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Ichiryu walks on water
Ichiryuu walking on water
Ichiryu neutralizing Toriko's Flying Knife
Flying Knife Ichiryuu
Ichiryu stopping Toriko's Flying Fork
Flying Fork Ichiryuu
Ichiryu taking on 13 Ren Kugi Punch
13 Ren Kugi Punch Ichiryuu
Ichiryu stopping Toriko's Leg Fork
Leg Fork Ichiryuu
Ichiryu blocking Toriko's Leg Knife
Leg Knife Ichiryuu
Ichiryu stopping 13 Ren Ice Pick Kugi Punch with 1 finger
13 Ren Ice Pick Kugi Punch Ichiryuu
Ichiryu teaching Toriko how to "walk" on water
Ichiryuu punch Toriko
Bile caught in the air by Ichiryu
Bile caught in the air by Ichiryuu
Ichiryu escaping Bishokukai's combo attack
Ichiryuu escaping Bishokukai&#039;s combo attack
Ichiryu using his attraction force
Ichiryuu using his attaction force
Ichiryu gets serious
Ichiryuu serious
Mansam gets defeated by Ichiryu
Mansam defeated by Ichiryuu
Ichiryu pulls in beasts with his gravity
Ichiryuu pulls in beasts
Ichiryu's Chopsticks
Ichiryuu&#039;s Chopsticks
Secret Technique: Single Chopstick
Secret Technique Single Chopstick



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