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Joa at NEO Headquarters

Joa panorama

Japanese ジョア
Romanized Joa
English Joie (pronounced "Joa/Juh-wa")
Aliases Dark Chef (闇の料理人 Yami no Ryōrijin);
Mystery Man (謎の男 Nazo no Otoko);
Mastermind (黒幕 Kuromaku)
Race Human
Gender Unknown
Age Over 500
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation NEO;
Darnil Kahn
Occupation Personal Chef to the King of Jidar;
NEO Member
Personal Status
Relatives Froese (possible mother)
Pets Tokage
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 171
Anime Episode 96
Japanese Nanba Keiichi
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Joie (ジョア Joa, pronounced "Juh-wa"; from the French word Joie, literally meaning "Joy") the Dark Chef (闇の料理人 Yami no Ryōrijin) is a legendary chef from long ago who would have become the world's first "Super Cook", but due to his rule-breaking and dark deeds, his chances at fame were forever lost and his name was intentionally suppressed and buried in the annals of history.

He is currently the personal chef of Darnil Kahn, the king of Jidar and is the leader of the secret organization known as NEO. He is the only man alive known to be able to completely remove the poison from a Poison Potato and is in possession of information related to many amazing ingredients including the phantasmal drink from Acacia's Full Course Menu, ATOM. Joie claims that the legendary "Chef Goddess" Froese is his "mother", although whether there is truth to his claim or what it entails remains unknown.

Due to his actions he can be viewed as the true antagonist of the Four Beast Arc. Joie is also one of the main antagonists of the Cooking Festival Arc.


Important Notice: For convenience purposes in this article, Joie will be referred to as a male until there's a confirmation on his gender. This does not mean we consider him a male, it is just done to improve the flow of the article. Joie's gender can be discussed in the comment section below. - Toriko Wiki Staff

He is a tall, thin individual who normally wears a colorful blue, yellow and purple full-body outfit with an ornate chef's hat which normally only leaves his eyes visible. His stylized hat has several points hanging from it with small balls at the ends, which combined with his colorful clothing makes him resemble a medieval jester.

Joa unmasked

Joie's true appearance.

On other occasions, mainly when he needs to act in stealth or whilst preparing to engage in battle, he has been shown wearing a fully black outfit with a cloak and a hood which leaves only his eyes visible. The rest of his body is covered by a dress that reaches his knees, along with trousers, long boots and gloves which are all black in color.

His true appearance greatly resembles the "Chef Goddess" Froese, having the same face and hair as the holy chef, although his face appears to be covered in what appear to be either numerous scars, veins or cracks, and his eyes have slit pupils and his hair has numerous little balls hanging from them like the ones on his chef's hat. The reason for his similar appearance to Froese appears to be that according to him, Froese is his "mother", although whether there is truth to this claim or what entails remains unknown.

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Joie is a mysterious individual whose identity and goals are shrouded in mystery. He rarely displays any emotion and is always seen with an ever present smile on his face, making it hard to determine what his actual thoughts and feelings are. All that is certain is that he is a merciless and uncaring individual who will do whatever it takes to further his goals and obtain "GOD and beyond", willing to kill any who oppose him or present even a minor threat to his plans, and when in battle he will needlessly create devastating levels of destruction to destroy those that stand in his way without caring of any bystanders who may fall victim to his actions. His desire to achieve his goals by any means necessary is not only limited to his grand schemes, as his pride and desire for victory was also apparent during his debut in the first Cooking Festival where he was willing to break the rules to earn the title of "Super Cook". He is completely devoid of remorse or compassion and will gladly manipulate the minds of others to obey his every whim or even help in the collapse of the Human World's stability if it furthers his plans. Despite his cold and selfish personality, he appears to have a great deal of respect and admiration for the Gourmet Nobles, displaying an unexpected sense of humility in their presence and addressing them in the most respectful and honorable way possible, but whether these feelings of admiration are genuine or are just part of his manipulative tactics remain uncertain.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Joie is very likely to be one of the best chefs in the world, and he would have won the very first Cooking Festival had he not broken several rules. He also has important data regarding Acacia's Full Course Menu. Joie was originally speculated by Setsuno to be very strong, as she assumed, correctly, that the new scar near Zaus’s eye was his doing, and blamed the "Chef King" for lowering his guard; however, he replied he never got distracted for a moment. Mahmai Moi was confident enough in his abilities that he believed NEO could challenge anyone present at the Cooking Fest due to his imminent arrival. He was also shown to easily intimidate Teppei, a saiseiya said to be on par with the Four Heavenly Kings in terms of power, who even believed that had it not been for the saiseiya network rescuing him, Joie would have killed him with ease. In fact, Teppei even stated that merely facing Joie gave him the feeling that he was going to be ‘cooked.’ His presence alone was sensed at once by all the best fighters in the arena and prompted two Nitro to go into the stadium to attack him. Toward the end of the fight at Cooking Fest, Joie showed the true extent of his combat prowess: he managed to wound Setsuno, whom he would acknowledge as one of the world's top fighters shortly after, and come out unscathed from a confrontation with both her and Jiro, one of the three legendary disciples of Acacia.
Joa triggers Gourmet Cells
It was hinted by the two opponents that he has eaten Acacia's Full Course, thus gaining total mastery over the power of his Gourmet Cells, which he can use to increase his physical capabilities. When this happens Joie's face takes on demonic features.

His information network as a member of NEO is considerable as he knew about the secret meeting between Ichiryu and Midora as well as the fact that Toriko wished to confront him, even before the king of Jidar did. He also reasoned that confronting Toriko's group would be meaningless and possibly detrimental and exited Jidar long before they came to the castle, and kept Teppei's brainwashing a secret until the last minute by working on an already existing scar.

His physical abilities remain largely unknown, however he managed to cut the Nitro without effort and at such speed that they could not avoid his slash. This is a note-worthy feat as the Nitro are shown to have incredible speed, being able to bite Ozone Herb in two places at once; as well as, being durable enough to break Livebearer's knives when he tried attacking them. He is strong enough to launch an attack with his knife capable of destroying a building and slicing the sea.

Chef SkillsEdit

Joie is the personal chef of the (former) head of a country. As such, his abilities in cooking must be of the highest grade. He was said to be the only man capable of completely removing the venom from a Poison Potato, a feat that even Setsuno is not capable of. He was also revealed to be the first chef to win the Cooking Festival. However, it is unclear if his cooking skills are superior or inferior to Setsuno's since it is implied that he needed to break certain rules to take first place.

Like "God of Chefs" Froese, Joie can use the power of his Gourmet Cells in conjunction with his cooking.


Through unknown means, Joie has managed to obtain the kitchen knife that once belonged to the “God of Chefs,” Froese, Cinderella (claiming that it was his for that very reason). It is a beautiful blade of the finest quality with which he is capable of using his Taste Change technique and utilize the power of his Gourmet Cells in the process.


Tasting Scope small

Tasting Scope (テイスティングスコープ Teisutingu Sukōpu): A type of vision that allows Joie to see and measure the strength of any creature by their “flavor” and “savoriness”. He claims that “flavor” is determined by thought and that life energy is what determines a person’s “savoriness”

Taste Change small

Taste Change (テイストチェンジ Teisuto Chenji): Using the Cinderella knife, Joie slashes his opponent, leaving a visible scar. This technique is referred to by its user as a form of cooking which allows him to change a person's thought and thus, their “flavor”. It seems to brainwash and turn the target into a minion of Joie. Instead of a fresh wound appearing, the victims gain a scar that appears aged. The Nitro he demonstrated this on were instantly subjected, but it is unclear how much time is needed to take over a stronger person's will: for example, Teppei seemed to be normal after being rescued by Pukin, although this may have been an act

Flavor Flow blocks Million Slice Fillet small

10 Million Slice Fillet (億枚おろし Oku Mai Oroshi): Joie swings Cinderella in a serpentine pattern which creates a slash made out of either pressurized air or Appetite Energy. When blocked by Setsuno's special defensive move, the attack dispersed into a powerful and gigantic blast made up of millions of smaller cuts capable of cleaving through buildings and even the sea with ease, travelling for various kilometers. Not even the aforementioned Gourmet Living Legend came out unscathed from this technique, reporting minor wounds all over her body. Joie initially believed that only Acacia's three disciples could defend against it, and expressed surprise when Setsuno blocked it

Freshness UP Revitalizing Cut small

Freshness UP Revitalizing Cut (鮮度UP蘇生切り Sendo Appu Yosei Giri): A dark technique in which Cinderella is thrust into the ground and creates a shock wave of slashes that spreads around its surroundings, healing and awakening any fallen creature in the vicinity much like a defibrillator. It also has the special property of enhancing the targets' physical abilities while making them minions of Joie as well

Instant Shedding small

Instant Shedding (瞬間脱皮(しゅんかんだっぴ) Shunkan Dappi): A technique where Joie sheds his heavy outer coat quickly enough to surprise fighters of Setsuno and Jiro's caliber, combined with a movement to either retreat or attack his opponents. He could jump up so high that he almost reached clouds after using it

Joie triggers God Cooking

God Cooking (神の料理術 (ゴッドクッキング) Kami no Ryōri Jutsu (Goddo Kukkingu)): A Dark Technique that allows Joie to perform complex cooking and other powerful techniques regardless his condition, thanks to the power of his Gourmet Cells. It makes his facial appearance change substantially too, becoming more monstrous

Sky Cut small

Sky Cut (空切り(そらぎ) Sora Giri): A horizontal swing of Cinderella that was powerful enough to obliterate a massive tsunami. It can also create a vacuum to suck up enemy attacks. Setsuno stated that this technique originally belonged to Froese

Satan Mince small

Satan Mince (魔王のみじん切り(サタンミンチ) Satan Minchi): A powerful cooking technique used by revealing Joie's Gourmet Cells. After changing into a demonic appearance, Joie is able to mince a powerful enemy attack with Cinderella. With it, he blocked Jiro's Guinness Punch, which the latter claimed that was powerful enough to rise all the way to outer space

The following section is non-canon, therefore it is not considered part of the original story.
Satan Slash small

Satan Slash (サタンスラッシュ Satan Surasshu): Joie swings Cinderella to produce a wide air slash capable of holding back opponents of the caliber of Toriko's and Starjun's[1]

Chaos Slash (乱斬り Rangiri): Joie rapidly swings Cinderella sending a volley of slashes capable of cutting Sunny's hairs

Land Slash (陸斬り Riku Giri): Joie stabs Cinderella into the ground creating a large wave that blocks enemy attacks

Space Stripped Grater (空間そぎおろし Kūkan Sogi Oroshi): Joie uses Cinderella to slice the air dispelling any attack in it's path

Sacrificial Rough Slash (絶命荒切り Zetsumei Ara Giri): While using God Cooking, Joie uses Cinderella to large air slash at the opponent

Secret Technique: Satan Chunk (奥義 サタンチャンク Ōgi: Satan Chanku): While using God Cooking, Joie uses Cinderella to thrust at the opponent

Satan Smash (サタンスマッシュ Satan Sumasshu): After releasing the full power of his Gourmet Cells, Joie uses his claws to launch a barrage of air slashes at the opponent

Absolution: Heart and Life Slash (絶・心命切り Zetsu: Shinmei Giri): A Dark Technique, after unleashing the full power of his Gourmet Cells, Joie uses the enlarged Cinderella to create a circular black aura and launch a powerful thrusting slash at the opponent

This non-canon section ends here.


First Cooking FestivalEdit

Two hundred years ago, Joie won the world’s first Cooking Festival and became the first to hold the esteemed title of “Super Cook”. However, Joie's title was apparently quickly revoked as a result of his breaking several rules (which were not identified) and he was thus eternally banished from Cooking Fest. His title was then defaulted to the runner-up, the future “Gourmet Living Legend” Setsuno. After his disgrace and banishment from the fest, Joie’s name and the records of his false victory were forever buried in the annals of history.[2]

Century Soup ArcEdit

During the events of Ice Hell, after Colonel Mokkoi discovered there was no more Century Soup left he decided to seek out new ingredients to satisfy him and then proceeded to contact Joie for information on which ingredient he would seek out next.

Meteor Garlic Arc Edit

After Livebearer's defeat at Gourmet Casino and his subsequent change of heart after Komatsu’s inspiring preparation of the Meteor Garlic, he decides to offer information on preparing a Poison Potato and info on the whereabouts of the great ingredient ATOM to Toriko and his friends, telling them that the only man who holds this information is the “Dark Chef” Joie himself. He was later seen talking to the King of Jidal Kingdom and asking the maids to leave. He seems to have quite a vast information network, as he knew about the meeting between IGO and Bishokukai and even about Toriko's coming to the Palace to confront him. He also has knowledge about the 'Secret Notebook' that belonged to Acacia and he also told the King that the Gourmet Casino was useful to gather information on ingredients, but now that Livebearer served his purpose, they decided to take their leave and proceed to abandon Jidar.

Four Beast ArcEdit

After the defeat of the Four Beast, Teppei is shown to be tailing Joie. Joie compliments Teppei on being able to track him, upon which Teppei states that his specialty is tracking ‘suspicious guys.’ Teppei states that Joie is the mastermind behind the Four Beast but when he inquires about Joie’s goal, he is merely warned not to delve deeper into the matter or his death would ensue.

Joa in Desert

Later, Joie is shown to be eating from a bowl of fruit which contained Teppei’s head and hand. However, due to the fact that Teppei woke up afterwards, it is unknown whether this event truly occurred.

After the confrontation with Teppei, Joie later went to the Gourmet Pyramid to look for the Ancient Cookbook that Komatsu had obtained when he went there with Toriko and Zebra. Joie became shocked that the book was missing from its spot and left swiftly to get it back.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Joie is mentioned by Mahmai Moi during NEO’s secret meeting and it is revealed that he would be arriving at the Cooking Stadium shortly.

After Setsuno realizes that Zaus has made contact with Joie, she reveals that Joie was the champion of the 1st Cooking Festival to Chiyo and the NEO members present, but due to him breaking several rules, he was barred from ever participating in the Cooking Festival again.[2]

Later Joie appears riding a Tokage above the Cooking Stadium with Teppei by his side. Joie comments that this is his first fest since 200 years ago. He then begins to scan the creatures in the Cooking Stadium for their life energy and flavor, wondering if he should change them like he had done to Teppei. When he landed on the arena, Zebra launched his Voice Missile at him and the now mind-controlled Teppei. However, Teppei protected Joie and subdued Zebra. He revealed to the Heavenly King that Teppei is a completely different person now through his cooking. Two Nitro appear to attack Joie only for him to use Taste Change to turn them into his minions. Setsuno then recognizes his knife as Cinderella, the one once owned by the legendary Chef God Froese herself, and asks him why he had it in his possession.

Joie answers cryptically, by saying that is exactly the reason why he now possesses the knife, then casts Oku Mai Oroshi at Setsuno, generating an incredibly powerful blast of air which destroys a good portion of the stadium and cuts the sea in half. Even when Setsuno countered with her Aji Nagashi, she received numerous wounds all throughout her body. Setsuno questions Joie's intent and what he was looking for to which he replied there was a certain chef with whom he would like to speak to. Joie then proceeded to stab Cinderella into the ground, using the Freshness Up: Revitalizing Cut on the three Nitros who were defeated by Zebra, awakening them and making them even more powerful than before, and sends them after Setsuno, paralyzed by Teppei's roots. Upon Jiro's sudden arrival, he expresses mild surprise.[3] Jiro then prepares to fight Joie after defeating one of his Nitro. Joie then recalls that Jiro was once called the Rampaging Beast before becoming Acacia's disciple. This makes Jiro wonder how Joie knows so much, however Joie only replies by belittling Jiro for his drinking habit. Jiro then calls Joie an idiot and unleashes his "Grand Knocking" to paralyze almost everything in the Human World and quite possibly the whole planet, much to the shock of everyone present.

Joie is somewhat impressed by this but notices that not even Jiro could stop the rotation of the planet, but still refers to him as a monster, even in retirement. Jiro then silently proceeds to cut Joie's hood to shreds to uncover his identity, but he and everyone present are shocked to see that Joie's true face is that of the "Chef Goddess" Froese. As Jiro and Setsuno express their shock, Joie leaps in the air at great speed and uses Cinderella to cut a giant tsunami in half with Sora Giri. However, as Jiro and Setsuno attack him with their combined attacks, Joie reveals a demonic-looking face and blocks the attack with Satan Mince. Joie then reverts back to Froese's face as he is confronted by Starjun on his Braga Dragon, holding an unconscious Komatsu, and asks him to hand over the boy, revealing that Starjun was actually the second strongest member of the Bishokukai.

Starjun refuses Joie and then reveals a third eye on his forehead. Joie expresses his admiration of Starjun's ability to control his Gourmet Cells and remarks that Starjun's birthmark as well as the fact that he was born with Gourmet Cell Genetics. When Starjun challenges Joie to a fight, Joie refuses, saying that with Jiro and Setsuno fighting him at the same time, he would be at a disadvantage in a fight. When Joie hears Midora's voice, after concluding that Midora's and Ichryu's fight was ended, he orders the Tokage to get the other members of NEO.

Afterwards Joie is seen talking with Mohyan and Joe about their plans at the NEO Headquarters while the latter prepares the ship to head to the Ends of the Earth. Joie then orders the members of his organization to "head out" after suggesting a celebration, likely to carry out their plans.

AIR ArcEdit

Joie appears at an unknown floating path in the sky within Gourmet World. Upon approaching the end of the path, he is shown to be looking at a brightly shining object with awe and asking if reaching it has been due to his Food Luck. Joie then reaches the giant spherical orb at the end of the path and claims that it is the fabled "Dining Planet", the dining place of nobles. From high above on a pillar within the planet, Joie is spoken to by a group of Blue Nitros known as the "Gourmet Nobility" and they casually praise his skill in reaching them and Joie comments that he is likely the second person to have reached them, the first being his "mother" Froese. Joie then asks if his blossoming Food Luck is due to the awakening of Acacia's Full Course to which an elderly female Nitro answers by telling him that the course is indeed a condition for the awakening of Food Luck but it will be the impetus that will truly make Food Luck blossom. Joie, with this information realizes that he cannot let anyone else claim the divine Full Course and calls the members of NEO to make sure no one else reaches the ingredients of the Full Course for both his sake and as a service to the Nobles who he claims should not sully their hands with the task.

PAIR Arc Edit

In the Dining Planet, Joie is conversing with two of the Blue Nitros about Komatsu ability to bring out 100% of the flavor in AIR. Joie volunteered to captured AIR, but was denied by one of the Gourmet Nobility since countdown of the Gourmet Solar Eclipse has begun and it would easier to steal it from them [4].

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, Joie uses Cinderella to cut giant earth pillars formed from the Grand Knocking, while in the manga Joie used it to cut a tsunami in half.
  • In the anime, the events that took place after Jiro cut Joie's hood off are drastically altered.
    • In the manga the two simply exchange attacks and Joie later confronts Starjun about handing over Komatsu, but he is forced to retreat after the fall of the Meteor Spice.
    • In the anime, after Jiro cut his hood and then they and Setsuno exchanged their attacks, Joie gets the upper hand and attacks Setsuno but Jiro then blocks the attack with his body but ends up having a hole cut into his torso. Joie then tries to kill them off but is stopped by a Flying Fork from Toriko who arrives with Starjun and both join forces to stop Joie. This notable difference from the manga heavily changed the plot of the anime from that of the manga to the point where the events from the manga can no longer progress accordingly.


  • Joie scores 10 in Power, 10 in Speed, 10 in Intelligence, 10 in Appetite, and 10 in Special Abilities on his Capture Ability Data of Volume 32.
  • In a special "Dream Combo" poll held for Volume 29.5 in which fans could vote for their favorite current or potential hunter/chef combo, Joie and Midora were selected as a popular potential combo by the author who considered them a number 1 ranker in strength, likely due to their tremendous power and influence.


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