Sky, and tells Komatsu that he can get off now, which the Chef does, and promptly collapses. When Komatsu removed his mask he revealed that he has suddenly gotten old and wrinkled, and states that he was so scared, that he not only saw his own life flash before his eyes, but his previous life as well. Komatsu then thanks the Bishokuya for the encouraging words that Toriko gave him during their ascent, but the Glutton says that he should be the one to thank Komatsu. When the Chef asked what Toriko meant, the Bishokuya simply said that it doesn't matter and that he will protect Komatsu, much to the small man's delight. As they walked on the grass, Toriko observed that the clouds contained nutrient rich ash, most likely from Wul Volcanoes, that allowed the grass to grow, and when Komatsu realized that he can breath easily even without the oxygen mask, the Bishokuya revealed that there was enough vegetation doing photosynthesis for regular breathing. They then enter a patch filled with shrubs, where Komatsu spotted a Mineral Earthworm.

As Toriko follows his nose, Komatsu follows Toriko, and eventually they stumble on to the true Vegetable Sky, leaving them awestruck. As Toriko samples a daikon, Komatsu takes a bite of a cucumber, instantly revitalizing his face and turning it young again, shocking the Bishokuya when he offers to trade the vegetables they were eating. They then go of to sample other vegetables, like Sweet Tomato, Potato Pond, Broccotree, Giant Welsh Onions and Marshmallow Pumpkins. They eventually become stuffed after sampling all the delicious vegetables, and just as Komatsu was about to ask the Bishokuya something, their stomachs started making noises. They realize that since the vegetables were full of fibers, minerals and vitamins, as well as low in fat, it improved their digestion to the point that they've already digested it. With no other choice, they run of to some place to 'release' it, with Komatsu stating that he didn't think he'd need to use the toilet in Vegetable Sky. As the Chef tries to find some place to 'release' he stumbles on to a plant which he takes to be the Ozone Herb, and after staring at it in awe, he calls for Toriko. However, before they could investigate, there stomach started making more noises so they first ran of to find some place empty them.

After doing their 'business' they decide to check the vegetable that Komatsu found, but when they find it, the Chef is confused that it is closed up like a giant bud, when before it was open. Toriko jumps on the plant and after smelling it turns away due to the strong scent, which worries Komatsu,though Toriko says that it there is no problem. As Toriko is about to pull one of the outer leaves to get to Ozone Herb within, Komatsu realizes something is wrong and though he yells out a warning, it is already to late, as the plant suddenly turns rotten. Komatsu then jumps down, asking Toriko to catch him. After thanking Toriko, he then takes a closer look at the vegetable to see that it is rotten.

Komatsu concludes that the Ozone Herb is a Specially Prepared Ingredient, and explains to Toriko of the sensations he feels when dealing with such things, like the Puffer Whale and Century Soup, to which the Bishokuya attributes to the ability to hear the 'Voice' of the Ingredients. Komatsu then says that they should find some others, and that he has a feeling that they were 'chosen' by the vegetables, and the Ozone Herb. The clouds then part to reveal many of the Ozone Herbs, surprising the duo. They then resolve to peel the outer leaves and eat the Herb. They try various things, like smelling the leaves (which just made Toriko's eyes water) and listening to the plant (with no success) going through several plants, just to fail. They start wondering while hanging of a plant that they may run out of Herbs before they get to eat it, until Komatsu realized something about the leaves they were holding. He asks Toriko to pull the leaves they were hanging on at the same time, and were rewarded when the plant didn't turn rotten. Komatsu reveals that they have to pull pair of leaves simultaneously to reach the center. When they try it again though, the plant rots since they were off beat. After several more failures, they manage to get to the last two leaves of an Ozone Herb. As they are about to peel the last two leaves, Toriko tells the Chef that he has a favor to ask of Komatsu once they've captured the Ingredient.

When Komatsu asks Toriko what the favor is, Toriko says he'll tell him after they captured the herb. With that they grab the last two leaves and pull, watching in awe as the Ozone Herb dramatically reveals itself. They admire the beautiful, juicy leaf, and after the Bishokuya decides to eat this one, they briefly debate who should try it first, until Toriko is 'convinced' to do so. However, they are both shocked when the leaf turns rotten in Toriko's mouth, before they realize that even eating the vegetable needs to be simultaneous. The pair then starts opening another Ozone Herb, eventually making it to the central leaf. They then eat the plant together and start hugging and crying at their success, with Komatsu stating how delicious the Ozone Herb is. Toriko then draws Komatsu's attention away from the leaf, but the Chef is startled to see that the Bishokuya is now bare-chested after his Gourmet Cells evolved. Toriko then asks Komatsu to form a Combo with himself, which at first stuns the Chef, and then makes him start happily cry. Komatsu then says how he always felt a connection with the Bishokuya, ever since they first met (though the Glutton stated that he didn't feel the same), and gratefully accepts Toriko's offer. When Komatsu finished crying, he pointed out how the Ozone Herb seems to be shaped like a heart, which slightly creeps Toriko out. The Chef is then disappointed when Toriko stated that he couldn't put the Ingredient in his Full Course Menu since it didn't 'choose' him, which Komatsu (after thinking of how he found the Ozone Herb open, but later with Toriko, closed) grudgingly agrees. He then perks up and enthusiastically states that he will make any Ingredient Toriko chooses for his Full Course even more delicious with his cooking, which the Bishokuya approves. Just then, a mysterious Birdman-like creature jumps down startling the newly formed Combo.

The Glutton then says not to move or do anything to startle the creature, and that he will protect the Chef, just as a good partner will do. They watch apprehensively as the creature walks past them, crouches in front of the Ozone Herb, bites it and then spits it out, before leaping into the clouds. After it left, they wondered what to make of it, with Komatsu thinking it was a GT Robo, though Toriko stated otherwise. When Komatsu thought it was a sky dwelling creature, Toriko said that it's smell came from elsewhere. Komatsu then wondered why the creature spat out the Ozone Herb, Toriko first thought that it rotted in its mouth, but then they both realized that the Herb was completely fine, with two new bite marks. After Toriko closely observed the leaf he told Komatsu his theory that the creature, was incredibly intelligent, quite powerful, and that it was observing them so that it could eat the Herb. However Komatsu thought that the creature must live an extremely extravagant life to spit out such a delicious vegetable, to which Toriko agrees. After Toriko stated that they need to collect another Herb and deliver it to Ichiryu, Komatsu asks if they have to go down the same way they came up, to which the Glutton answers in the affirmative. The Chef then starts to raise a fuss when Toriko said it would be 'easy', and all they had to do was 'jump down'. After recovering a Herb, they go to IGO HQ to deliver it to Ichiryu. As they meet the president, Komatsu nervously introduces himself, and when Ichiryu asks if he was the one to input the preservation program into the Gourmet Case for the Ozone Herb, the Chef confirms it to be true, and that he did it manually, on-site. After Ichiryu gives Toriko a list of other Ingredients to capture for training before entering the Gourmet World, he tells both of them that he's eagerly awaiting their arrival up there, which they both reply enthusiastically in the positive.

The Reality Of Gourmet World ArcEdit

Komatsu met up with Sunny and apparently had a meal with him, shortly after Sunny met with Toriko. Sunny then congratulates the Chef for becoming a Combo with Toriko, and then asks, that as the Gluttons Combo, he should also learn about the Bishokuya whereabouts. The Chef is surprised to learn that his partner has entered the Gourmet World, and that at his current level of power, Toriko might very well die. Sunny then gives Komatsu a number to call, if the Chef was worried about Toriko. Needless to say, Komatsu immediately called the number to find that it called Knocking Master Jiro. The Chef promptly begged the legendary ex-Bishokuya to save his Combo, which the drunk easily agrees to, as he still considered himself in their debt after they gave him tequila on a train going to the Sandy Beach in the Cave. Komatsu then anxiouly waited for news of his partners safe return, and was extremely relieved to learn that he was alright.

Melk Stardust ArcEdit

With Toriko back from the Gourmet World, Komatsu prepares a feast for him in the private terrace of Hotel Gourmet in celebration of his partner's safe return. However just as he opens a rice cooker full of piping hot Strawberrice (which Toriko was eagerly waiting for), he starts crying over it, with his snot and tears falling into the rice. He expresses his relief for his Combo's safe return, and then sneezes into it, adding his saliva and spoiling the Ingredient, much to Toriko's dismay. Komatsu then prepares Ginger Pig and Corn on the Bone for Toriko, and while eating the proffered food, Toriko asks how the Chef knew he went to the Gourmet World. Komatsu then explains how Sunny came to him and told him everything, including giving him Knocking Master Jiro's contact number. While Toriko complains about Sunny, Komatsu says that the other King was worried for the Glutton, though he doesn't disagree, when his Combo said that Sunny did such a thing in this round-about method since it would have been 'unbeautiful' if he did it directly. As Komatsu continues cooking for Toriko, preparing Roast Banana and making another batch of Strawberrice (much to Toriko's joy), he asks his partner what the food in the Gourmet World tasted like, to which the Bishokuya said he didn't eat anything while he was there, surprising the Chef. Toriko explains that when he enters the Gourmet World, since he wanted to eat the Ingredients toether with Komatsu, and needs the Chef's help. Touched by this, Komatsu resumes cooking, but then carelessly breaks one of his knives on an extremely hard Don Acorn.

Komatsu then cries, grieves and reminisces about his knife, and thanks it for everything, realizing that he may never be able to use it again. However Toriko then remembers that on the list given to him by Ichiryu, there was one Ingredient, called Melk Stardust, and thought it might be related to the famous sharpener Melk, renown for making the excellent Melk Kitchen Knives. Komatsu is thrilled at the thought of getting a new knife, especially from one such as Melk, and cheers up instantly. With that they head to Melk Mountain, with Komatsu exited all the way at the chance of meeting the charismatic Melk. However, his happiness is slightly dampened when Toriko tells Komatsu of the fierce rumors he has heard of the famous Sharpener. However Komatsu is still eager to meet the artisan, until he see's Melk Mountain and the huge, seemingly endless staircase to the summit. Komatsu struggles up each individual step, as each one was equal to his own height and wonders why they were built like this. He then realized they could have gone by plane, until he saw the large Bird Beasts fly above. When night fell and the Combo started eating dinner, Komatsu started doubting if Melk would even make a kitchen knife for him, before going to bed. As they got closer to the summit, wild beasts like Furnips started chasing them, though they stopped pursuing them just as the peak started coming into view. Komatsu reaches the top first, and is excited to see Melk's workshop. Just as Komatsu reaches the door, he stops when he realizes that a Scale Kong has chased them to the peak. However, just as the beast charges at them, most of it's scales suddenly fell of, leaving it almost completely naked and chasing it away. They turn to see the young 'man' responsible, claiming to be the famous shapener, Melk.

Seeing 'him' shocks the Combo, as they had envisioned to be a large, muscular, brutish man, based on the rumors. Melk is also surprised to see their reactions, but invites them in any way. Komatsu is enthralled upon entering, marveling at the unsharpened knives, the raw materials and the rare natural objects used in the making of kitchen knives. He then reaches out for an unsharpened Thousand Virtues kitchen knife, but Melk suddenly yells at the Chef not to touch it, startling him and causing the knife to fall. Toriko then covers Komatsu as the knife falls and cuts a deep hole into the floor, much to the Chef's surprise. Melk then explains how it is made from a Warner Sharks tooth, and when Toriko claims that the sharpener was unable to defeat a beast of that level, using his own Knife to demonstrate the difference, the artisan is angered and wishes to fight the Bishokuya outside. Komatsu is distressed by this development, and begs Toriko to apologize. When Melk pulls out a knife of 'his' own, Komatsu is horrified, scared that some of the terrible rumors might turn out to be true after all. The battle begins as Toriko managed to chip Melk's knife, which Melk manages to quickly sharpen, restoring it back to normal, using Grindstone Boots, amazing Komatsu. Toriko then manages to pin Melk down, upsetting the Chef who yells at his partner, and revealing the Bishokuya's name to the artisan. Komatsu worries about the Sharpener, until Toriko surprises Komatsu by revealing that the person was not really Melk.

After going inside, and receiving some tea, Toriko explains how he figured out that the person wasn't the real Melk, forcing the sharpener to reveal 'himself' as Melk the Second, much to their surprise. Komatsu then scolds Toriko for treating Melk II so roughly, prompting the artisan to ask the Chef for his identity, which the small man does, though is quite embarrassed. Komatsu is then moved when the sharpener recognizes him, being the Chef to re-create the Century Soup, and appreciates Toriko's input when the Bishokuya said that they were a Combo. When the Chef excitedly asks if Melk the First might have also heard of him, the 2nd generation doubts it, as 'he' stated that 'his' master has little interest in the customers, disappointing Komatsu. The Chef then says that they came to Melk for one request, causing Toriko to say that it wasn't just one, and which Melk II correctly guesses to be an order for a knife. Komatsu is delighted when he learns that it is possible, but is quickly disappointed to learn that it would take three years. Depressed, Komatsu pulls out his broken knife, and knowing that the delay is due to back orders, he states that he would have to buy a replacement knife from a department store till then. However the broken knife catches Melks eye, and 'he' questions Komatsu about it. Toriko then inquires about Melk Stardust, to which Melk II explains is a grindstone, and if one sharpens extremely hard materials with it, a "golden powder" is produced which can be used as a seasoning. Toriko then offers to go and get it, and questions that when he does, whether Melk II would be willing to make Komatsu a new knife using it. However the 2nd generation then stated that it would be impossible for Toriko, since someone as powerful as the 1st generation Melk went down to the location of the Stardust, and has not come back for six years, much to Komatsu's shock.

Toriko however wishes to go anyway, so Melk II reluctantly tells him of the location of Melk Stardust, the Heavy Hole. However when Toriko tells Komatsu to get ready, Komatsu declines, much to the Bishokuya shock. Komatsu tries to convince Toriko that it's to dangerous for the likes of him, and gets Melk II to back him up. However Toriko isn't fooled and correctly guesses that Komatsu wants to stay back and observe Melks skill. When Komatsu unconvincingly tries to deny this, Toriko asks for Komatsu's undamaged knife, which the Chef values as much as his own life, as collateral. When Komatsu became upset with his partner's reasoning, Toriko just grinned and said he was joking, and states that, as a Combo, where ever they go, their hearts go together. Toriko then adds that this time, they will be "dividing the labor," confusing the Chef. As Toriko leaves for the Heavy Hole, Melk II worries for him, but Komatsu reassures the sharpener, saying that Toriko is a man who managed to enter the Gourmet World, and came back alive. However Komatsu then hears a noise behind him, and turns around to see a Vampire Kong baring down on him. Komatsu falls back, but is surprised when Melk II commands the beast to stop, and introduces it as 'his' pet, Pochiko, and explains how the beast is responsible for delivering and receiving orders. The Vampire Kong then climbs up the sole tree, revealing it to be the beasts nest, and stands at attention. Melk II then diverts Komatsu's attention, saying it's time to get to work, to which Komatsu eagerly agree's to.

Melk II tempties the pack she got from Pochiko, revealing it to be full of kitchen knives belonging to customers, who wish to have them sharpened. Komatsu, seeing this, realizes that if Melk II gets this many orders, with an average for 100 per day, then it is no wonder it would take three years to receive an ordered knife. Komatsu then unwraps a rather impressive kitchen knife, to which Melk II reveals belongs to Lulubhu of Guts, the 7-star restaurant in the Gourmet Towers, and then reveals another kitchen knife belonging to Yuuji of Moguuchi. Komatsu is greatly impressed, and Melk II goes on to say how she wonders about the Chefs who handle such kitchen knives, which includes Komatsu and his broken knife. Melk II then says her master shows no sign of interest in such things, and the 2nd generation, wonders if having an interest in the owner of the knives is a sign of lack of concentration, but Komatsu firmly denies such a thing. His attention is then diverted to a kitchen knife Melk II was about to sharpen, admiring it and saying that he didn't think it even needed sharpening, After Melk II explains that the knife belongs to the Chef of the famous sushi restaurant, Ouki, 'he' goes on to say how first-rate Chefs, and sharpeners, don't need to use their eyes to see damage done to the kitchen knife. Komatsu the watches as Melk the Second sharpens the knife, and is amazed not only at the sound made during the sharpening, but the waterfall of sweat afterwards, indicating the concentration she put into the single scrape. Melk II then goes on to say how her master would have been able to this without shedding a drop of sweat, but Komatsu praised the 2nd generation for 'his' effort. Komatsu then goes on to say how he was moved by the artisan's skill, and that he wishes to see the technique done again more slowly, as it happened to quickly for his eyes to follow, to which Melk II happily obliges. Komatsu gets so excited to see the sharpeners skill, Melk has to tell the the Chef to calm down.

Since Toriko was still in the Heavy Hole, Komatsu spent the night at Melk's workshop, though he claims to have not been abe to sleep very well as he was too excited. Melk II then reveals that 'he' has made some soup, which Komatsu eagerly eats. The Chef is impressed as it was apparently very tasty, and becomes even more excited when the sharpener says that 'he' has more work to do. Komatsu then observes as Melk forges (with the process of tempering) and then sharpens the knives (using a Gradient Whetstone), and though the Chef continues to praise the 2nd generation, the sharpener, keeps promoting 'his' master, while putting down 'himself'. As they stare out to the Heavy Hole, Melk wonders about Toriko, though Komatsu claims to have utmost faith in his partner. Komatsu then spots a hot spring which Melk II states was excavated by her master, and then invites Komatsu to go ahead and use it. As Komatsu relaxes in the hot spring, he wonders about how Melk II keeps praising 'his' master and humbling 'himself'. As he finishes his bath, Komatsu walks in to the workshop in just his underwear, on Melk while the artisan was admiring the Chef's broken knife. However Melk suddenly seems embarrassed and questions why Komatsu is in just his underwear. Komatsu, thinking that Melk was wondering why he had a meat design on his underwear, claims that he had a knife design underwear, but thought that wearing it would be 'too much'. Melk denies this and says that he wants Komatsu in clothes rather than, naked, which the Chef obliges to. As the Chef goes to bed, he thinks back to how he questioned Toriko on what the Bishokuya meant by 'dividing the labor', before promptly falling asleep.

Komatsu later wakes up in the middle of the night, to see that Melk hasn't gone to bed, and worries of how 'his' body is holding up. Komatsu then hears a noise at the hot spring and, realizing that Melk has gone for a bath, decides to make a soup for 'him' to help recover from fatigue. As Komatsu brings the soup for Melk to eat in the bath, the Chef is shocked to find that Melk is actually a woman. Though Melk II was at first flustered, she suddenly became dignified and questions what Komatsu wanted. Komatsu, suddenly realizing he was staring, turns around, and questions whether Melk was really a girl. Melk inquires if that is a problem, and when Komatsu says that it isn't, she sighs and says that they needed to talk. Komatsu agrees, but asks that she first dresses up.

They then sat down, and as Melk II ate the soup Komatsu made, she explained how she was adopted, raised and became the disciple of Melk I. She explains about the insecurity of herself and her work, how she never heard Melk I approval, why she was fixated on strength, and tried to throw away her femininity. Despite all this, Komatsu protested, claiming that she was the real thing, and all the work she did in Melk I absence was all first rate and should prove it. However she claimed that when her master didn't come back, she merely did what she had to maintain the good name of Melk. Komatsu, then wishing to prove his point, helped himself to some of Melk's kitchen knives, and the Ingredients she had in storage, and started cooking. He then created a small feast and asked Melk II to dig in. As she ate the dishes, all of which were delicious, preparing a Lily Oyster Chahan with a Black Pointed Carving Knife, the Smoke Jellyfish with a Revitalization Meat Cleaver, he went on to say how he used the different kitchen knives she sharpened for different tasks, stressing on how only those specific knives could do what they did. They both started to cry as Komatsu managed to prove how good her work truly is with his cooking.

Afterwards, while they waited for Toriko to arrive from Heavy Hole, Komatsu started learning various sharpening techniques from Melk II. After learning a new technique which apparently took normal people a year to learn, he credited it to Melk II great teaching, and inquires how long it took her to do it, to which she responded that she managed on her first try, causing Komatsu to think dryly that she really was a genius. Toriko the arrives, and Komatsu cries and hugs his partner, claiming to have been secretly worried for the Bishokuya. They all then sit down as Toriko tells them of his encounter with Melk I. Komatsu and Melk II both found it unbelievable that Melk I created such massive misunderstanding due to his tiny voice. However, Komatsu was happy for Melk II, since she finally learnt that the 1st generation was alive and well. Toriko then reveals the Melk Stardust, and Komatsu is touched when Toriko stated that he got it so that Melk II could make a kitchen knife for the Chef. However, Komatsu is quickly disillusioned that Toriko did it for the Chef's sake, when the Bishokuya stated that it needs to be sharpened against something to get the seasoning.

Melk II then goes downstairs and then comes back with the fossilized fang of the ancient Dragon King, Derous. Melk II then explains the legend of Derous, how Melk I found the fang, and how this material can only be made into a kitchen knife with Melk Stardust. Komatsu is shocked when Melk II proposes to make his knife out of the fang, and even more so when she wishes to also use his broken knife to be apart of it. Komatsu is touched and gratefully thanks Melk II, while in tears. Toriko then mentions that Melk I also praised Komatsu's other kitchen knife, to which the Chef says he is honored that his knife received such praise. Toriko then asks Melk II how long it will take to make the knife, and after she replies that it may take a while, Komatsu asks why the Bishokuya asks. The Glutton simply says that there is an Ingredient he wants to hurry up and get. He goes on to talk about his conversation with Melk I and how he said that the Ingredient, Mellow Cola would be ripening around this time within the Gourmet Pyramid. This seems to surprise the sharpener and the Chef.

As the sharpener works on the knife, Komatsu observes her as his knife takes shape. Melk II states how hard the fang is, and that nothing but grinding it against Melk Stardust seems to affect it, and Komatsu comments that she has spent the past few days doing just that. He then turns to see Toriko near the Melk Stardust powder exclaiming how delicious it is. Komatsu then cries and scolds Toriko for doing that, as they promised to eat it together after Melk II has finished the kitchen knife. Toriko then sighs and says that he hasn't eaten anything and was merely practicing when he does, since he was becoming impatient from just the smell of it. Melk II continues working on the knife, with Komatsu observing her progress all the way, and at the same time making sure that Toriko doesn't "sample" the seasoning before the knife is complete. He is later seen in the hot spring with Toriko, where he asks his partner if he knew from the beginning that Melk II was a woman, to which Toriko answers in the positive. Komatsu then goes on to say that it is a waste for Melk II to act so manly, when she is so cute, causing Toriko to realize that Komatsu likes the sharpener, and starts teasing the Chef about it. Just then the tub, and the mountain, is split in two, when Melk II did a light practice swing with the newly completed Derous Knife, surprising the Combo. They then excitedly rush to the workshop, completely naked, in order to see the knife, inadvertently embarrassing the sharpener with their nudity. Later, after the Combo has dressed up, they had a feast, featuring the Melk Stardust. However, because the seasoning tasted so good, they ended up simply licking the powder, the taste of the Stardust over powering any of the normal Ingredients. They then decided to keep the taste of it a secret between the three of them.

Mellow Cola ArcEdit

Komatsu and Toriko board the Gourmet Carriage, at the same time as Coco and Sunny. Komatsu then meets up with them at a restaurant in the ship, before it departs, and apologizes for being late since he lost track of time admiring his new Melk Kitchen Knife. Komatsu marvels at the fact that he's on the Gourmet Round-the-World trip, which usually requires a 5 year reservation, then excitedly looks outside the ship-shaped carriage to see the massive Gigahorse, before they finally depart on the World Connect. Komatsu asks Sunny and Coco where they were getting of, to which Sunny says he was going to the Three Way Road on the Wak Continent to meet a certain man. Coco stated that he was getting of at Jidal Kingdom, a dangerous, non-IGO affiliated country. While Komatsu marvels at the difficult locations they're going to, Coco and Sunny told him that he was going to some place even more dangerous, which Komatsu thinking they meant the Gourmet Pyramid. However when he heard from them they were going to "some place" before that, he asks Toriko where they were going. Toriko was at first distracted by a Solid Gold Whale, but when Komatsu persists, the Bishokuya says he'll find out tomorrow, which the Chef thought was too soon. They spent the remaining time eating, drinking and dancing. Next day as the Combo approaches their location, Komatsu shows Sunny and Coco his new kitchen knife, which deeply impressed both of them. Komatsu says how he has been improving his knife handling skills, and it was an easy to adapt to since it was made using his old knife. When Sunny asked about the Melk Stardust, the Combo stated it was a secret between them and Melk the Second.

They then hear an announcement that they were reaching the Gates of the Underworld, and Komatsu was surprised to learn that they were getting of there to go to the Gourmet Prison, to pick up the last of the Four Heavenly Kings, Zebra. When he asks what kind of person Zebra is, Toriko describes him as a super-strong "problem child," but whose strength is necessary to capture the Ingredient. Toriko then asked the other two Heavenly Kings to help him talk to Zebra, which they both refused, surprising Komatsu's with the speed and bluntness of it. After they got off the Gourmet Carraige, Komatsu continues to wonder about this "problem child," that even the kind-hearted Coco refused to meet. He is then startled when Toriko suddenly turned around after receiving a message from Zebra via Sound Bullet, and is confused when his partner yells back. As they walk the path to the prison, Toriko starts defeating wild beasts and dragging them with him, intent on giving them to Zebra, while Komatsu wonders if his partner can see and communicate with ghosts, as the Bishokuya was talking to thin air. Komatsu, who has been feeling uncomfortable after passing the Gates of the Underworld, is shocked out of his thoughts when Toriko suddenly exclaims he hears something, which the chef automatically assumes is a ghost. Toriko responds to this by saying that there might be quite a few ghosts at their destination, the Gourmet Prison, Honey Prison.

Komatsu's first impression was that both the name and the prison was kind of cute, but that was quickly turned to scary when he met the fearsome looking assistant warden, Ohban. Komatsu was shocked to hear that the path they just walked on was dangerous, when Ohban starts to explain about the Three Great Gourmet Prisons for those who broke the Eight Gourmet Laws, Sky Prison, Prison Submarine, and the largest, Honey Prison, and goes on to explain some of the security measures they put into place, mentioning the 'Monster of the Forest' as well. When Komatsu asks about the 'Monster of the Forest,' Ohban says he'll be pretty unlucky if he see's it, before Komatsu notices a giant eye looking at him, causing the Chef to yell in surprise. They descend into the reception area which was filled with Execution Beasts, who scare Komatsu. They briefly meet the Honey Prison's secretary, Chupali, who informs them that the warden is angry about Zebra's release, and when she is mad, she's scary, while Komatsu silently thought that Chupali was the scary one. The Chef then started to wonder what kind of person Warden Love is to scare such intimidating people and have control over the prison, until he was startled by coming face-to-face with a Convoysaurus that were interested in Toriko's gift to Zebra. They then take a look at the Hors d'Oeuvure of Honey Prisons 'Penalty Full Course.' Komatsu then instantly sees a swindler who once targeted his restaurant, Eat-and-Run Norisuke. Ohban then explains about the Penalty Full Course, the prisoners and the punishments of Honey Prison. As Ohban finishes explaining, Komatsu understood that the heavy disturbing feeling he has had since passing the Gate of the Underworld, thinking this place as a dark spot in the Gourmet Age, and that what is being done here is the complete opposite of his own job.

Ohban escorts them to the wardens office and announces their presence. The Combo is shocked at the size of the door, thinking that she must be a giant like Melk the First, but are even more surprised when the door opens to reveal a child-like person dressed up like a bee. Komatsu instantly thought that the warden, Love, was a child, to which she claimed he was rude and to take a closer look. When Komatsu turns to Toriko, the Bishokuya is staring at the warden, apparently in love, and when the chef turns back, he see's a beautiful woman in the child's place. Komatsu is also enamored, though when she snaps her finger, the child returns, snapping the Combo out of it and leaving them confused. However Toriko figures out that warden Love was actually using Pheromones, and she elaborates on her ability. When the Bishokuya states that it means that there is no one that she can't control, Love suddenly bursts out that there is one person she can't affect, to which Komatsu correctly guesses is Zebra. Ohban then explains that the reason warden Love was against Zebra's release, was so that she can keep her 'beloved' close to her, much to the duo's shock, and Komatsu was further surprised to learn she as a granny. As they enter the execution chamber, Komatsu is shocked to come face-to-face with an Ore-Armored Gibabuta, and as they talk the punishments, the Chef asked what Zebra did to deserve them. He is confused when they responded that Zebra ate too much so he is being executed. Love then indicates his execution chamber, and Komatsu gets his first look at the infamous Problem Child.

Just then, four Execution Beasts start running in different directions in order to tear Zebra apart. However, much to Ohban and the Combo's awe (and Love's adoration), Zebra withstands it, jerking the beasts back. Toriko then realizes what Zebra is preparing to do, and tells Komatsu to close up his ears and duck for cover, much to the Chef's confusion. Zebra then lets loose a powerful Sound Bazooka, breaking his chains, knocking out the beasts, and destroying the execution chamber as well. Later, Komatsu went through a lot of effort to cook up a feast for Zebra's 'release party.' He then finishes cooking and brings everything to the dining hall where warden Love and Toriko were already sitting and talking. When Komatsu asks where Zebra is, and is told that the man in question is with the prisoners, the Chef naively thought that Zebra was telling them thank you's and goodbyes. However, Toriko corrects him, explaining about Zebra's Hell Ears and love of fighting, and how he has gone to kill anyone who talked bad behind his back. Komatsu then notices that Zebra had approached from behind him and was covered in blood, scaring the chef, and more so when the big man threatened to eat him. Toriko pulls the Problem Child away from his partner, but Komatsu starts to get nervous again when it looks like the two Heavenly Kings were about to fight, though warden Love resolved the situation using her Tranquilizing Pheromones. As the feast finishes, Komatsu marvels at the fact that Zebra's appetite was equal to Toriko's until the man in question gets his attention and asks the Chef whether he was the one who prepared it. When Komatsu answers in the affirmative, and nervously asks if it was to his liking, Zebra tells Komatsu not to get cocky and explains why he hates cocky people. Komatsu hesitantly apologizes for being cocky, and when Zebra asks if the Chef actually was being cocky, Komatsu firmly denies it.

They then hear form Ohban that the Monster of the Forest, the Magma Tortoise, has awoken and was causing a riot outside, and then he and warden Love explain about the unique seasons of Death Season Forest. Zebra, thinking that the beast was getting cocky, goes outside to deal with it personally. Though Komatsu expresses his worry, Toriko then explains about Zebra's abilities, reputation and power, much to the Chef's shock. Komatsu is then in awe to see that Zebra has not only defeated the Magma Tortoise, but every other beast in the vicinity.

Zebra, Toriko and Komatsu then travel on a Lift House across the Valley of Dust Clouds to get to Sand Gardens. When Komatsu enters their room informing them that the meal is ready, Zebra opens his mouth wide, tearing his newly sewed up cheek and starting a fight between the two Bishokuya, another out of many they've had on the 1 month long trip. Komatsu tries to ignore them and admire the scenery outside, spotting a Sand Rainbow, and noticing an extremely damaged apartment-style Lift House. He compares it to the trio's own Lift House, which was pretty expensive and in good condition to begin with, but was now quite badly damaged since Zebra kept picking fights with Toriko since he was bored. He is then called in to bring in seconds by the two Bishokuya. As the Bishokuya eat and talk to each other, Zebra suddenly turns his attention to Komatsu, advising the Chef to treat him as an environment, since if an environment isn't maintained, creatures around it start to die, scaring Komatsu. Though Toriko told Komatsu that he doesn't need to treat the Problem Child that way, annoying Zebra, Komatsu couldn't help but feel insecure about this King.

When they finally reach the Sand Gardens, Zebra finds a local and makes him show the Problem Child to some delicious Sand cuisine, separating Zebra from the Combo. Komatsu, though hesitant to say it, knowing that with the Problem Child's Hell Ears, Zebra will most likely hear it, finally tells Toriko of how he disapproves of Zebra and his crimes. Though Komatsu is nervous about being cocky so close to Zebra, he is surprised when Toriko stated that he agreed, but Zebra's existence isn't all that bad. They then go looking for a place to purchase camels, and eventually find one in the outskirts of the village. Komatsu looks around and noticing the shabby state of the town. The old lady who was renting them the camels see's this and explains how they were recently embroiled in a war (earning his sympathy), until a 'savior' arrived, and stopped it. Zebra then finds the Combo, and just as the Chef says the Problem Child's name out loud, Zebra is suddenly surrounded by citizens, praising him, confusing Komatsu. Toriko then explains the positive results of Zebra's release, like how countries that were at war (like the one who owned this town) proposed ceasefires so as to deal with Zebra. Just the, an Eight-Tail Scorpion appeared and was about to attack a little girl, Zebra sliced it up with Voice Cutter. Komatsu then realizes Zebra's true worth and heart.

Zebra then confronts Komatsu, saying that he heard the Chef say that he din't want the Bishokuya to come along. Komatsu apologizes for getting 'cocky' and saying such things before learning of the full circumstances of Zebra's arrest and release. Zebra, who was listening to Komatsu's pulse, realizes that the Chef wasn't lying then or now, even though Komatsu knew the Bishokuya would be listening. Komatsu's directness impresses the Bishokuya, so Zebra told Komatsu of how, in his own opinion, the biggest form of 'cockiness,' is to lie. When Komatsu said that he wouldn't do that, Zebra says he knows how honest and direct Komatsu is, and it is to the point that he wishes that Komatsu would lie a little.

He then goes on to say that his condition for his help on this trip would be Komatsu's cooking. Komatsu then countered with the condition that Zebra can't meaninglessly kill beasts. Zebra agreed on the condition that Komatsu cooks his meals for free, to which the Chef agreed to do, if Zebra supplied his kitchen with Ingredients. They started listing other conditions, with Komatsu requesting that the Bishokuya sews up his ripped cheek, amongst other things, and Zebra demanding that Komatsu can't be cocky in his presence and to fix his 'pig nose', plus more. When Toriko calls for them, Zebra asks Komatsu if the Chef has 'adapted' to Toriko, and that Komatsu might make a better Combo with himself. Zebra then makes one more condition, that Komatsu forms a Combo with himself once they capture the cola. The Chef, understanding that they probably won't get their target, the Mellow Cola, without Zebra, requests that Zebra reveals his life time Full Course Menu. Komatsu is shocked when Zebra reveals that he doesn't have one, and wasn't interested in making one. The Chef states that, even if Toriko hasn't decided his entire Full Course yet, he is sure it will be a good one, that he wishes to cook it, and that whether he joins Zebra as a Combo, or not, depends on his Full Course. Zebra, understanding that he'll have to make his own Full Course compete with Toriko's agrees to these terms. Komatsu then makes one last condition, that Zebra works with Toriko as much as he can, to wish the Bishokuya reluctantly but easily agrees to.

With that they saddle up their camels and head for the location of the Mellow Cola, the Gourmet Pyramid. Komatsu marvels at the fact that the Combo were riding a Water Storage Camel, while Zebra got a Wine Camel, which the Problem Child states is because he's an adult, though the Glutton refutes this, saying that Zebra gets easily drunk and then tends to go on a rampage. The Chef then wonders why the old lady who rented the camel said that they didn't have to return it, but when Toriko explains about what she said when she heard of their destination, Komatsu realizes that she didn't think that they'll make it back. Toriko then warns his partner about the deserts heat and tells him to keep well hydrated, to which the Chef quickly complies. As they travel, a school of Desert Sharks attempt to attack the party, but was chased of by Zebra's Weak Point Voice, once he learnt that they weren't edible. Toriko explains to Komatsu about the Problem Child's 'Strange Voice', and Komatsu marvels at it and how Zebra kept his promise. They then continue traveling, enduring some minor difficulties in their travels, but eventually they reach the 'Red Maze of Sand', also known as the Desert Labyrinth. When Komatsu see's that the desert is actually red, Toriko says is due to oxidized iron in the sand, though, Zebra also adds that blood from various beasts have mixed into the sand. Soon after they enter the maze, Komatsu disappears, being taken by a mirage soon after entering the 'Red Maze', and was sucked into quicksand. As the Chef descended into the quicksand, all the while screaming for help, wild beasts start chasing him, but Zebra kept them away using Roar Bullets, all the while sending 'strong' words to Komatsu via Sound Bullets.

When Komatsu wakes up, he is shocked to be confronted by a large beast, but it was scared of by Zebra's Roar Bullet much to the Chef's confusion. Zebra then talks to Komatsu via Sound Bullets, telling the Chef that he was in the lower levels of the Gourmet Pyramid (which was actually more like a castle), and that he needs to do two things: try not to die, and think of the menu of the feast they are going to have after capturing the Mellow Cola. Komatsu silently thanks Zebra and then cautiously wanders true the Pyramid by himself, resolving to be stronger. As he walks through the structure, Komatsu marvels at the size of it, and recalls what the old lady had said about the Pyramid being used to raise a certain Ingredient, to which Komatsu is sure is the Mellow Cola. He then finds a familiar set of footprints, but then turns to see an Escarjaw which attacks the Chef. However Komatsu was protected thanks to Zebra's Sound Armor, who reminds Komatsu that as a Chef, he has think as any beast he finds as an Ingredient, giving him new found resolve. He then takes out his Derous Knife, and swings at the beast. However, the Escarjaw was already running away as soon as it felt the Intimidation from the knife. Komatsu's swing turned into a massive slash, that destroys the ceiling and floor, which causes Komatsu to plummet to a lower level. When Komatsu gets up, he see's that he has broken an underground reservoir. He also realizes that his knife has immense power, and is not something he should use lightly. He then looks around and finds a room lined with coffins, and after recalling what the old lady had said about the legend of an ancient king who which rests in the 'pyramid', decides to leave the room alone. Komatsu then finds a wall covered with murals of beasts and bird-like men.

At the end of the room, he found an Ancient Cookbook. Just as he was about to pick it up, he realizes that an emaciated, dehydrated creature has approached from behind, which promptly attacks him. The creature tries biting him, but finds that he can't, while Komatsu realizes that he was protected by Zebra's Sound Armor. The Chef tries to crawl away from the creature, but ends up face-to-face with a one-eyed beast. Fortunately, however, for Komatsu, the dehydrated creature turns his attention from the Chef to the beast, and attacks it instead. As the beast and the creature start fighting each other, Komatsu uses the chance to run away, but not before taking the ancient cook book with him. However as Komatsu was running, he suddenly received a warning from Zebra not to go in that direction, a moment after stopping right in front of an even more dangerous beast, the Salamander Sphinx. Zebra tries to protect the Chef with a Roar Bullet, but it was dissipated by the Sphinx's own roar. The Problem Child, realizing how powerful the beast is, and how much trouble Komatsu is in, then takes a shortcut, using a Sound Bazooka to break the floor. The Bishokuya fall upon Komatsu's location, with Toriko using Knife to cut a large piece of debris that was about to crush the small Chef. Komatsu then cries in relief to see the two Bishokuya. With that the two Bishokuya start fighting the beast, while Komatsu retreats around the corner to study the ancient cook book, and is amazed at all the new recipes he has never seen before. Just then an attack breaks the wall close to him, and he looks around the corner to see the Bishokuya fighting the Sphinx Zebra, after learning that the beast produced the Mellow Cola within its body, uses Single Slash Voice Cutter to cut the Sphinx's shoulder, and taking a mouthful of its blood, believing it to be the cola. However he spits it out, realizing that it isn't the case, and both he and Toriko are pushed back by the beast's assault. When he questions Toriko about the cola, the Glutton says that he heard it matured inside the beast, but he never said it was the blood, causing Zebra to think that it was the beasts urine.

Komatsu then reveals that the cola is the Sphinx's tears. When they ask how he knows this, Komatsu reveals the ancient cook book he found, explaining how it is filled with rare Ingredients and how to prepare them. When Zebra questions whether he can actually read the ancient writing, the Chef completely denies it. He goes onto say that he has read hundreds of cooking books, and by observing the pictures, and the length of the lines, he can somehow guess the preparation for getting the Mellow Cola. With that, the Bishokuya entrust Komatsu with directing them, as they attack the Sphinx.

Though at first Komatsu seems hesitant, Zebra tells the Chef to pull it together, giving him new found resolve. Komatsu's first order is to evenly beat every inch of the beast, which Zebra did using Sound Bazooka, but not before the Combo covered their ears. Komatsu then directs them to hit the Sphinx in the solar plexus, which Toriko did with a 10-Hit Nail Punch, while Zebra covered him with Sound Wall. When the beast went on a rampage again, Komatsu wavered, but regained his focus with the Bishokuya's encouragement. When they had to slice of the scales of it's back, Zebra distracted it while Toriko cut the scales with Leg Knife. This was followed by Zebra having to cut at the back of the beasts leg, clockwise from its right fore leg. They were then directed to pull a feather from each of its wings at the same time. As they continued their assault on the Salamander Sphinx, Komatsu started to understand that the beast all the glucose from the prey it ate in it's tear glands, which it releases as tears, once a year, in the same manner that sea turtles expel salt. The attacks on the Sphinx was required to introduce carbon dioxide into the beast to carbonate it's tears. Komatsu guided the two Kings through each stage all the way to the last step, which was to tenderize the Sphinx's snake tail. Putting all their remaining power into it they pummel the tail, Toriko with his 15-Hit Nail Punch, and Zebra with his Voice Missile. They then turn to see the beast start tearing. However, at their jubilance to see the Salamander Sphinx releasing its cola, they let down their guard, allowing a mysterious Birdman creature to attack Komatsu with a fatal blow from behind, and knock the two exhausted Bishokuya away easily and consumes the cola.

Believing Komatsu to be dead, the Bishokuya call upon some reserve energy and attack, defeat and kill the Birdman. The Kings briefly talk about the creature, when Zebra heard a heart beat. At first they thought it was the Birdman, before they realize that Komatsu is still alive. Zebra reveals he wrapped a stronger Sound Armor around Komatsu after the first one was destroyed, and thought that the creature broke through it. After Komatsu thanks Zebra, he suddenly asks about the cola, causing the Bishokuya to realize their fatigue. Toriko apologizes to Komatsu, saying that the creature drank it, and when the Chef asks where the Salamander Sphinx is now, Zebra pointed it out. Komatsu then revealed that it is not done, that what came out earlier was the oxidized scum, and that the true Mellow Cola is 10 to a 100 times more than that. As the Bishokuya turn to face the the Salamander Sphinx, it burst into tears, revealing the true Mellow Cola. They happily bathe in it, and after taking a mouthful of it, Zebra's Gourmet Cells evolved. With that, Zebra decided to put the Mellow Cola into his Full Course Menu, and states that with this, Komatsu can be his Combo.

Zebra then tells the shocked Toriko about the conditions he and Komatsu had for the Problem Child's cooperation on this trip. When Zebra asks what Komatsu thought about his Full Course, Komatsu reluctantly had to say that he couldn't make a decision with only one course filled starting an argument between Zebra and Toriko about their Full Courses. Komatsu then states that he agreed to this condition because he believed that there is no way that Toriko's Full Course would lose to anybody else's. Seeing the amount of trust the Chef has for Toriko, Zebra agrees, and states that he'll make a Full Course Menu that will amaze Komatsu, and in return, Komatsu has to prepare the banquet when the return home. Komatsu happily agrees, then pulls out a Gourmet Rucksack and sucks up as much of the Mellow Cola as he can. With that, the group decides to leave the Pyramid, with Toriko guiding the way by following their scent. Toriko thanks the Salamander Sphinx for its tears, however, it gets angry and chases them away. When they reached the outside, Zebra's voice returned, and he protected Komatsu with a Mellow Cola enhanced Sound Armor. As they traveled back through the Sand Gardens, they picked up samples of desserts on the way, like Black Sugar Desert and Rice Desert. When they got back, Toriko wanted to give the old lady who rented them the camels some Mellow Cola as thanks, though ended up fighting Zebra who didn't want to share. Komatsu returned to his hotel, and decided to study the ancient cook book he obtained.

When they eventually got back, Zebra and Toriko were invited to Hotel Gourmet for the promised celebratory banquet, though it caused a massive ruckus with the guests. When Komatsu greeted them, Zebra suddenly told the chef not to get cocky. Startled, Komatsu wondered what he did that was cocky, when Toriko revealed that Zebra was actually embarrassed since he became a fan of Komatsu's cooking after the banquet at Honey Prison. Zebra, overhearing this, suddenly attacked Toriko for saying too much. After having a toast with Mellow Cola, the two Heavenly Kings eat their feast of Komatsu's cooking, which eventually had the staff buying food from other hotels. With the meal done, Komatsu came out of the kitchen and asked how their meal was, though Zebra wanted to know why Komatsu didn't prepare the Birdman. As Komatsu starts to explain that he didn't think that it could be cooked, three people make their appearance.

Chief Mansam and Chief Rei of the IGO send Rapp to get the creature, but Zebra gets in the large mans way, threatening him for trying to take his 'prey'. Mansam warns against it, saying that Rapp is part of 0th Biotopes staff. Mansam explains about the 0th Biotope, located in the Gourmet World, and it's staff, surprising the trio with it's existence. Zebra, however, figures out that Mansam was lying about what he knew about the creature. After confirming with Zebra that no one can hear their conversation, Mansam, Rei and Rapp explain about the mysterious creature, Nitro and their recent actions, like targeting Chefs in the Human World. Chief Rei cautions Komatsu as he may also be targeted. Komatsu is shocked to hear most of it and connects the Nitro's to his newly acquired ancient cook book, especially its more 'chilling' recipes. When Zebra said that he knew that Mansam was still hiding something, the Chief then revealed that the Gourmet Corp. were involved, and that the creature possibly held a hint to Acacia's Main Course, GOD. Though the Chef was interested, Zebra wasn't, and left, leaving Komatsu's safety in Toriko's hands.

Toriko's Break ArcEdit

After everything that happened at the hotel Toriko takes Komatsu to an out of the way location, called Bar Meria, located on Black Lake. They discuss the possibility of war breaking out at the reappearance of GOD, but get side-tracked by the food. Komatsu uses a mini-food processor to blend dried Jewel Meat with a bit of salt, sesame and sea weed, then sprinkles it on some Jet-Black Rice for an amazing new taste. As Meria accepts an order of theirs, Komatsu asks if she's actually a GT Robo, which Toriko confirms. When Komatsu asks why she's not here in person, his Combo explains that the area is dangerous, and that she set up shop here expressly for the purpose of providing a private place for high ranking and/or dishonest individuals to have secret conversations and rendezvous's. Toriko goes on to talk about their main topics, being the Gourmet Solar Eclipse, Nitro's and the Gourmet Corp. When Komatsu said that Zebra didn't seem interested in such things, Toriko concurs, and says that the other Heavenly King has to first fulfill the conditions of his release, as well as finding creating a Full Course Menu, to impress Komatsu, and make the Chef become his Combo instead. Toriko then mentions that there are only four items left out of the seven on Ichiryu's List, which he'll search for at his own pace,and that he will get stronger so that he can protect his partner, but with less speed, and more haste. Komatsu agrees, and says that he will go with Toriko anywhere, so that he may get stronger as well. However, just then, the only other customer sighs, which immediately grabs the Combo's attention, as they recognize the voice belonging to the Gourmet Corp's. Sous Chef, Starjun. The pair were instantly on guard, and though Starjun compliments their growth, they don't let it down. After checking Toriko's reaction time to battle, and declaring that there will be war, with Acacia's Full Course Menu on the line, Starjun leaves, which causes Komatsu to break down into tears of relief, as he was so scared. Toriko says that it's thanks to their strong luck, and that their next destination is the Gourmet Temple.

When they eventually reach the temple, Komatsu reveals that he has never been to it before (because he's always so busy), which surprises Toriko, who believes that cooks should make the pilgrimage at least once. When Komatsu said that Toriko has never gone to the temple either, the Bishokuya tried to explain that he has no interest in festivals, but Komatsu was distracted at seeing the massive gate of the temple, slightly annoying Toriko. Toriko then goes on to explain to Komatsu about Food Luck and how important it is, but was side-tracked when the Chef pointed to the food-stalls. The combo then sample some of the food being sold, like Bean Sprout Worms with natural Garlips Stir-Fry, Moai Potato, Dream Chestnuts and Gourmet Tree Fruits. All the while, Toriko explains how food-stalls are chosen to get in, and how lucky they are. They then wash their hands and mouths with Holy Water, before going on their own 'pilgrimage' of Acacia's Full Course. Toriko then states that the temples don't actually hold the dishes, they just have the names inscribed there, which slightly disappoints Komatsu, but it turns to shock when he realizes that a Taxsheep was standing right behind him. They then ride on it to each of the temples, with Komatsu hanging on for his life due to the intense speed. They then walk through the a forest of Bishoku Cedar to reach the main temple. Toriko explains how these trees made up Acacia's Combo, Froese's, wooden implements, like his chopping board, while Komatsu marvels at their size. They then see the main temple, which was even larger than the gate they entered. As they get closer, they see a festival taking place. The duo then enters, and upon seeing the statue of Acacia, they suddenly feel "full" with "luck," to which they gratefully thank the Bishokushin. Komatsu, on Toriko's urging, chooses to test his Food Luck, by taking part in a 'Choosing of the Food Man' competition, in which the participants are to pull a knife out of a chopping board made of Bishoku Cedar. Though slightly embarrassed when he is found out to be the Century Soup's chef Komatsu, he still makes an attempt on the knife, while admiring the chopping board. He pulls it out in a single attempt much to everyone's surprise. With it he earned a voucher for free food for the year at all the food stalls in the temple, which Komatsu happily shares with everyone.

Komatsu is later invited by Toriko to go to his Sweet's House. When he knocks on the door, Toriko welcomes the chef with a scary face. He apologizes to Komatsu and explains that he was practicing to surprise a certain ingredient. Curious, he travels with Toriko and Terry Cloth on Tom's boat to Surprise Island. Toriko explains on the way about the strange ingredient, the Surprise Apple, an apple that becomes tastier the more it is scared. As they get closer to the island, Komatsu is startled by an explosion. Toriko then explains that at this time the trees bear fruits, and to make them as tasty as possible, they continuously set of explosives to keep them surprised. Komatsu is then shocked to see human faces on the apples, with various degrees of surprise. Toriko explains that according to their expression, they can measure their Surprise Level. They then meet Apalon, a G7 inspector, who is their to measure the apples surprise. Toriko then pulls out a Amplifier Stone he got from Melk the First and, after telling Komatsu to block his hear, amplifies his voice so as to gain a Surprise Apple of level 27. After Toriko explains about Surprise Levels, the famous chef Tsurara Mama appears, and amazes everyone by catching a Surprise Level 20 Apple by threatening it. Komatsu also tried scaring one by yelling at it, but the Apple actually laughed at him instead. However, at the end of the day, everyone was shocked, and slightly disappointing when it was Zongeh who caught the highest Surprise Level Apple at Level 80, using the smell of his farts.

Komatsu and Toriko are later seen at a restaurant, sampling their Surprise Apples with Sherbet Apples, with Komatsu seemingly being overly obsessed with apples. Toriko notices that Komatsu seems quite generous today, and wonders what's going on with the chef. Komatsu then reveals that he has won the Gourmet Jumbo Lottery, earning a million yen. Though at first Toriko was impressed when Komatsu said he won the lottery, he was both a bit disappointed and surprised when, the chef continued on to say it was eighth place. Komatsu wanted to treat Toriko to something since the Bishokuya was always treating him, to which Toriko gladly accepts. When his combo said that he wanted to buy some land, Komatsu stated that there was no way a million yen would be enough. After hearing that the land was only 3 meters square, Komatsu realized what Toriko was actually after, a piece of land that its estimated worth was, at a minimum, ten billion yen, causing the chef to assume that the large case Toriko is carrying was full of money. They then discuss about the reason for the immense price of this small piece of land, being because it was the nesting spot of the Chicken Tiger, and how the eggs it lays are extremely expensive. They then talk about its old owner and why he would want to sell it.

When they reach the plot owners home, Komatsu is surprised the man is living in such a small house, considering how much money he could make selling Chicken Tiger Eggs. The combo enters the shack, and after introducing themselves to the owner, Yocchi, they express the desire to eat the Chicken Tiger Egg, which Toriko smelt as soon as he entered the small house. Yocchi happily obliges, and as duo eats the egg, they cry in happiness, which in turn makes the old man happy. As the three party, Yocchi reveals his past as a Bishokuya, the tragic death of his wife, and the reason he named his Chicken Tiger Meeko, believing her to be a reincarnation of his wife, Miko, since the Chicken Tiger hatched on his wife's grave. When they asked the old man why he wanted to sell the land now, they were shocked to hear that Yocchi was dying. Yocchi then asked them how much the combo were willing to pay, to which Toriko surprised him by offering the one million yen Komatsu won in the lottery. After Toriko showed them that the large case he carried was actually, filled with Surprise Apples, Yocchi joyfully agrees, confusing Komatsu as it was estimated to be worth ten thousand times more than that. Yocchi explains that money held no value to him, and that he actually wanted to give the property to someone who truly appreciated the ingredient itself, not how much it was worth. They promise to look after Meeko, and some time afterwards, Yocchi dies. They buried him together with his wife, and when the combo goes to lay flowers on his grave, they are surprised to see a Chicken Tiger chick hatch from an egg laid on his burial site, thinking that the hatchling is old man Yocchi reborn.

Shining Gourami ArcEdit

Deciding that his break was over, Toriko called Komatsu and Sunny to meet him at a tree-house restaurant. Komatsu and Sunny get there before Toriko so they go ahead and eat, ordering some Tsuchinoko Shrimp with Ham Fish. Sunny goes on to say how delicious it is, along with the atmosphere, to which Komatsu says it's a 'Harmony' of tastes, though the Bishokuya says it is not just taste. He then turns to the man close by, and asks Bonkochi to turn up the music. When Komatsu asks who that man is, Sunny explains that he's a Gourmet DJ, a person who matches music with food. He goes on to explain that harmony isn't just merely taste, but that of the other senses as well, and once you have all of them, you have the perfect meal. Komatsu however, after hearing how much the DJ costs, says that normal people can't afford it. Sunny is annoyed about Komatsu's reaction, but calms down and changes the topic to the combo Komatsu has formed with Toriko. After Komatsu thanks him for providing Jiro's phone number when Toriko went to the Gourmet World world by himself, Sunny criticizes them, especially Toriko, for their lack of 'beauty.'

Just as Sunny was about to invite Komatsu to be his combo instead, Toriko bursts in. They both scold Toriko for turning up late when he was the one who called them, but he just says sorry, asks the waiter to bring him some food, and tells Bonkochi to knock of the music. Toriko then explains to them (while eating) that the next ingredient on Ichiryu's List was the Shining Gourami, and after explaining the problem of the location, goes on to ask for Sunny's help. Sunny, though at first against helping Toriko with his training was interested after hearing about the 'prey.' Sunny then surprises them by introducing his animal partner, Quinn, the Mother Snake. Komatsu is shocked when he hears that Quinn was a child, not to mention other rumors of the Mother Snake especially the one that if you look into the face of a Mother Snake, means you'll be eaten. Komatsu is nervous at the fact that they looked at Quinn's face and are wondering if he'll be eaten, though Sunny then says that if he and the chef were to form a combo, there'll be no chance he'll be eaten. Komatsu and Toriko didn't seem to understand this statement, and stave of embarrassment, Sunny jumps on to Quinn, and says that he'll allow them to ride as well, though they had to first take of their shoes. Komatsu was surprised when Quinn showed he could control her scales to make seats, and was even further so at the young Mother Snakes immense speed. By the time they reached the Mors Mountain Range, the 5th tallest mountain range in the Human World, Komatsu was exhausted after hanging on so tightly to Quinn so that he didn't slip off. When Komatsu tried to complain to Toriko about it, his partner has already jumped into the water, annoying the chef a little.

He then looks over Quinn's back to see crystal clear water. He spots a school of White Snow Sweetfish, but was then shocked to see the school floated in mid-air by an invisible net, before realizing that they were Sunny's Feelers. They the broil and eat the fish, which the combo season with natural Butt Salt, disgusting Sunny, and though he tries tell Komatsu so, the small chef was distracted by a Stone Fish. Komatsu then wonders why the water is so clear, and was surprised when Toriko said he could see approximately 50 meters in the water. The Bishokuya explain the reason the water is so clear is due to a lack of nutrients. Komatsu then guesses the nutrients have gone somewhere, which Toriko says is correct and that the Mors Mountain Range nutrients were all concentrated at the location of the Shining Gourami. They then head towards the direction of the Gourami on Quinn's back, but as they approach, they feel violent vibrations like that of an earthquake, and in the distance they see a mushroom cloud, causing Komatsu to think it was a missile strike. However Toriko reveals that it's actually Death Falls, the location of the Shining Gourami. Komatsu is hesitant to enter the massive waterfall, despite Toriko's encouragement that it was training. After getting closer and seeing a Regal Mammoth-sized beasy being drowned and crushed by the water pressure and rocks, Komatsu claims that he wants to go back home.

Komatsu reiterated how impossible this was, but became resigned when he saw that the other two Bishokuya were raring to go. As the two kings strategize on how to get to the cave behind the waterfall where the Gourami resides, Sunny concludes that they will have to go though it from the front, suddenly surprising the combo by jumping down into the water, but using Surface Tension to stay above the surface. He then creates a Hair Raft with his Feelers for the combo to stand on. Toriko then grabs Komatsu and jumps on the it. The two Bishokuya then compliment on each others growth before a Hipposhark bursts out of the water and tries to eat them. Sunny easily repels it using his Super Spatula, sending it flying towards Quinn who splits her mouth open and swallows it in a single gulp, greatly surprising Komatsu, and was promptly shocked again when Sunny thought it was beautiful. Komatsu is then made to wear a bullet proof suit, goggles and a mask with an Oxygen Leaf before they enter Death Falls. As they approach the waterfall, with Komatsu hanging on to Toriko's back, a spray of water heads in their direction, cutting the kings. Toriko explains that the water pressure, mixed in with sand, rocks and other debris causes this. Just as Toriko was about to defend with Fork Shield from another spray of water was headed their way, Sunny defends instead using Hair Lead, which Komatsu compliments. The trio then enter the falls.

Toriko then shocks Komatsu by cutting the waterfall with Leg Knife, but quickly became scared as the falls pushes the Knife back. Toriko then tries an 18-Hit Nail Punch, but that too is pushed down, so the combo turns to Sunny, who simply laughs and explains the principles of his Spatula. He then shows them the fruits of his training by using a Times 5 Super Spatula to repel Death Falls downpour, impressing the combo. After learning that Sunny learnt how to use his 'Intuition' on his training trip with Guemon at the Three Way Road, Toriko also tries it out. He combines two 18-Hit Nail Punches (one in each hand) to form a 36-Hit Twin Nail Punch and fires it upwards, managing to pierce the waterfall straight up surprising the other two. However, they then notice a large amount of rocks falling upon them, and then a large mountain appears to go over the edge, threatening to crush them. When Toriko used his Leg Knife, and it barely scratched the mountain, they both turn to Sunny and hope might be able to do something, but Sunny states that right now it is impossible for him. Toriko then comes up with the idea with combining his Nail Punch, with Sunny's strongest Super Spatula. Though Sunny at first hesitates, he accepts after Komatsu pleads to him that they work together. Toriko then aims his 36-Hit Twin Nail Punch at Sunny, who reflects it upwards with a Times 30 Super Spatula, which manages to completely break the mountain. They then rush to the cave behind the waterfall, before the debris collapses on them.

Since the Bishokuya were exhausted, Komatsu resolved to do his best as well. When Toriko asks the chef if he had anything to eat, Komatsu said that they have the top-quality Shining Gourami. Seeing that they were exhausted, he runs into the cave in search of the fish, while telling the two to rest. Komatsu leaves a trail of Melk Stardust as he walks through the cave, armed only with his Derous Knife, confident he can handle a few dangers, and though shaken by the vibrations of the waterfall, moves forward. He reached a dead end once, but after retracing his steps and going down a different path, Komatsu then finds the pond where the Shining Gourami swims. Though surprised by the light given of and their beauty, the small chef attempts to catch them with a net. Komatsu easily catches the Gourami, something which only he could do, since he was a weak human, and if anything strong reached the fish, it would die out of shock and loose its flavor. He then notices something strange about the water. After catching a few, and performing Knocking on them while keeping them in the water (though a few failed, since he was uncertain of how to perform knocking on them), Komatsu managed to catch a few Gourami and put some of the water in a couple of Gourmet Cases. He then retraces his steps back to Toriko and Sunny, collecting the Melk Stardust on the way, and showed them the fish. The way out was blocked by the debris of the mountain, but fortunately Quinn managed to find a way through, and by traveling in her mouth, the trio got out as well.

After getting to somewhere safe, Komatsu takes out the Shining Gourami, and comments on how cool it was, even though it's so bright, to which Toriko says that it's the same concept as fireflies. Komatsu then tells them how he managed to capture the fish and the oil-like water, and they figured out it was a specially prepared ingredient. Komatsu then suggested that they fry it using the "water," to which the two Bishokuya whole-heartedly agreed to. Sunny was impressed that Komatsu came with ingredients, to which Komatsu says that he always carries the essentials, though this time he brought something amazing. As the fish fries, it releases glowing bubbles, and once it was cooked it literally sparkled, which surprised Toriko and Sunny. Once Komatsu cooked the entire batch, he was amazed at the oil, as it was still clean like it wasn't used at all. They then dubbed the oil Mors Oil, after the mountain range it's found in.

Sunny then decides to do something about the "situation," and has Quinn stretch to her highest length of 500 meter while they were on her head, which scares Komatsu a bit. They then decide to eat it and found that the Gouramis flesh was silver. Komatsu, thinking it was missing something, thought it might go well with Melk Stardust, and told them so. Toriko explains to Sunny how the seasoning has an extremely addictive taste, and is a waste on normal ingredients. Komatsu also said that when he and Melk the Second ate it, they couldn't stop licking the seasoning, and ignoring the ingredient it was sprinkled on. They then sprinkled the golden powder on the silver meat to find that they went together perfectly. After eating one, Komatsu expressed his wish that one day he could go on an adventure together with all Four Heavenly Kings. Sunny didn't want to though, since he thought that Zebra and Coco were gross with Komatsu arguing otherwise. The trio then party on Quinn's head for the entire night.

Meteor Garlic ArcEdit

After their adventures at Death Falls, Komatsu is back at Hotel Gourmet and just received a Gourmet Magazine, which had the months top 100 in World Chef Rankings. Komatsu expressess his desire of being admitted into the rankings, and after confirming that the top few chefs haven't changed their ranks, he spots a familiar name placed near the bottom of the list. Komatsu then visits Ootake, his old friend and head chef at Otogi Castle. Komatsu congratulates him for placing 99th in the World Chef Rankings, to which Ootake says is no big deal. Ootake in turn congratulates Komatsu for his position at Hotel Gourmet, and making the Century Soup, though inquires why he didn't patent it. Komatsu simply says that he doesn't care for such things, to which the world ranker responds that if he wants to be successful, he should, and goes on to say how important money is and states his own ambitions. Komatsu then realizes that his old friend has changed quite a bit, and after briefly reminiscing about their training days, starts wondering about their other old friend Ume-chan, and is surprised when Ootake seems to have forgotten him.

When some people from the media arrive, Ootake then offers Komatsu some of his own cooking. Komatsu accepts after hearing that the people from the media won't be eating anything. The smaller chef is impressed with Ootake's "Fairytale Cooking" and notices the high-class ingredients that his friend uses, like Cotton Candy Cloud and Beewax Candle. Wondering how he got such ingredients, he turns to see Ootake passing an envelope to the reporter under the table. Noticing that Komatsu was looking at him, Ootake goes over to ask how his meal was. Komatsu tells him that he's impressed, and asks how he got the ingredients. Ootake say that it was thanks to money, and goes on to explain his own point of view and how he thought that the customers were stupid people who relied on magazine articles. This causes Komatsu to yell at him, and after realizing that the envelope he passed the reporter was a bribe, it started an argument between the two, which abruptly ends when both of them suddenly heard the "voice" of an ingredient. After shaking of the sudden shock of the "voice" they heard, Ootake states that he believes that Komatsu's jealous of him. Komatsu in turn just expressed pity for his old friend, his restaurant, his customers, and for the ingredients, and though Ootake tried to challenge him, Komatsu politely refuses saying that he will reach the top in his own way with his combo, Toriko. This shocks Ootake, and with that, Komatsu leaves, tearing slightly at old memories. Later, Komatsu sensed six other ingredients "voices" calling for him.

Komatsu meets up with Toriko at Barber Gourmet, where Toriko was getting his hair cut by Pen. As Toriko eats his Celepig Steak, Onion Goat Onions and King-Sweet Sea Urchin, while at the same time getting his haircut by the barber/chef, he explains, much to Komatsu's shock, how he and Coco captured the ingredients that make up Ichiryu's Full Course that was hidden in the eight IGO Biotopes. When Komatsu asks what they were like, Toriko stated that they made no sense. He went on to how they brought the Hors d'Oeuvre to Setsuno, she told them it was a seed of a Million Tree, a common tree in the Gourmet World, and she told how the Presidents Full Course isn't normal, and chances are that the ingredients are "calling" someone. Komatsu then excitedly realizes that the seven "voices" he heard must have been from them and told Toriko as such, and insists on seeing it himself. With the haircut complete, it is revealed to have been cut to short, though Komatsu thinks that it suits Toriko. When Coco arrives they tell him about it as well.

Komatsu is later seen riding the Underground Train, with Coco and Toriko, to the Jidal Kingdom, and visibly anxious at their seedy surroundings. Komatsu then asks his company about the kingdom and the casino their headed too. After learning that the world's largest casino, Gourmet Casino, was located in a non-IGO affiliated country, he starts to understand that their target, the Meteor Garlic, which is an illegal ingredient, could only be found there. When they reach their destination and get of the train, the group is immediately surrounded by some minor thugs. When Toriko shows excitement at being "ambushed" by normal people, Komatsu realizes that it doesn't happen often since he was quite famous, the last time being with Zongeh on another train. After Toriko scares them off, Komatsu comments on the bad public security, and even though the chef has been to several hostile places in nature, they at least followed the laws of nature. As they walk towards the casino, they pass through a market place and is shocked to see it selling illegal, poisonous and narcotic ingredients like poisonous Puffer Whales, Poison Stars, Drug Snails and Electric Banana, though there were also rare, high-class ingredients like Juicytake. Komatsu was slightly confused when Toriko and Coco chose to buy some ingredients to be used for some casino games. The chef was greatly impressed when he saw the Gourmet Casino.

He was even more impressed as they got closer, especially when he saw some rare 10-star restaurants. Komatsu then notices a robbery taking place, and then overhears a couple of rich folks callously making bets on the thief, one thinking he'll get away, the other thinking he'll be caught. However, Komatsu was shocked when the thief was shot instead, by the Gourmet Casino's security. Coco starts explaining that casino's in IGO-affiliated companies are under the management of the Gourmet Gamble Commission, but then Match appears and says that in the Jidal Kingdom, it's supervised by the Underground Cooking World. Komatsu happily greets Match, and when the Gourmet Yakuza says that his soup was very popular amongst the children, Komatsu happily states that he could make it anytime for them. However, Ram then called Match "boss", which confused Komatsu, as he last time they saw each other, he was the vice-boss of the Gourmet Yakuza. Match then explains how the old boss, Ryu, suddenly retired and put the yakuza in his hands, after being visited by the Saiseiya Yosaku. Match then goes on to say how he was trying to stop the flow of narcotic ingredients that have been entering Nerg City from Jidal, which impresses Komatsu. The trio then invite the yakuza to gamble with them so that they could take the narcotic ingredients legally, which Match agrees to. Komatsu is astounded at the size of the casino after they enter it. Toriko then gets a massive amount of funds for gambling, and then, after showing that the chips were edible, eats them. Komatsu also takes a bite and finds that they were indeed delicious. When Coco got a single million yen chip, both Toriko and Komatsu drooled over him to get a taste of it, which Coco firmly denies.

Komatsu and Toriko take part in the games, with varying degrees of luck, when Toriko finally gets a win on a Like Number Tree, obtaining a Like-Number Fruit. Komatsu is promptly astonished when Coco appears with a massive amount of winnings. Coco then demonstrates how he managed to increase his fortune a million-fold on the 100 Face Slot, to a trillion, which deeply shocks Komatsu. Komatsu's group and the yakuza's are then invited to the VIP area. It is explained to them that there, they only gamble ingredients. As they enter, Komatsu is greeted by the sight of a dying man. It is then explained that peoples lives were used as gambling tools. Komatsu is both scared and horrified when he learns that he might have to gamble their own lives for the games. However the boss of the Underground Cooking World, Livebearer, appeared, and offered to gamble some things even "better," and offers to take them to the place "beyond" the VIP. As Toriko shows his eagerness to see what could be "better" than ingredients, Komatsu is simply exasperated at his combo's reaction, thinking it's quite typical for him. They enter a room filled with giant structures resembling brains. Inside one of these "brains" they see a large person slobbering over a dish, even though he wasn't eating anything, and then an old man approaches them, begging for his "Food History", which worries Komatsu. It is then revealed that what they were wagering were memories of past food eaten. Livebearer then explains how they take their memories, and how this system was initially designed to falsify Gourmet ID's, which Komatsu stated was a felony. Livebearer then challenges them to a game (after surrounding them with his underlings), which Toriko accepts after learning they can only get the Meteor Garlic from Livebearer's memories. Komatsu is initially against it, scared of losing the memories of ingredients they've eaten together, but Toriko says it doesn't matter, as they'll just make new ones.

Livebearer then introduces the game Food Concentration, which used Gourmet Tasting Cards. After Livebearer explains the rules, Match chooses to be the games dealer, Toriko was to eat the ingredients, Coco was to choose them while Komatsu volunteered to cook what was chosen. When a coin was to be flipped to decide who starts the match, Coco chose neither heads or tails, which confused Komatsu, but was then was surprised to see the coin land on its edge. With Coco starting the game, he quickly picks out a Cherringo, again surprising Komatsu who declares that this ingredient doesn't need any preparation done to it. Komatsu, along with Toriko, celebrate their first points. Coco then picks out the Smashroom and the Watermelon Clam in quick succession. Livebearer then correctly guesses that Coco is somehow able to know which cards are "hits," to which Coco replies that it is the same for Livebearer as well, which confuses Komatsu and Toriko. Livebearer then picks out Sausage Worm, Human-Faced King Trumpet Mushroom and Melon Egg one after the other, cooking and eating them himself as the trio quietly observes him doing so. This pushes Livebearer raises 220, to their 40. When Coco said that he was counting on Toriko and Komatsu, the duo answers in the affirmative. Coco then picks out the 150 point Pudding Mountain, with Komatsu being surprised at the size of the massive ingredient. Regardless, Toriko starts eating it, and though Komatsu was worried, he helps makes it easier by splashing Mineral Japanese Leek around the base of the pudding, for easier sugar absorption and digestion. Coco then "hits" upon the 50 point Summer Whiskey, and though Livebearer states that even the strongest of alcoholics wouldn't be able to handle it, Toriko easily drinks it, while a worried Komatsu provides Cheese Chinese Cabbage as a snack for better breakdown of alcohol.They then get the 70 point Bullet Acorn, with Komatsu warning Toriko to catch the acorns before they hit the ground, or they'll turn poisonous. However, Toriko easily catches them, and as Komatsu cooks the acorn, he is watched by a silent Livebearer. Toriko eats it earning them a total of 310 points.

However, unknown to Komatsu, his cooking skills have made him the target of Livebearers focus. With the trio's turn finished, it became Livebearers, who obtained the 70 point Rockmadillo, the 150 point Sanzu River Poison Lizard and the 200 point Garlic Crab, promoting his own points to 640, after defeating, cooking and eating the ingredients himself. Komatsu is shown to be visibly impressed at Livebearers skill as a chef, since most of the ingredients, especially the Poison Lizard were difficult ingredients to prepare. Coco then purposely got an out, so he could check what the other cards held, since he can't actually see the pictures or points, just knowing which ones are pairs, their approximate value, and how dangerous they are. This does cause the combo to wonder if something is wrong. Livebearer then increases his points to 910 by eating the Rock Potato, Brain Urchin and Numblemon. When Coco purposely gets another out, Livebearer then raises his points again to 1190 after eating the Taste Ant, the Bubble Seashell and the Gold Shrimp. This causes a bit of worrying on Komatsu's side, as their continue to fall behind in points. However, Coco chooses to get a hit on the next one, taking the Atlas Crab, which Toriko defeats, and then eats after Komatsu cooks it. Coco and Livebearer then purposely gets two outs each, though Komatsu is still shocked at the dangerous ingredients that were in the game,and questions his own ability to cook them. Coco then hits on the 250 point Joker Ingredient, the Wisdom Panda. As Toriko goes to fight it, Coco calls to Komatsu, and tells him their strategy to winning the game, though the small chef claims that he has doubts that he could do such cooking.

Toriko manages to defeat the Wisdom Panda, and aware that there is a time limit to capturing, cooking and eating an ingredient (or else they lose points) Komatsu steams it. Coco then traded their Summer Whiskey, for Livebearers Garlic Crab. Komatsu told his partner to eat it raw, even if it is a bit bitter, which Toriko does with relish. Livebearer accepts the whiskey, and taking a page from Komatsu, eats it with the same snack that Komatsu offered Toriko, the Cheese Chinese Cabbage. This puts the points at Livebearer's 1240, to the trio's 790. Both teams then purposely get an out, and then Coco hit on the Dynamidragonfly (which Komatsu helps prepare) and the Troll Cheese (which is eaten raw). Then Coco hits on the Nitro Cherry, an extremely dangerous 10 point Joker Ingredient, that could explode with the slightest stimulus. Komatsu then tries to prepare it in a Preparation Gourmet Case within the 10 minutes, though right before the end of the time limit, Toriko eats it. The ingredient promptly explodes within Toriko, much to Komatsu's distress. Komatsu is still worried about his combo as he eats the Numblemon which they traded for the Wisdom Panda (which Livebearer didn't eat). Much to Komatsu's shock, Livebearer hits on the narcotic ingredient, Electric Banana, and eats it, making his points 1420 to their 1290, and with this making it impossible to catch up to him in points, even if they hit on all the remaining ingredients. However, despite Livebearer's gloating, Komatsu encourages Toriko that they can win and there are still more ingredients to eat. Coco then hits on the Rock Lizard, the Sea Urchin Rat and the Caesar Snake, the three of the final four ingredients, raising their points to 1360.

This leaves the last ingredient, the Poison Potato. Livebearer then reveals that he already knows how to capture, prepare and consume all the ingredients in his own casino, and starts gloating again, while mockingly congratulating his opponents. However, Coco reveals what he was really aiming for was for the worst "Eating Combination' to go with the Poison Potato, and the best one for Toriko. Coco and Komatsu then explain their strategy to Livebearer, with Komatsu explaining that he steamed the Wisdom Panda not only because it would tast e delicious, but also since he didn't want to lose the high nutrient content it possessed like Vitamin B1. The chef also explained they picked the Garlic Crab because it was high in Allicin, to induce a faster recovery rate, and also explains that he didn't diffuse the Nitro Cherry so as to bring out the greatest savouriness of the ingredient to stimulate Toriko's Gourmet Cells. Livebearer is still confident, having coated his digestive tract with a bio-degradable plastic, but becomes less so when he realized that the the Cheese Chinese Cabbage, which he had with the Summer Whiskey, contained microbes that would break down the plastic. Livebearer is now trapped, but rather than admit his defeat, or eat the potato, he calls his underlings and they attack the trio and the yakuza, but were promptly defeated. During the ruckus, Komatsu went and, to the best of his abilities, prepared the Poison Potato for Toriko to eat, though he warns his partner that is still possessed some poison in it. However Toriko says that it doesn't matter as he will everything on his plate, and eats it, causing his cells to evolve. Toriko then proudly states to the unconscious form of Livebearer that he already has the best combo with Komatsu.

Livebearer then escorts the winning trio to his large collection of Taste Data, with the Meteor Garlic's data somewhere amongst it. Komatsu is quite impressed with the collection, which holds the memories and Full Course menu of various famous people. Though Toriko shows no interest in the Taste Data, Komatsu stated he that he was curious about Livebearer's memories, though Livebearer responds that if it wasn't for Coco's poison knocking, he'd be still be after their memories, scaring the small chef. Match then stated that he and his yakuza has found the real ingredient, saying that Livebearers staff claimed that he sometimes kept the actual ingredients as a charm for the game. The trio is shocked by the massive size of the ingredient, though Komatsu stated that he was happy that Livebearer cared for the ingredients. Livebearer warns Komatsu that the Meteor Garlic is a specially prepared ingredient, and if he can handle it. Komatsu, however, accepts the challenge with relish. As the cooking starts, Komatsu shocks Livebearer (who was sitting against the wall in the kitchen) as he figures out how to peel the skin of the garlic without a single hint. As Komatsu continues cooking, Livebearer reminisces of how he used to be, comparing himself to Komatsu. Just as the smaller chef hits a dead end in the preparations, the knocking on Livebearer wears off, and he decides to help Komatsu out.

Between the two of them, they quickly finish preparing the Meteor Garlic, and bring it to the "Special Scenic Restaurant," where Toriko, Coco and Match were dining. The Meteor Garlic, after sizzling on a hot pan, then burst into the sky and exploded, much to everyone's surprise and delight. The Meteor Garlic cloves (the only edible part of the garlic) then descends and drops onto the plate. Komatsu eats a clove, and, thanks to the great amount of nutrients in the garlic, ends up bulging with muscles, much to Toriko's shock. Komatsu then compliments on Livebearers skills as a chef, saying that they are "ultra first-class". After everyone (but Toriko) has eaten a clove, Komatsu wished he could properly cook a Poison Potato, so that they could eat it together with the Meteor Garlic. Livebearer, much to the smaller chef surprise, responds by saying that he knows someone that might be able to completely remove the poison from the Poison Potato, as well as probably knows the location of Acacia's Full Course drink, ATOM, the ingredient Coco was searching for. The man is the head chef of the Jidal Kingdoms kitchen, the "Dark Chef," Joie. However when the group went with Livebearer to look for Joie, they find that not only he, but the king of Jidal Kingdom, Darnil Kahn, were both missing. Komatsu believes that they went to some place with even more delicious ingredients. The group (minus Livebearer and Match) eventually leave the country.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Sometime later, after the effects of the Meteor Garlic have worn off, Komatsu meets up with Toriko, Coco, Sunny, Rin and Mansam at the 1st Biotope, on Christmas Eve, to find the chief dressed up as Santa. As it turns out, they were going to help out in distribution of food to starving children in non-IGO affiliated countries, so he convinces them all to dress up as Santa as well. Mansam commented that Zebra was not coming, and though Toriko thought he was still looking for wanted criminals and new foods, the chief said that he's already fulfilled those conditions. Komatsu seemed happy to learn that Zebra was instead creating his own Full Course Menu. When Mansam inquired why Komatsu was here, the small chef said that he wants to take part in the distribution once. Mansam said it was fine, and had Rikky, his Hayanpanther, come forward, which shocked everyone at his growth. Mansam then compliments each of the Heavenly Kings Animal Partners: Toriko's Battle Wolf, Terry Cloth; Coco's Emperor Crow, Kiss; and Sunny's Mother Snake, Quinn. When Rin latched onto Toriko, Mansam invites Komatsu to go with himself, which Komatsu nervously agrees to.

The "Gourmet Santa's" disperse, and as Rikky flies to their destination, Mansam explains how distribution works, and why they do it on Christmas Eve. Mansam then goes on to say how he'd never forget the day he first met Toriko and how the Four Heavenly Kings and Rin initially grew up poor, which shocks Komatsu since Toriko lives so extravagantly. Komatsu is then confused when Mansam mumbles something about Ichiryu mentioning that "that time" is approaching. The chief then changes the subject to how the Mors Oil that Komatsu discovered at Death Falls was officially recognized as a natural seasoning, that (due to various reasons) the chefs status might have moved up, enabling him to enter the top 100 rank and that he might get to participate in the "Cooking Festival". This information delights Komatsu. They eventually reach their destination, and distribute the food to the starving children. Komatsu is next seen with Toriko after in an underwater restaurant in IGO's 2nd Biotope, admiring the sea life. When he notices that Toriko seems unusually worried, Komatsu asks him why. Toriko explains that to find the next Ingredient on the Ichiryu's list, he needs an Ehou Maki to point the way, but Toriko himself needs to supply the components to make it, so he came to the 2nd Biotope in order to find the ingredients to use. It was then a staff member appeared to tell them that Pot Pond has frozen over and that the IGO president has an issued to all the Heavenly Kings to capture the Madam Fish.

They later arrive at the pond and Komatsu is delighted to see the other Heavenly Kings have gathered. However Komatsu gets slightly upset when they decided to make a competition of catching the fish, and though he tries to make them get along, Toriko states that the chef might be the top pick for the one most likely to find it. Yun, Komatsu's baby Wall Penguin suddenly appears and Komatsu decides to go fishing with the tiny bird. Zebra asks Komatsu if his chef skills improved, which Komatsu answers in the positive. After finding a random spot, Yun starts to joyfully slide on the ice, so Komatsu calls for him and asks for some Savorth Worms. Later, he is revealed to have changed his bait to Umaakamushi and successfully hooked the high-class Butterflyeel and a Sake Salmon, but decides to keep on fishing. However, a bit a later, the Four Heavenly Kings, following their superhuman senses, converged on Komatsu's spot, just as he hooked the Madam Fish. After reeling it in, the Four Heavenly Kings start arguing amongst themselves on who was the one who was successful, before deciding to eat the fish.

Later Toriko is whining to Komatsu on Tom's boat of how Monchy, the sushi craftsman who makes the Ehou Maki, told Toriko that he needed more components in larger quantities. Toriko then tells Komatsu that their current goal is finding the King Vinegar, for which they need to go to the Heavy Drinker Archipelago in the Liquor Sea. Much to Komatsu's shock a Drunk Shark suddenly jumps out of the water, spraying them with sea water, which turns out to be wine. Toriko then explains to Komatsu about the archipelago and the islands, saying that it's full of alcoholic ingredients, as well as snacks that go well with alcohol. He also warns Komatsu that only those above the age of twenty are allowed to land, to which Komatsu responds angrily by saying he was 25.

After landing on Drunken Frenzy Island and justas Tom warns Komatsu no to die, all of a sudden a Drunken Cattle starts charging at them, which Toriko quickly defeats and eats. They then sample the bark of a Chips Tree, after which they find a Brandy Spring. When Komatsu explains that he's not so good with alcohol, Toriko tells him that if he eats the Ukon Unko he'll be able to sample the islands ingredients without getting too drunk. He then tries the spring, which he greatly enjoys, and then tries the other alcoholic sources, like the Beer Waterfall, Cocktail River, the Refined Sake Pond, the blood of the Brandy Tiger and Champagne Rain. They also tried various snacks, including Aluminum Cabbage, Leek Cheese and Laver Salt Butterflies. The duo then runs into an Emerald Dragon, but found that it wasn't moving and instead had knocking done to it. They then realize that Jiro was bathing in the Emerald Wine on the creatures back and decide to join him. Komatsu, Toriko and Jiro then partied for two to three days, and the combo only captured the vinegar a week later.

Sometime later, the duo visits Teppei's House in the Knocking Grounds in hopes of finding a newly revived ancient ingredient for the Ehou Maki. They sample some formerly extinct ingredients like the Caffe Ant, Salmon Roe Grapes and the Mochi Stones, and contemplate what to use. Teppei then tells them of some Saiseiya's (mainly himself) have been going around and reviving any random ingredient he can find and how he is now feeling conflicted after reviving the world's stinkiest ingredient, the Dodurian Bomb. After hearing this Toriko brings Komatsu along to capture the ingredient for the Ehou Maki. After they reach Dodurian Station in Dodurian Valley, they are assaulted by the terrible lingering odor of the fruit from 300 years ago. As they travel towards the fruit, Toriko tells Komatsu about the various things he has heard about the bomb. As they get closer, the smell becomes even more rancid, to the point where there face screws up and their food starts rotting, and despite the chefs pleas to turn back, or atleast wear protective clothing, Toriko stubbornly heads forward with Komatsu alongside. Just as the combo finally reaches the fruit, it drops releasing a terrible odor that nearly everyone in the whole world could smell. As for Komatsu and Toriko, who were in the presence of the Dodurian Bomb when it fell, they fainted on the impact. They only managed to capture the fruit a month later after overcoming the smell. Apparently, the two kept on waking up to the awful smell, and then promptly fainted again from the shock.

Komatsu was unable to go to work due to the awful smell, which the two only managed to get rid of after eating the Dodurian Bombs flesh. Komatsu then travels with Toriko and Terry Cloth to Simple Diet Hill, where he happily reunites with Takimaru, and meets the other Gourmet Knights. They reveal to them that they were after Nori, which Takimaru figured was the Eco Nori. They then go to Eco Land, where Komatsu is shocked by the violent mayor of the peaceful village. Nonchy then invites Takimaru and the combo into his house, where he goes onto explain their environmentally friendly lifestyle, as well as the things they use, like the Ecoeco Skunk, the Water Storage Sea Cucumber, and the Fire Marimo. He then goes on to explain how to get the Eco Nori from the Solar Turtles. After that, Toriko spent the whole night cranking the villagers Solar Turtle for their Eco Nori, which enabled them to capture alot. However Komatsu and Takimaru are left a bit stunned when Toriko starts arguing with the Gourmet Knights leader, Aimaru.

Afterwards, Toriko and Komatsu gathered all their ingredients and brought them to Monchy. However Komatsu is surprised when he finds that the maki is made in a wrestling ring, and even more so when Monchy prepares the ingredients by violently attacking them with wrestling moves. However, Monchy manages to finally completes the immense Ehou Maki after two days, which then falls in the direction of the Shokurin Temple. Just before they started to eat the Ehou Maki, Komatsu thanks Monchy, but the sushi craftsman then gives some advice to the chef, telling him that his future will be full of challenges, but also full of hope, and that one day, he'll help predict the cook's path. With that, the combo starts eating the miles long Ehou Maki. Along the way, they found that the maki contained other ingredients like, Winnasu and Crab Stick Flowers. Komatsu comments that thanks to the Dodurian Bomb, the wild animals won't try to eat the giant roll either. They ate the maki all the way to the Lost Forest, where the temple resides. It was only then, that Komatsu asks what ingredient they were trying to capture, to which Toriko replies that they were after the Bubble Fruit. However the pair find themselves mysteriously cut off, after the maki leads them to a giant crater. Not knowing what happened, Toriko then spotted someone running away with a portion of their maki, whom they both start chasing. They then stumbled upon the 10-star restaurant, Disappearance Cuisine, which they approach in hopes of both eating some food, and getting directions to the temple.

However, just as they were about to enter, the restaurant suddenly vanishes. At first they are confused, but Komatsu then see someone sitting at a table, but he too disappears, telling them to put their hands together, bow and give thanks. The restaurant reappears, and after taking following the mysterious instructions, they successfully enter the building. They are greeted by the head chef Chiru, whom Komatsu recognizes to be the 15th ranked chef in the world. As Chiru shows them to to their table, Komatsu inquires about why the restaurant was built in the Lost Forest, to which the head chef then explains to them about how the building was made of Ongyoujyu trees, and how it requires Food Honor to both find and eat here.

They then meet Chirin, the man Toriko spotted earlier. When Komatsu explains that they were searching for the Shokurin Temple to capture the Bubble Fruit, Chiru said that they used to serve it at their restaurant before the former head chef disappeared. As they are seated, they see one other customer eating vigorously, whom Komatsu realizes is the person he saw before. Komatsu and Toriko both show excitement at the thought of eating at a 10-star restaurant, though Chirin expresses his doubts of them being capable of eating them at all. This is proven true with the first course of Kelp Sake, extracted from Kelp Stone. As it turns out, every ingredient in the restaurant has a special method to eating it, and if done incorrectly, the food will lose it's savoriness. Some of the courses the pair manages to eat, like the Sunshine Cheese,but the the majority of the courses lost their flavor before they could finish it, like the Million Tomato and the Star Rice. After finishing, Toriko and Komatsu showed both exhaustion and disappointment in their inability to eat all the courses. Komatsu stated that cooking the dishes made preparing a Poison Puffer Whale look easy, but he had no idea that there were specially eaten ingredients as well. At this point, they noticed the other customer who was eating the dishes roughly, but was managing to eat all of them. Chiru then introduced the customer as Chin Chinchin, the master of the Shokurin Temple and one of the Gourmet Human National Treasures.

Chin immediately gets Toriko and Komatsu's name wrong right after meeting them. However, after learning that Chiru learnt the delicate cooking techniques at Shokurin temple, Komatsu displayed great interest in visiting it and learning it himself. They thank Chiru as they leave for the temple with Chin, and Chiru herself looks forward for them to come back and that maybe at that time, they might be able to eat everything. Before leaving, Chin inquires about "old lady elder Chiyo," but Chiru says she hasn't heard anything of her. As the three walk towards the temple, Komatsu asks about Chiyo, who is confirmed to be the same one that used to be in the worlds top 5 chefs, and in a combo with Chin himself before disappearing a few years ago. Chin then tells them to watch their step, and it was then that they realized that the ground beneath their feet has vanished. Chin then reveals that he was the one who cut of the Ehou Maki, and tells them that the temple and the Disappearing Forest around it follows the same principles as the restaurant. After putting their hands together and bowing, the temple then appeared before them. However, just as they enter, Komatsu and Toriko are then attacked by the temple itself. Master Chin reveals that the temple isn't only made of the shy Ongyoujyu trees, but other materials that attack people if they don't show proper Etiquette, much to their surprise. However, just then, the temple went up in flames. Much to their shock Master Chin dealt with it himself by scooping up the flames with Spoon.

As they walk through the temple with Master Chin (who keeps messing up their names), Komatsu and Toriko are still being attacked by the temple. Chin tells them that if they wish to walk through the temple unscathed, they must continuously show proper etiquette for food from the depths of their hearts. The two do so and are finally able to walk through the temple without being attacked. Chin then explains to them the basics of Food Honor, as they continue to walk. When they reach the courtyard, Komatsu and Toriko are shocked at all the pupils.The Master then explains that out of the hundred thousand pupils, quite a few of them were criminals who are being rehabilitated through Food Honor, and can only leave after they've mastered it. At this point, the assistant manager Shuu appears. Master Chin then introduces everyone to each other but gets all their names wrong. Chin then puts their training in Shuu's hands, and while Komatsu has no problem with it, Toriko wished to be trained directly by Chin. Shuu advices against it, explaining that the Masters training was very harsh, and that he was the one who was responsible for the mountain that fell on them at Death Falls. The duo are shocked, and when they ask Chin if it was true, and why he did it, the Master answers in the affirmative, stating it was a test. This scared the two in accepting Shuu as their trainer. As they walk with Shuu, Toriko asks where the Bubble Fruit is, and though Komatsu doubts that it would be just floating around the temple, the chef is shocked to be proven wrong as the assistant manager points it out. Komatsu is then startled when all of the Bubble Fruits suddenly pop when Toriko reaches out for it, and then again when Shuu challenges the Bishokuya to a sparring match.

Komatsu is shown to be troubled as their battle is about to start, and is further so when assistant manager tells the small chef that they were going to have a match next. As Komatsu stands in the sidelines, he had to move to avoid Toriko's devastating attacks, the power of which still seems to surprise the small chef. However, when Toriko lost, Komatsu felt frustrated, and wished to avenge Toriko but was still surprised when Shuu said that they were going to have a match, which involved preparing the meal. When Shuu explained that their match involved julienning a head of cabbage, Komatsu warned him that he was good at it, being able to do so in under a minute. Though Komatsu promised Toriko that he'll avenge him, the chef was shocked when Shuu soundly defeated him by finishing in ten seconds, and explains that, like the Heavenly King, Komatsu used too many useless movements.

The training in Food Honor begins, with trying to eat beans with 5 meter long chopsticks. The next day they began at 5 a.m. to do Zen Food Meditation, which involved sitting in front of a Torchorsetail and continuously send out thoughts of gratitude to keep it burning for half an hour, though Toriko manages to snuff them out by thinking of breakfast, upsetting Komatsu. The next bit involves gathering Rice Among Eggs for breakfast using chopsticks, though, much to the duo's dismay, they broke one grain (or egg) which causes a chain reaction that deteriorates the rest of it, leaving the two without breakfast. They are then supposed to maintain the proper Food Honor posture while a cactus shoots its pins around them. The final lesson of the day is to make a Roast Ham Flower seed, without taking any breaks or sleep. The buds finally sprout the next day, but Shuu explains that the plant grows more quickly the stronger the feelings of gratitude it feels. He then goes on to say that if it takes an entire night for a bud to sprout, then they may never get the meal, much to the combo's horror. They do manage to get the seed to bloom though.

Toriko however is having doubts that the passive training was actually helping them master Food Honor. When he tells this to Komatsu and asks what he thinks, Komatsu states that he thinks it's fun, and though he also shares the same opinion as Toriko, he is glad to be training and growing at the same rate as his combo. When Toriko still seems unsatisfied by Komatsu's answer, the chef then goes on tell Toriko about how he felt when Toriko lost against Shuu, and encourages his partner to continue their training to beat Shuu, and get the Bubble Fruit. The next day they manage to maintain the Torchorsetail's flame for thirty minutes, but appear reluctant when Shuu tells them that future exercises will use additional Torches for longer periods of time, which will require greater concentration. Other exercises include having them eat the slippery Icefish Soumen, and to maintain the proper posture with the pudding from the hump of a Pudding Camel balanced on their heads, which is so delicate that it collapses if the person moves.

Toriko then lets frustration get the best of him and unleashes a light Knife, which, much to the combo's surprise, cuts a building in half. Shuu then tells them that through Food Honor, they increase their concentration, as well as cut down on unnecessary movements, which results in greater power and more precise techniques, which also applies to Komatsu. He supplies the chef with a Poison Puffer Whale, and though Komatsu is at first hesitant, he then quickly and easily cuts the poison sack out of it. Shuu then explains that the power of concentration he developed through training plus the abundant cooking experience he has garnered allowed him to do so. However it is then pointed out to Komatsu that the Puffer Whale hasn't turned gold. Shuu explains that due to Komatsu's precise and delicate handling, the Puffer Whale hasn't even registered that it's sack has been taken out. He then goes on to explain that some who have mastered Food Honor have been able to extract the poison sack while the whale was still swimming, and there are even records of huge fish who has had chunks taken out of them and still swimming and living for years, without realizing they were dying. When Komatsu heard this, he also wished to be able to do something of that level, which Shuu ensures that he'll one day be able to do. With that Toriko and Komatsu encourages each other to master Food Honor.

The training progresses, and within a week the duo manages to maintain the flame of a large number of Torchorsetails for long periods of time, balance the Pudding Camels pudding on their head with cacti shooting their spikes at them, bloom Roast Ham Flowers nearly instantly, gather large amounts of Rice Among Eggs and even eat the Icefish Soumen. Komatsu demonstrates his julienne, showing to slice a single strand of cabbage so thin, it's almost transparent. Komatsu expresses his desire to learn Top-class Food Honor, to which Shuu says there's no need. He then goes on to explain their training and the ingredients they handled were all what they used in Top-class Food Honor training and in the final exam. With that, Master Chin jumps down and says that he will take care of their training from this point on, which worries the duo a bit. He then tells them to go ahead and take a Bubble Fruit. They do so hesitantly, but each manages to catch one. They then realize that it was merely a soap bubble. Chin says it is actually an empty Bubble Fruit, and the real Bubble Fruit is down a path located behind a temple, called the Bubble Way. The Master then explains that the fruit is a shy ingredient, and that including himself, it will only appear for one other. Toriko decides to go with Master Chin, so Komatsu chooses to stay back and prepare the ingredient when Toriko comes back. He then wishes his partner good luck as he walks down the path with Master Chin.

As Toriko endures the trial for the fruit, Komatsu is seen waiting for him on the Bubble Way, snacking and wondering how his partner's doing. However, just as he turns around, he sees the Shokurin Temple, with the mountains and forest around it, disappearing in the presence of intruders. Komatsu runs back into the temple, worried, but is shocked when he recognizes that one of them was Ootake. Komatsu is happy to see Ootake alive, after hearing that he has gone missing, and cries in relief. Ootake also states that he was happy to be alive, so he could tell Komatsu goodbye. The smaller chef is confused, when suddenly he is stabbed by his former friend. However, when Ootake draws out the knife, there is no wound, which confuses Komatsu as he was sure he was stabbed. Ootake explains that he used a Revitalizing Kitchen Knife, and that the technique he used, though forbidden in the Human World (due to the lack of people capable of using it), is required in the Gourmet World. Much to Komatsu's surprise Ootake then goes on to tell him of how he believes he is far superior to the smaller chef, how Food Honor is worthless, and that he has a better combo than Komatsu does. Just as Ootake was about to reveal his partner, Master Chin bursts in, much to Komatsu's relief. It was through the Master's revelation that Komatsu finally understood that the intruders were the Gourmet Corp. Komatsu then starts crying, first in horror, when Master Chin was stabbed by Chiyo, and then relief when Toriko arrives. However Komatsu is shocked when he realizes that a Golem was virtually right next to him. Komatsu then expressed worry for Toriko, when the Golem chose to fight the Heavenly King, but then intense shock, when his partner easily defeated the monster with two powerful attacks. He started tearing in relief, and expressed his joy, when he thought Master Chin had emerged victorious in his battle against Chiyo, but was horrified when it was actually seems the other way around.

Komatsu was equally horrified and worried at Chiyo's cruel treatment of the defeated Master Chin, though his concern quickly switches to Toriko when he realizes that Chiyo is targeting his partner. Just as Chiyo was about to use her favorite kitchen knife, a massive dark beast appears in the sky, surprising the defenders. Ootake then tells Komatsu that he'll introduce to him the man he formed a combo with. Everyone then spots a GT Robo on top of the Big Bang Shark's head. After the operator speaks, both Komatsu and Toriko shivers and sweats, possibly because they recognize who it is. Ootake then lies, introducing the man as the Gourmet Corp. boss, Midora (though it was actually Starjun), intending on intimidating Komatsu. Ootake then declares that they will settle this in the Gourmet World, that the Gourmet Corp. will capture GOD, which there boss will eat, and that he will prove the superiority between his own Combo and Komatsu's. However, as his old friend flew of with Chiyo, Komatsu wholeheartedly declared that he won't lose to someone who sold their souls to the Gourmet Corp. As the enemy flew of on the creature, Komatsu watched, crying with grief, at the loss of an old friend. Toriko tells his partner that if he wishes to save his friend, he has to beat him, and that together, with the Bishokuya's "strength," and Komatsu's "cooking," make Ootake realize he is wrong. With that, Komatsu stifles his crying and strengthens his resolve, though he expresses his worry for Toriko, when the Bishokuya stated that he might be unable to beat the operator. Komatsu then wonders why Ootake formed a Combo with "that man" and why Chiyo joined the Gourmet Corp. They then realize that Chin is still alive, and though everyone tells him no to move or speak, he wishes to reveal Chiyo's reason. Chiru then appears, much to everyone's surprise and offers to heal Master using the dark Revitalizing Kitchen Knife technique.

Though Komatsu is worried for the Master, he then marvels at the Bubble Fruit and the Revitalizing Kitchen Knife technique. Chiru then explains how it works, what is required and the limits of the technique, being death. Master Chin then sits up, and though everyone was still worried for his sake, he explains that the Bubble Fruit can be made even tastier, much to the Combo's awe, and then why Chiyo defected. After learning of the death of Chiyo and Chin's son, and about the existence of the hidden 8th Ingredient of Acacia's Full Course Menu, the Hors d'Ouvere, Komatsu again wonders about Ootake's reason for joining the Gourmet Corp. When the Master says that he will have to report this to the 0th Biotope, everyone seems surprised.

Four Beasts ArcEdit

Komatsu is later seen riding on Terry Cloth's back (who has grown to a massive size), who was dashing through Gourmet Town, alongside Rin. He tells how he spent a week at Disappearance Cuisine with Chiru, and can now finally prepare the Bubble Fruit. Rin tells him about her new invention, the Measuring Tongs, a device capable of measuring Capture Levels of beasts, even over the Level 100. Though Komatsu is surprised about it, he admits that they will soon be encountering such beast, especially since the Four Beasts was the last Ingredient on Ichiryu's List. He is then surprised to here that Rin was also going to be joining the Four Heavenly Kings as they battled the Four Beasts, and though she states that it was because she had to measure the beasts Capture Level, Komatsu then realizes it's mainly because she wants to be with Toriko.

They later end up on the top floor of the Gourmet Towers' knife building, at the 10-star restaurant, Zen Ou, where he unveils the prepared Bubble Fruit he made to the Four Heavenly Kings, after apologizing for coming late. He is then surprised to meet the owner-Chef of the restaurant, "Tray King" Yuda, whom Komatsu recognizes as the 5th rank Chef in the world, and asks for the old mans autograph, which the Tray King graciously agrees to. They all then sit down to eat the prepared Bubble Fruit, and is surprised along with Rin when the Heavenly Kings Gourmet Cells evolved together after eating the fruit. They then watch a recorded message from the president of IGO, Ichiryu, until Zebra abruptly knocks it off before the end. Toriko's Battle Wolf, Terry, Sunny's Mother Snake, Quinn and Coco's Emperor Crow, Kiss then arrive at the top of the building, prompting Rin to ask Zebra if he has an Animal Partner yet. Zebra says that he doesn't need to team up with anything, but he does have a beast for transportation. Everybody then feels massive vibrations and look out to see a gigantic beast approaching the city, shocking everyone. When Komatsu exclaims his confusion, Zebra casually says that it is a Dharma Horse, a beast he is borrowing from the Dharma Hermit for transportation, causing the Chef to wonder what a Dharma Hermit is. The Four Heavenly Kings then decide to split up to take on each of the Four Beast.

As Toriko faces Gaoh, Komatsu, alongside Rin, observes (using binoculars) 5km from the designated battlefield that it looks like a demon. Rin then uses Super Deodrant Smoke, as an extra precaution, to erase their scent, which Komatsu concurs to. As the Beast King initiates the first attack, the impact could be felt all the way to them, blowing the observers back a bit. As the battle continues, Komatsu comments that it is like a war, which Rin responds saying that, in a sense, it probably is. When Rin finds out that the Capture Levels of the beasts were higher than reported, they decide to watch the rest of Ichiryu's message. They were shocked to learn that the Four Beast is actually a single creature that sent the beasts that the Heavenly Kings were fighting, and that there is a mastermind controlling the 'main body' itself. After hearing this, Komatsu expresses worry for his Combo, and turns his attention back to the battle.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Komatsu is approached by two members of the illustrious organization known as the Gourmet Seven, Painomi and Kitt to proclaim that chef Komatsu has ranked in at 88th in the world on the IGO's Top 100 Chef Ranking as well as to extend an invitation for this years famed Cooking Festival competing for the top position against other world renowned chefs. Overjoyed Komatsu reiterates in disbelief of the invitation that had just been explained. Komatsu later arrives at Toriko's location riding on Terry's back along side Rin.

He is in utter shock as a Gourmet Limousine pulls up to escort him to this years grand Cooking Festival, he immediately notices Toriko all ready in the limousine as Toriko shouts out to him. Komatsu is filled with excitement at the sight as he tips glasses of rubeer with Toriko - making it know that he's overflowed with nervousness from the disbelief of his current seating however Toriko easily encourages that Komatsu's skill is just as good as any of those other top 100 chefs; this brings tears to Komatsu's eyes. Komatsu then begins to flush about how he wants to obtain autographs from a large body of famed individuals there, the chauffeur then makes note to Komatsu that they'll be arriving the Cooking Stadium shortly.

Komatsu is thrown off guard as they pull up to the stadium and Toriko flies out of the side door with speed before he's immediately stunted to go any further by hordes of people as Komatsu makes the deduction that his involvement with the Four Beast only increased his all ready established fame as a member of the Four Heavenly Kings. Komatsu notices Sunny arrive followed shortly thereafter by Coco and Zebra.

As Komatsu, too, steps out he is greeted by hundreds of people as they congratulate and mark his achievements. Komatsu is embarrassed slightly by this inflow of popularity and gratitude towards him.

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