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Kappa Fin Sake
Several sake sets on Brunch's room
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Japanese 河童のひれ酒(かっぱのひれさけ)
Romanized Kappa no Hire Sake
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Type Alcoholic Drink
Bizarre Food
Capture Level Unknown
Location Hex Food World (Area 8)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Chapter 214
Anime Episode 128
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Kappa Fin Sake (河童のひれ酒(かっぱのひれさけ) Kappa no Hire Sake) is an alcoholic beverage that Brunch drank a day before the 50th Cooking Fest started. It seems to be an alcoholic drink so strong to leave the likes of Brunch drunk since he overslept and woke up after the mentioned event had started.

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