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The Knocking Master
Name Jirou
Kanji 次郎
Romanji Jirou
Aliases Knocking Master Jirou
Second Wolf
Rampaging Beast
Knocking Geezer Jirou
Gender Male Male
Birthday February 2nd
Age Over 500
Status Alive
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Occupation Bishokuya
Partner Setsuno (chef partner)
Personal Status
Relatives Acacia (adoptive father),
Frohze (adoptive mother),
Ichiryuu (adoptive brother),
Midora (adoptive brother),
Teppei (grandson),
Four Heavenly Kings (adopted nephews),
Rin (adopted niece)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 8
Anime Debut Episode 4
Japanese Voice Morikawa Toshiyuki
English Voice Philip Weber
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In any age, booze is always tasty... On rainy days or sunny days... Booze never changes in how delicious it is. What does always change, is the hearts of the people who drink...

—Jirou on an Emerald Dragon.

Jirou (次郎?) is a legendary Bishokuya who is well known as the "Knocking Master" in the Gourmet Age. Despite his elderly appearance, he is one of the strongest individuals in the world and was one of the three disciples of the legendary and revered "Gourmet God" Acacia. Despite technically being retired, he will still on occasion hunt for ingredients for his own pleasure and like many other well known individuals, he is currently trying to acquire the holy and phantasmal ingredient known as GOD.[1]


Jirou Designs & Expressions
Jirou is easily recognized by his pompadour hairstyle as well as his goatee. When he doesn't use knocking on himself, he appears as a frail hunched old man. He can use knocking on himself to vastly increase the muscle mass of his body, though when not in the Gourmet World he doesn't seem to take this very seriously, only needing to increase his upper body to perform knocking on a Serpent of the Devil and successfully knocking several Puffer Whales. [2]

Jirou in Gourmet World; Eyes Open Eps 50
Gourmet World Jirou with his eyes open.

When he appears in the Gourmet World to save Toriko, Jirou's hair and goatee turn black and his body appears to be well-built, similar to Teppei's and he appears to become younger overall, how he does so is questioned by Toriko but he never reveals how, though it may be related to abstention from alcohol.[3]

Young Midora attacking Jirou
Young Jirou's full attire during his training days.
UnokAdded by Unok

When in his usual "old man" state, he wears ragged and patched up clothing and cheap sandals that makes him resemble a bum, but when in Gourmet World he dons a tight black jumpsuit with bandages around the waist and right arm. When hunting in either form, he wears a blue leather vest in which he keeps all his knocking equipment and the vest can expand along with his size.

During his youth, Jirou's appearance heavily resembles that of Teppei, however unlike him, Jirou's body had a heavier muscle build. He is shown to have sported his signature vest albeit he didn't wear anything underneath it and wore shin length pants which is accompanied by a pair of black kung fu sandals. When he is in his casual attires, he simply wore shorts and didn't wear any upper body attires.

At the end of the human world arc while he was encouraging Toriko, he doesnt have a goatee.

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As the "Knocking Master"

Jirou is a jovial, kindly man of simple pleasures, he goes so far as to state that to him booze is life. The simple kindness of unselfishly offering him a drink is enough to gain his eternal gratitude, causing him to revive Komatsu and save Toriko from the Gourmet World when asked without asking for a reward. He even goes to Drunken Frenzy Island, the source of much of the Human World's liquor "8 times a week".

According to Teppei, Jirou is a very mellow person who is almost always smiling. Teppei's shock at seeing Jirou stop smiling at the sight of a previous hunting ground which had been stripped barren of life influenced Teppei to become a Saiseiya. Long ago before he became Acacia's disciple he was known for having a brutal nature. 

As the Second Son and Disciple

So yer sayin' that if the cells admit their defeat, the wound will stay? Then I'll never have a scar like that in my whole life!

—Jirou about his Gourmet Cells

Jirou taunted
Is it Jirou... Or Jirou.
UnokAdded by Unok

As a young man, Jirou was overly prideful of himself and a very quirky, comedic person. Much like his current self, Jirou enjoyed teasing people, this was mostly seen when he teased Midora during their youth, as he seems to find it easy to tease the young Midora much to the latters annoyance. The teasing was not limited to just Midora himself as he would also tease Ichiryuu from time to time, to which Ichiryuu would reply in a more serious manner which annoys Jirou, most likely as he cannot find any fun in teasing someone who is so serious. However, much as Jirou liked to tease people, he is easily irritable when someone else teases him; this was seen when Acacia taunted him about his name. Jirou has a terrible fear for heights, as first seen when he was aboard the train heading to Gourmet Fortune where he stated that he can't even look outside the windows. He has had this fright since Acacia once punished him when he was young.

He seemed more egotistical in comparison to his older self, believing that because of his great abilities, his Gourmet Cells would never lose their will and thus he would never receive a scar due to his Gourmet Cells regenerative abilities. This ego extends to when he became fully known as one of the strongest people in the world next to his brother Ichiryuu; when Midora praised him and Ichiryuu for their efforts at stopping the Four Beast, Jirou replied to Midora that it "was an easy win" and calling Midora a "moron".



Jirou and Setsuno together at the beach.

During his youth, Jirou partnered with Setsuno as a combo, often hunting rare ingredients in the Gourmet World. This relationship seems to have extended to intimacy, as both of them have the same source ingredients on their full course menus and Setsuno blushes when she mentions that she worked with him. Setsuno even change's Toriko's hairstyle to the pompadour due to her love for Jirou.[4] When Jirou saved Setsuno during Cooking Fest, he referred to her as "his dear Secchan" and she in return did the same to her "Jirou-chan", indicating that their relationship may still be quite intimate after all these years.[5]


Jirou is related by blood to Teppei as stated by Toriko and Barrygamon, although the exact relationship is unknown, and Teppei refers to him only as 'Old Man'. Jirou cares for Teppei and has trained him in numerous Bishoku-ya arts, among them several of his knocking techniques. Teppei himself mentioned that he became a Saiseiya in order to save the environments and ingredients Jirou cared about, citing Jirou's sad face as the reason for his path in life.


While as of recent, Jirou and Ichiryuu seem to be in equal terms, during their past, the two "brothers" seemed to have some sort of sibling rivarly. This was mostly noted when Jirou makes a somewhat witty remark and Ichiryuu retorts by making a more serious remark in regards to what Jirou says, such as when Jirou nicknamed Midora, Saburou (meaning Third Son), Ichiryuu called Jirou as Jirou (meaning Second Son).


Recent events have put Jirou and Midora further away from each other however Jirou still jokes about Midora even though they seem to oppose one another (Jirou called Midora "small fry cat"). During their past, Jirou seemed to like teasing Midora, even giving him a nickname Saburou and going as far as to joke about his given name, stating he's already being called a tiger even though he only took down a Flavour Rhino. He even jokingly asks Midora if he wanted to fight after joking about his name. 


He holds great gratitude towards Toriko and Komatsu for giving him sake, which he repays by saving Toriko's and Komatsu's life. He continues to regard them as good friends and acknowledges that they have great potential.

Powers and Abilities

Jirou is a former disciple of "God of Bishokuya" Acacia. As such, he is widely considered one of the three most powerful people in the world, and he lives up to this title. Joa said that, in the past, because the "Gourmet God" himself feared Jirou's might, he sealed off a part of his strength to teach him technique. Jirou is also one of the oldest characters to still live. It is unclear whether his age or chronic alcoholism have actually affected his powers. 

As his title implies, Jirou uses a variety of Knocking Guns while hunting. His skill and knowledge are such that he can effortlessly knock any living creatures he comes across, even hundreds at a time, without a wasted shot. Jirou is able to use a form of Knocking on himself that result in an increase in size and power, the size and area that is affected by the knocking can be controlled, resulting in either a younger and taller body, or becoming a massive giant. He is known to be able to scare Surprise Apples up to level 92. He can even use his Knocking Guns to revive the recently deceased as he did for Komatsu when his heart stopped after using a Toriko Cracker.[6] His Knocking ability is far superior to that of any others, this is shown when he was able to use his Knocking technique to both nearly stop the earth and cause a natural disaster simultaneously and only he could remove the knocking.

Jirou has shown an overwhelming amount of strength while in his younger looking body, during his trip to the Gourmet World to save Toriko, he was able to effortlessly move around below the Waterfall Basin of Life (whereas Toriko struggled to move around due to the massive difference in gravity) and was able to create an image of Toriko being chopped by an axe by merely swinging his hand. Jirou is so powerful that not only was he able to obliterate the head of a Nitro with a finger flick, but he also had the delicateness to simultaneously take away its freedom of movement. He also appears to have tremendous speed, using this speed he was able to utilize his Knocking Rifles against a herd of Mamew in rapid succession, being able to take down each of the creatures without them being able to even touch him, his speed has also allowed him to enter the Cooking Stadium unnoticed and find Setsuno seconds before a Nitro that Joa had revived was able to attack Setsuno. His physcal strength is so great that even though Acacia sealed a part of his strength, he was still able to use his grand knocking to such an extent that he was nearly able to stop the rotation of the entire planet with his fist.

Food Honor

Jirou appears to be a master of Food Honor, as displayed by his appreciation for food and life, his high level of concentration and his mastery of Food Immersion. This comes as no surprise as Jirou is one the most powerful individuals in the world. Being capable of using Food Honor, Jirou's techniques increased in speed and strength several times over during battle by cutting down on useless movements and increasing his concentration. Doing this reduced his calorie consumption and caused his techniques to be far more delicate, allowing him to last longer in combat. He along with Ichiryuu and Midora trained in "Food Immersion Cape" in Gourmet World to master this skill.

  • Food Immersion (食没 Shokubotsu): Being a master of Food Honor grants Jirou the hidden skill of “Food Immersion”, meaning he could express true, pure appreciation for food. Jirou is capable immersing himself with a meal and by that, able to absorb and save more nutrients from it inside his body than normally possible. This helped him store almost unlimited amounts of energy inside his body, enabling him to survive for abnormal timespans without food or water and supporting his incredibly huge stamina.

Hunting Method

Jirou usually prefers using Knocking on beasts either by utilizing tools or his bare hands. While this is usually enough to end the battle, he can also resort to his immense physical strength if the Knocking proves to be ineffective.


Jirou can inject himself with knocking needles causing his muscles to swell and his body to grow to colossal size. In his state the mere sight of him is enough to frighten off the strongest of beasts with ease. This type of intimidation has been dubbed as Intimidation Knocking.


Jirou carries many unnamed tools and knocking guns within his jacket, many of which are custom made and not sold anywhere.

  • Membrane Tool: One of Jirou's tools; it injects a special polysaccharides made from the Deep Sea Doctor Lobster to repair damaged membranes such as eardrums.
  • Knocking Rifle - Hard Type (ノッキングライフル: ハード タイプじや, Nokkingu Raifuru: Hādo Taipuji-ya): A pair of knocking guns that fire needles to knock animals from a great distance. He keeps extra cartridges in his sleeves to allow easy reload.
  • Wolf King's Fangs: An offensive tool that fits over Jirou's hand and has multiple fangs of different lengths attached to it, used to perform the Guinness Punch.


Jirou Intimidation Knocking small
  • Intimidation Knocking (威嚇ノッキング, Ikaku Nokkingu): Using two knocking guns (type unknown) Jirou stimulates his own body to increase muscle mass and overall size. The purpose of this technique is to frighten off enemies without the need to fight.

Grand Knocking small
  • Grand Knocking (グランドノッキング, Gurando Nokkingu): An unarmed knocking technique that seems to be so powerful that it is capable of knocking not only people but can even nearly stop the Earth from turning. It is possible for this technique to affect the entire world.

Rising Wolf Guinness Punch small
  • Rising Wolf Guinness Punch (昇狼ギネスパンチ, Shōrō Ginesu Panchi): A powerful spiral-like blast of Appetite Energy that takes on the shape of a wolf head, Jirou states that it is powerful enough to reach space. 

Jirou with only half his body enhanced
Knocking Arsenal
Jirou's Knocking equipment
Jirou's Intimidation Eps 50
Intimidation Knocking
Knocking hard type
Knocking Rifle "Hard Type"
Axe Chop
Jjirou using Grand Knocking
Grand Knocking
Jirou's Guinness Punch flying towards Joa
Guinness Punch


The Second Disciple

In his youth, Jirou was known as the "Rampaging Beast", during an unspecified moment of The Gourmet War, he was made the second disciple of the "Bishokushin" Acacia, who, apprehensive of the enormity of Jirou's power and even more so of his brutal personality, sealed a part of Jirou's strength and planted technique into him.[5] IGO President Ichiryu and Bishokukai Boss Midora were also his fellow disciples, but unlike them Jirou never became the head of a major organization and would eventually retire after years as a Bishokuya.

During his time as Acacia's disciple, Jirou spent much of his time training and hunting along with Ichiryuu and Acacia himself. He, along with Ichiryuu and Midora, were known to be orphans whom were found by the Gourmet God and Chef Goddess and taken in as part of their "Family". 

At an unknown and undetermined point, he became the traveling partner of a young chef named Setsuno, thus forming a combo together much to her and Jirou's delight but much to the shock of Jirou's other two siblings Ichiryuu and Midora. However the exact details of how they met are unknown. The young combo traveled the world together for many years, having many adventures.

Jirou knocked the body of the Four Beast while Ichiryuu repelled the limbs.

Puffer Whale Arc

Knocking Master Jirou first appeared while on a train to Gourmet Fortune, in order to catch the phantasmal Puffer Whales at the Cave of the Sandy Beach. While on it, the train had run out of liquor as Toriko had bought it all, so Jirou humbly asked Toriko for a drink and he happily gave one too the tipsy old man and Jirou swore he would repay this act of kindness.

Some time later after Toriko and Komatsu had rendezvoused with Coco and went into the Labyrinthine Cave to seek the Puffer Whales, Komatsu had been kidnapped by a Bishokuya Bandit and he planned to use Komatsu as bait to lure away the other beasts but his plan backfired and he was eaten alive, Komatsu was then left alone to deal with a hoard of Scorpion Cockroaches and a Devil Serpent. As a last resort he used a Toriko Cracker to try and scare off the beasts but it mostly failed and it caused Komatsu's heart to stop and his eardrums to break due to the severity of the explosion's sound, the Devil Serpent then lunged at Komatsu but was then easily Knocked by Knocking Master Jirou himself in his giant form, who had just finished catching his Puffer Whales.

Seeing Komatsu's terrible condition and knowing he owed Komatsu and Toriko his gratitude, he proceeded to revive Komatsu using his Knocking Gun and then repaired his ears using the Doctor Lobster's polysaccharide as a membrane. Upon Komatsu's waking, Jirou told him to cherish this second chance at life, however Komatsu screamed in fear thinking he was a "giant old man monster", but then Jirou corrected him and proceeded to tell him that it was he who saved his life. As he left, he warned Komatsu to be careful as "something mysterious" was on its way into the cave. After he left the cave, he performed knocking on several bishokuya and bandits, while praising Toriko and Komatsu, and mentioing that when they reach the point of being the best bishokuya and chef, his full course will be close to being complete, although the meaning of this remains unknown, as his full course is already complete.[7]

Reality of Gourmet World Arc

Jirou in Gourmet World Eps 50
Jirou arrives in Gourmet World to save Toriko.

After Toriko entered the Gourmet World, despite his lack of experience with it, Komatsu feared the worst so he called up Jirou to help Toriko should things go wrong, Jirou later arrived to save Toriko from hundreds of Mamews with the help of his knocking. Shortly after that he uses Ikaku Knocking on an Asura Tiger and a King Lander, scaring Toriko as well. Jirou and Toriko later sit down and talk about the difficulty of Gourmet World. Jirou then advises Toriko about his need for trusting his partner Komatsu, and Toriko resolves to train himself even further in hopes of being able to enter the Gourmet World with Komatsu.

Gatsukatsu Curry Arc

Jirou, along with Setsuno decided to go on a little vacation to the Gourmet Beach where the two spent some time together. While there, they ran into Toriko and Komatsu who also come to the beach seeking the rare Gatsukatsu Curry.

Autumn Break Arc

Jirou appears as one of the contestants in the 50th annual Gourmet Service Competition, competing for the rare Diamond Figcrystal. The second he got on stage, he was given dozens of points due to one of the judges being Setsuno.

Bubble Fruit Arc

Toriko, Komatsu and Jirou having a drinking party.
UnokAdded by Unok

Toriko and Komatsu find Jirou on Drunken Frenzy Island resting in a champagne spring on the back of an Emerald Dragon. He reveals to them that the Heavy Drinker Archipelago is his most favorite location in the Human World and that he frequents it "8 days a week". The two soon join him and he offers them some of his rare Doham Spring Sake from his Full Course Menu, but much to their dismay he realized that he already drank it all before they can have any. Nonetheless the duo proceeds to party with him and enjoy all the wondrous drinks the island has to offer for the next three days before returning back to the main land.

Cooking Festival Arc

As the battle on Cooking Island continues to heat up, Knocking Master Jirou is located by Terry Cloth, Kiss and Quinn who then report to him the events of the current situation. Jirou easily understands and goes with them to help. Along the way, they discover a rogue Hammer Tusk, a powerful beast Jirou subdued long ago, and he suspects that it could've only been revived by the saiseiya Mohyan Shaishai. He then tames the beast and uses it to take him to Cooking Island with Terry, Quinn and Kiss following alongside him.

With things heating up at Cooking Stadium with the arrival of Joa, even Setsuno is having a hard time especially with Teppei and the Nitro under Joa's control. As things begin to look grim for Setsuno having been tied down by Teppei's roots and about to be crushed by an incoming Nitro, Jirou finally arrives and easily crushes the head of the Nitro with a simple finger flick and then prepares to fight the "Dark Chef" Joa himself. Joa is surprised by his sudden arrival, and Jirou apologizes for his lateness to Setsuno who is quite relieved to see him. He is then grabbed by Teppei's roots which forces Jirou to release a powerful and angry shout of intimidation that knocks Teppei back and leaves a nearby Buranchi stunned. Joa comments on Jirou's past, commenting on how Acacia sealed his strength and added technique onto Jirou, he also refers to Jirou's previous alias as the Rampaging Beast but also remarks on how he is simply a drunkard now. Jirou then proceeds to use Grand Knocking to knock the entire planet and everybody on the island, which includes both friends and foes and also creating a natural disaster. Jirou then rips off Joa's disguise and is shocked to see the face of "Chef Goddess" Frohze

Jirou, surprised by Joa's true face, watches as Joa erases the natural disaster caused by his Grand Knocking. Setsuno asks Jirou to make sure that it is Frohze by attacking in combination. Jirou prepares a tool known as the Wolf King's Fangs and proceeds to follow Sestuno's attack with Rising Wolf Guinness Punch. Joa then reveals a demonic appearance and proceeds to stop their attack head on. Jirou comments on Joa's Gourmet Cells having "shown themselves" and comments on Joa's mastery of the Gourmet Cells. He also comments that for one to fully master the Gourmet Cells, they must have eaten Acacia's Full Course Menu to which he states that only Acacia and Frohze have eaten. As he is about to believe Joa is truly the "Chef Goddess" Frohze, Setsuno interrupts him and says that it is not Frohze because Frohze had a different appearance when she used her Gourmet Cells and the Chef Goddess is dead. Jirou then asks as to what exactly is the creature they are facing but they were interrupted by the arrival of Starjun

After the arrival of Starjun, Jirou notices the button pop off his jacket, hinting that something bad was about to happen. As Joa and Starjun converse, dark clouds begin to cover the skies of the Cooking Stadium, Joa states that due to the presence of Jirou and Setsuno, and the fact that Starjun's cells have awakened, he is at a disadvantage should he proceed to fight Starjun. As everyone looks to the skies above, thunder and lightning ensue. Joa states that another battle has been concluded (a battle between Ichiryuu and Midora). Starjun then tells Jirou to release his Grand Knocking because "the spices will fall" stating that the Meteor Spice will fall. Jirou states he's "got no choice" and proceeds to remove his knocking. As the Bishokukai and NEO members evacuate the Human World, Meteor Spice begins to fall. Both Setsuno and Jirou look to the sky, having realized what had just occurred. Jirou states the "The smallfry cat beat him eh...?" highly stating that the IGO President Ichiryuu has been defeated by the Bishokukai Boss, Midora. Jirou stood along with Setsuno as they observed the devastation that is the Meteor Spice, spawned by Midora to strike the Human World. 

We are Bishokuya. Awake or asleep, we are Bishokuya

—Jirou to Toriko

After the devastation that struck the Human World, Jirou was next seen later on asking Rin what had become of Toriko. Rin told Jirou that Toriko has sunk into deep depression, unable to feel hunger and has not eaten for days.Jirou openly offered Toriko a drink as they sat under the starry skies. Jirou offered Toriko some Centipemia Nuts however Toriko flatly refuses, stating that he cannot swallow anything as of that current moment. Jirou observed Toriko's current state and notices a massive change within the Bishokuya's abilities, he notices that while Toriko has not eaten, his energy is overflowing however Toriko's feelings are completely in the opposite to the positive energy Jirou has noticed. Jirou then pours some Maboro Sake into the cups, saying it was one of the drinks Ichiryuu liked even though it was a common drink. Jirou was then asked why he would bring out the sake during such an occassion, Jirou then informs Toriko of their adoptive father's death at the hands of the Bishokukai Boss, stating that it was no completely unbelievable. Jirou then tells Toriko that while Ichiryuu's power's were undoubtedly the best, it was rivaled by his own kindness, Jirou using his past experience of being allowed to win in a fight against Ichiryuu as an example of just how much Ichiryuu's kindness can be. He states that he most likely showed the exact same amount of kindness to Midora, Ichiryuu allowing his younger brother to win even if it was a fight to the death. Toriko also reminisces the times in which he had fought Ichiryuu however unlike Jirou's experience, Toriko tells Jirou that Ichiryuu never once let him win. Jirou then states that the reason behind it may be due to the fact that Ichiryuu had sensed Toriko's potential and knew that one day Toriko will be able to defeat him in combat. Toriko merely goes against the Knocking Master's words, saying he was weak however Jirou inspires Toriko to once again stand strong, saying that since Komatsu still lives, all he can do is "make a big lunge forward now". Toriko, moved by the words of Jirou, stands and walks away from the scene. Just before he departs, Jirou asks the former what his dream is, telling him to look back into it. Jirou then gives his final words to Toriko by saying that they are "Bishokuya, awake or asleep". 

Billion Bird Arc

As the devastated Human World slowly begins to rebuild itself from the Meteor Spice that had rained upon them, Jirou along with his partner Setsuno visit the Gourmet World, believing that the Human World will soon recover. Jirou and Setsuno are seen in the former training grounds of the Three Disciples, Food Sink Cape. Here, Jirou and Setsuno find Ichiryuu's Hors d'Oeuvre, the Million Tree, growing healthily along with Food Immersion Flowers in what Setsuno claims to be a land that has long since dried out. Setsuno asks whether it was revived by Saiseiyas however Jirou says that it was Midora himself who grew the tree, using Ichiryuu's technique, to use the tree as a replacement for a gravestone. Jirou comments on how Midora was the least adept disciple during their youth but now he has become even so powerful that he himself cannot even handle him but Setsuno tells Jirou that he need not worry about Midora as he will eventually pay for his actions but to worry about Joa. As they wait for Toriko and his friends, Jirou and Setsuno state that they won't return to the Human World but will do the best they can to help. Jirou questions whether the Human World would be alright but Setsuno reassures him that all will be well.  

Full Course Menu

Jirou's Full Course Menu
UnokAdded by Unok

All the foods on Jirou's menu are so rare and powerful that their Capture Level cannot be calculated and some people doubt that they even really exist. All are most likely to have been found in the Gourmet World.

Jirou’s Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Hundred Leaf Clover Crispy Fried Sesame Tofu Unknown Decided
Soup Soup Magma Consomme Stew Unknown Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish King Land Shark Grilled Sushi Unknown Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish Ashurasaurus Roast 4220 Decided
Main Course MainDish E.T. Rice Omusubi Unknown Decided
Salad Salad Grana Lettuce Caesar Salad Unknown Decided
Dessert Dessert Oasis Melon Sorbet Unknown Decided
Drink Drink Doham Spring Sake Unknown Decided

Anime and Manga Differences

In the anime, when Jirou is first seen in the Labyrinthine Cave to save Komatsu from the Devil Serpent, he is still in his normal form while in the manga his body was already Knocked when he found him. The anime also shows him with his eyes open at least twice while in the manga he was not seen with his eyes fully open until much later in the cooking festival arc.

Appearances in Other Media

Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2

Jirou GS2
Jirou in Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2.

Knocking Master Jirou makes his video game debut in Toriko: Gourmet Survival 2 as an assist character. He along with the Four Heavenly Kings, Komatsu, Koryou and Setsuno was asked by Fond De Bohno to aid in his ingredient procurement trek through the Gattsuki Continent. He is a powerful ally capable of instantly Knocking beasts in dire situations.


  • Jirou's name contains the second pronunciation of the Japanese character for "two" (ji), referencing his status as the second disciple of Acacia. Jirou's name is also the homonym for the Japanese name meaning "second son".
    • This fits with Ichiryuu "Ichi" (One) the first disciple.
    • As well as with Midora: "Mi" is one of the pronunciations for three in Japanese.
    • It should be noted that just as Ichiryu is "First Dragon", and Midora is "Third Tiger", Jirou could be the "Second Wolf", as Rou is another pronunciation for wolf.
Jirou CAD
Jirou's CAD
BuranchiAdded by Buranchi
  • Mansam and him share some similarities:
    • They both use knocking to increase their power,
    • They're both rather old compared to the Four Kings.
    • They're both acquaintances of the IGO President Ichiryuu.
    • Both are basically drunks.
    • They both have metal piercing but he has it in more parts of his body (as shown in his younger form in the Gourmet World).
    • They both have a giant transformation state for when they get serious.
  • Jirou also shares a number of similarities with Fist of the North Star protagonist Kenshiro.
    • Jirou and Kenshiro
    • When in the Gourmet world, Jirou is wearing a blue jacket similar to Kenshiro.
    • Kenshiro is a master of Hokuto Shinken, which uses the pressure points to manipulate the body to various effects. This is similar to the idea of knocking which Jirou utilizes.
  • He ranked 17th in the first Popularity Poll with 86 votes.
  • Jirou's Capture Ability Data remains unknown as revealed in Volume 6, by the events of Regal Mammoth Arc.


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