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Jewel Meat
JewelMeat Anime
Mushroom Statistics Sushi
Aliases Ancient Food Treasure
Type Meat
Location Regal Mammoth
Price 100 grams for 5,000,000 yen
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The Jewel Meat (Retail price, 100 grams for 5,000,000 yen) is a part of the Regal Mammoth that combines the taste of all the different parts of an animal with an incandescent lamp like radiance that dulls jewels and lights up a night sky. As a result, it provides light to the entire Regal Mammoth's body. As it's located in a different location in every mammoth, however, it's almost impossible to find. Merely a piece causes the juices to fly in the air in a glittering stream comparable to fireworks. When eaten, it temporarily infuses the eater with a shiny glow by filling every single cell of the eater with its radiance.

Different parts of the Jewel Meat also have different textures and flavor, some pieces tasting more like one type of meat than other types. It is shown that it can be eaten raw and that the size of the Jewel meat is proportional to the size of the Regal Mammoth it was harvested from. The Jewel Meat is such a high quality ingredient that even the Battle Wolf, Terry Cloth, who's diet is composed solely of foods found in the Gourmet World, is able to eat it. It takes decades for the Jewel Meat to regrow in a Regal Mammoth after the meat is harvested. The Jewel Meat can also be preserved, apparently through drying the meat, though it will lose its glow and some of its taste.


It was considered during Ancient Times analogous to a wedding ring in contemporary times, as proof of one's strength in being able to slay a Regal Mammoth and find the Jewel Meat. In contemporary times, IGO staff members extract the Jewel Meat without killing the mammoth in order to allow the meat to be harvested regularly.

After Toriko takes the Jewel Meat from the Regal Mammoth and present parties dine on it, he tries to put it as the Meat Dish in his Full Course Menu. However, Sunny objects, claiming that because he is the shinier of the two, the Jewel Meat suits him more and that he should put it on his Main Dish. The two argue until it was decided that Sunny should take the Jewel Meat due to compatibility (in the anime, this is comically shown as a Rock-Paper-Scissors match that Sunny wins).


  • Jewel Meat raw form
  • Jewel Meat prepared
  • Dry Jewel Meat
  • Jewel Meat Raw (Anime)
  • Jewel Meat prepared (Anime)

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