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Knocking Arsenal
Japanese ノッキング
Romanized Nokkingu
English Knocking
Knock Out
Class Passive
Related Knocking Gun
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 4
Anime Episode 3
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Knocking (ノッキング Nokkingu) is a special, non-lethal method of capturing wild beasts. It generally involves striking the nerves or pressure points that control movement of living creatures with the use of specialized techniques or the use of biodegradable needles fired from various implements, known as Knocking Guns. This way any beast can be transported alive. However, the location of these nerves is different in every species, so a great amount of knowledge and experience is required to use Knocking techniques or Knocking Guns effectively.

Gourmet Hunters can also apply for a patent on the Knocking Method required for a specific creature.



The Knocking needles of Knocking Guns have a few varied uses as well. Specialized needles fired into the heart of a person or beast can start it beating again, allowing for the revival of the recently deceased. Knocking needles can also be used to stimulate a sudden increase in the power and size of muscles, rather than paralyzing them. Mansam and Jiro use this technique to cause their muscles to swell to enormous size, granting them great strength and a highly intimidating appearance.

Teppei Impact Knocking Well Done on Tommyrod

Teppei using Impact Knocking Well Done on Tommyrod.

Knocking can also be performed with one's body and without the aid of devices, but these techniques require an exorbitant amount of skill, power and precision and have only been performed by extremely powerful individuals.

Knocking can be applied to both living individuals/creatures and inanimate objects, the range depends on the skill level of the person preforming the knocking. In the case of Knocking Master Jiro he was able to knock a natural disaster and for a short time the entire planet.

Teppei is a master in this field, adopting it from his grandfather as his favourite style of combat. He is so skilled that he was said to live up to his grandfather's name. His knowledge about Knocking is very broad, as he was able to paralyze even rare insects and extremely accomplished combatants with anomalous bodies such as his index finger.

  • Single Fingered Fork (Unnamed): Toriko uses his Fork hand, but to increase its piercing power and reduce its surface area uses his index finger. This move is first used on a Puffer Whale.[1]
  • Impact Knocking (インパクトノッキング Inpakuto Nokkingu): Teppei is able to perform very precise knocking using his bare hands. The blows he lands are also very painful, compensating for the lack of true damage to the opponent. His Knocking appears to have various levels of intensity, that are named after the graduations of meat cooking.
Teppei Impact Knocking Medium on Tommyrod small


    • Medium (ミディアム Midiamu): A powerful blow to the celiac plexus that can paralyze the target completely. However, it is only partially effective against Tommyrod's insect ganglia.
    • Well Done (ウェルダン Weru Dan): Teppei gives multiple strikes to the opponent's motor nerves that paralyze every muscle in their body.
  • Intimidation Knocking (威嚇ノッキング Ikaku Nokkingu): Using Intimidation, Knocking Master Jiro paralyzes his enemies with fear.
  • Grand Knocking (グランドノッキング Gurando Nokkingu): An unarmed Knocking technique that seems to be so powerful that it is capable of Knocking not only people but inanimate objects such as natural disasters. It is possible for this technique to affect the entire world.
  • Moxibustion Knocking (お灸ノッキング Okyū Nokkingu): An anime-only Knocking techique used by Ayame in which she uses a moxa on the back of her neck to revert her body back to its strong and youthful state.



  1. Gourmet 16 and Episode 6

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