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Ichiryuu US
Name Ichiryuu
Kanji 一龍 (いちりゅう)
Romanji Ichiryū
Aliases Dragon, President
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday January 1st
Age Over 500
Status Deceased
Height 175 cm
Weight 502 kg
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO
0th Biotope
Occupation IGO President
Personal Status
Relatives Acacia (adoptive father),
Froese (adoptive mother),
Jirou (adoptive brother),
Midora (adoptive brother),
Four Heavenly Kings (adopted sons),
Teppei (adopted nephew)
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 101
Anime Debut Episode 44
Japanese Voice Horiuchi Ken`yuu
English Voice R Bruce Elliott
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The ones the future can be entrusted to have always been those who can sit around the same dining table.

—Ichiryuu to Setsuno

Ichiryuu was the President of the International Gourmet Organization, which implements all food-related laws in most countries of the Human World. He was a former disciple of "Gourmet God" Acacia, and trained all four of the Four Heavenly Kings from childhood. He was considered one of the world's most powerful individuals prior to his demise.

Ichiryuu met his end after a fierce battle with his brother Midora in which he was struck down by a mysterious Blue Nitro after suffering serious injuries from Midora's attacks. His body was then protected by Midora from being eaten by the Nitro and his body was respectfully taken away by his younger brother to a place they both cherished.


Ichiryuu Formal Dress (Front-Back)

Ichiryuu Anime Design.

Ichiryuu was a muscular, tanned older man with blond hair and a long blond mustache, which were black in his younger years. He seemed to have had a taste for tropical designs, as he was shown wearing such clothing both in his younger years and as an old man.

During the Meteor Garlic Arc, he goes shirtless with a military officer-style coat and pants.

After gradually eating delicious food served by Setsuno and activating his Gourmet Cells, his hair had reached shoulder-length, and he had several wrinkles on his forehead, like Zebra. Attire wise he wore a pair of sunglasses with a sleeveless shirt and matching pants.

While serving his duties as the IGO president, he donned on a formal dark blue suit with an orange dress shirt and purple tie.

During his younger days he didn't have his signature mustache.

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As the IGO President

Ichiryuu was a quirky and lighthearted old man in life who loved his family very dearly even in his passing. Although he was not yet retired during his later years, he seemed to vacation frequently; thus spending time on a private island resort. He appeared to have strange mannerisms, like eating the cork of a bottle of liquor and confusing the names for ingredients that Toriko collected. He enjoyed sending Toriko on dangerous training missions, although he was confident that all of the Four Heavenly Kings were capable of succeeding at them. He was sometimes melancholy when discussing his Full Course Menu, describing it as "worthless" because he had not found a chef able to cook it during his life. According to Toriko, he was a weak drinker, albeit the beverage he was drinking was Rainbow Fruit Wine, which has an alcohol content of 85%, this was also confirmed in a flashback of his youth where he passed out from a small amount of alcohol. He was also not afraid to make jokes during serious moments like stating the Bishokukai got their info on "CENTER" from one of the 0th Biotope members, and was also forgetful of important things like revealing that the Four Beast was one being while the four creatures that showed up were actually its "limbs" and the fact that in order to stop it the Four Heavenly Kings had to defeat its controller. He was also shown to be very compassionate, as Sunny remembered when he broke one of the President's prized food pots, and Ichiryuu's first reaction was to attend Sani's injury instead of getting angry. He also allowed Mansam to redeem himself, and even was willing to share GOD with Midora despite the fact he is the Bishokukai's boss.

Ichiryuu was seen as the opposite of his brother Midora. While Midora submerges himself in deep hatred, Ichiryuu had been shown to let his contempt bygone when it came to Midora himself. Due to their somewhat violent past, Ichiryuu had made multiple attempts at reconciling with his brother, even inviting him along with Jirou, to return to Food Immersion Cape, their former training grounds, to have a meal and mend broken bonds, however he was rejected by Midora. Ichiryuu was also known by most people to be a very caring person, especially to those who are stricken with poverty as he took Toriko, Sunny, Coco and Zebra -whom were children in poverty before Ichiryuu took them- to be his apprentices and even gave Mansam (who was a bandit) a position in the IGO. Midora even joked about this when the latter observed Ichiryuu's Minority World, stating that taking in "strays" definitely sounds like Ichiryuu. 

While he was seen as a quirky and light hearted old man, Ichiryuu had shown that he could be serious when the situation called for it although these were often short moments due to his overly cheery behavior. 

As the First Son and Disciple

You're basically an orphan too ya know. Well, so am I...

—Ichiryuu in regards to Jirou's comment

Unlike his older, more lighthearted old self, Ichiryuu was a much more serious person during his days with Acacia and his Family. His personality in his youth heavily contrasted to his current self, taking serious notes on the jokes of the then comedic and prideful young Jirou, who had a completely opposite personality in comparison to the young Ichiryuu. He spoke less in comparison as well, only making small regards on certain facts such as when Jirou pointed out that Midora is an orphan (to which he says that he and Jirou are orphans as well) and when Acacia speaks about Full Course Menu to which everyone became alerted by. He was also quick to react when someone he was close to was became hurt, this was seen when Midora injured himself and Ichiryuu was quick to alert Acacia, though this could be due to Midora having less experience at the time and Ichiryuu was not keen on trusting Midora's abilities then because they were still young (this is proven when his older self seemed to have little worry over the Four Heavenly Kings and their fight with the Four Beast because he believed in their abilities).

Though while he was serious at the time, Ichiryuu was not deprived of a sense of humor. He would make witty remarks from time to time, most likely when Jirou himself makes a joke in regards to Midora, much to Jirou's annoyance and he finds humour when Acacia himself makes fun of Jirou. This sense of humour, though vague in his younger age, was still noticeable at the time and it came to grow on him as time moved forward. 


Four Heavenly Kings

The Four Heavenly Kings as Children
Ichiryuu's adopted family.
UnokAdded by Unok

Ichiryuu is the adoptive father of the Four Heavenly Kings, Toriko, Coco, Sunny and Zebra, and raised them as his own sons and pupils. He first discovered them as young orphans in poverty stricken nations and after sensing the great potential they possessed, decided to adopt them and take them under his wing. He always maintained an air of wisdom and compassion when around them as children and taught them his philosophies and the way of the Bishokuya. Despite his tendency to tease them and constantly getting on their nerves due to his gloating and showboating, he was a caring and loving father who was very proud of his kids and showed a great feeling of pride when they were finally about to face their final test before entering the Gourmet World. The Kings themselves often got very irritated by him do to his habit of putting them down and teasing them, but they respected and cared for him as much as he does them, always wanting to do their best in order to show their father their strength and worth.


Midora was one of the three disciples of the legendary Acacia, alongside Ichiryuu and Jirou who were all adopted by him and Frohze. Having grown and learned together underneath Acacia and Frohze, they appeared to have once shared a close bond, with Ichiryuu still referring to Midora as his "little brother" even after the latter's fall into a criminal life. He even acknowledged that Midora was the preferred son and disciple and was not bothered by it and still seemed to care about Midora despite how much time had passed and how much Midora changed. In the past he fought against Midora and won, however he didn't kill him then and it is implied that he regretted the decision. However, Ichiryuu was willing to repair the broken bonds between him and his brother, however Midora rejected all peace attempts and severed his bonds with Ichiryuu. This left Ichiryuu greatly saddened and even shed a tear at the loss of his little brother. The feeling appeared to be slightly mutual, for as soon as Ichiryuu left, Midora quietly called him his "brother" one last time. Upon their eventful fight in Gourmet World, Midora completely abandoned all past bonds with his brother in order to keep him from interfering in his plans to obtain GOD, and was ready to kill him in order to succeed, much to Ichiryuu's disappointment. When Midora gained the upper hand in their battle he reminisced about his past, remembering his cruel childhood and the time spent with his loving family. In the end though, it appears these memories did indeed have an effect on Midora as he tearfully could not bring himself to deal the finishing blow to his equally tearful older brother and Ichiryuu spent his final moments trying to warn Midora of the true evil that was lurking within the shadows in hopes that they could work together to stop it, however any hopes of them reconciling ended when Ichiryuu's life was taken by the Blue Nitro. Surprisingly Midora protected his "big brother's" body from the Nitro's attempt to eat it. He then carefully picked up his brother's body in his arms and realized that Ichiryuu was never aiming to kill him, showing that their familial bond was still indeed intact. He then respectfully acknowledged Ichiryuu's desire to always follow his ideals and that he was the only true gallant man in a crude world. He then promised to return his body to a place they both memorably cherished.


Jirou was the second disciple of Acacia and Ichiryuu's fellow pupil. Unlike with Midora, Ichiryuu and Jirou did not appear to be on bad terms with one another, most likely due to Jirou having remained a jolly and caring person throughout his life unlike Midora, however Ichiryuu still looks down on his brother due to his lazy and drunken nature which he finds outright shameful at times. When they were young, Jirou would challenge Ichiryuu in combat to show that he was stronger than Ichiryuu however in most cases, Ichiryuu would beat Jirou in combat to which Ichiryuu would then allow Jirou to win as Jirou himself admitted that he would cry like a baby when Ichiryuu beat him and the only way to stop Jirou from crying is by letting him win, showing how much he cares for his younger brother.  When Ichiryuu attempted to make a peace attempt with Midora, he invited him to eat with him and Jirou for old time's sake, showing that both he and Jirou are still very close and Jirou was willing to also repair his bonds with Midora.


Ichiryuu and Mansam appeared to have been very close friends in their youth and shared a very close camaraderie. Both cared deeply about the poor state of the poverty-stricken nations, having done everything possible to give enough food to the starving orphans of these nations, in fact it was through this that they discovered the Four Heavenly Kings. Back in the old days, they were enemies as Mansam was bandit, however their feud was short-lived as after Mansam was defeated he showed great loyalty to Ichiryuu, and the president gave him a chance to reform and train him to be stronger.

Powers and Abilities

Ichiryuu's Power Eps 44
An example of Ichiryuu's incredible might as he blocks Toriko's "13-Hit Ice Pick Kugi Punch" with only one finger.

Ichiryuu was an extremely powerful individual, despite the disarming senior citizen he may sometimes seem. His reputation is such that even his enemies acknowledge him as having been the world's strongest man in his prime. He was implied to be strong enough to defeat virtually all of the Bishokukai's top fighters simultaneously, and had been shown effortlessly defeating multiple Gourmet World beasts with capture levels in the hundreds, including all four 'limbs' of the dreaded Four Beast. Although he lost against Midora, Ichiryuu still put up a tough fight against his brother and would have won if he wasn't weakened with age, rusty from his lack of fighting, and truly serious about killing Midora. He was very intelligent as he could handle being the head of a organization that ran the human world with its' population of over 30 billions people and being aware of the sinister NEO despite their secrecy. 

Ichiryuu was capable of physical feats which amaze even other superhumans, such as skipping on water and blowing away Toriko's flying knives with a single breath. He defeated Toriko effortlessly during a spar, and was not affected in the slightest by any of Toriko's techniques. He was fast enough to eat an Ozone Herb by himself without it becoming rotten, and had set the world record for the highest level Surprise Apple scare, at level 95. He was even able to fly. Ichiryuu's vast power and life force had not left him over his unnatural lifespan of more than five hundred years, although in his later years many of his gourmet cells went into dormancy due to lack of a serious challenge.

Ichiryuu was also a talented and charismatic leader and teacher. He bested the undefeated bandit warlord Mansam, only to adopt him as his disciple and right-hand man. He trained all of the Four Heavenly Kings, who not only grew into powerful bishokuya, but regard Ichiryuu fondly as their father figure. The people of the world trusted him implicitly as well, as in the early stages of the Four Beast crisis when some evacuees comforted themselves with the belief that Ichiryuu would drive the beasts away as he had in the past.

It is likely that not all of Ichiryuu's abilities/power were shown in his fight with Midora, which is confirmed by Midora himself when he stated that if Ichiryuu was serious about killing him the fight would have been very different. 

Ichiryuu using his attaction force
Ichiryuu displays his planet-like gravitational attraction
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Hunting Method

Ichiryuu hunted using a variety of abilities based on his incredible strength, mastery of appetite energy, and power over physical and conceptual 'minorities'. In his battle with Midora, he demonstrated a highly agile fighting style based on rapid dodging and striking with his Chopsticks technique and his ability to fly. When facing particularly powerful enemies, Ichiryuu activates the full extent of his 'minority' powers to gradually wear down and disable his foes even as he fights them.

Food Honor

Ichiryuu appeared to be a master of Food Honor, as displayed by his appreciation for food and life, his high level of concentration and his mastery of Food Immersion. This comes as no surprise as Ichiryuu was one the most powerful individuals in the world prior to his death. Being capable of using Food Honor, Ichiryuu's techniques increased in speed and strength several times over during battle by cutting down on useless movements and increasing his concentration. Doing this reduced his calorie consumption and caused his techniques to be far more delicate, allowing him to last longer in combat.

  • Food Immersion (食没 Shokubotsu): Being a master of Food Honor granted Ichiryuu the hidden skill of “Food Immersion”, meaning he could express true, pure appreciation for food. Ichiryuu was capable immersing himself with a meal and by that, able to absorb and save more nutrients from it inside his body than normally possible. This helped him store almost unlimited amounts of energy inside his body, enabling him to survive for abnormal timespans without food or water and supporting his incredibly huge stamina.


Ichiryuu had demonstrated the ability to create a powerful personal gravitational pull, comparable to the irresistible gravity of a planet. His gravitational field, combined with his chopsticks technique, allowed Ichiryuu to levitate, hold, move, and blow away targets as powerful as Gourmet World beasts. While an increase in personal gravity is possible through the physical weight and density conferred by Food Immersion, Midora has confirmed that Ichiryuu's gravity was less than purely physical in nature, and is in part a result of the sheer force of Ichiryuu's presence. Midora compares it to the 'power of humanity' itself.

Appetite Energy

Ichiryuu demonstrates his Appetite Energy.

Ichiryuu was a master of Appetite Energy, a rare and powerful cellular energy created within Gourmet Cells that can only be harnessed by the most powerful predators at the top of the food chain. To support this energy, Ichiryuu had a massive appetite, which he at one point implicitly suggested is greater than that of all four of the Four Heavenly Kings combined. Ichiryuu used appetite energy to manifest his Chopsticks technique.


Ichiryuu's new knife.

Ichiryuu had in his possession a marvelous and powerful knife crafted for him by Melk the First in order to acquire AIR. It was a gigantic knife with magnificent and lustrous designs along its blade and a handle small enough to be held in Ichiryuu's hand. The blade gives off an ethereal aura, showcasing its huge power and that of its wielder. When dropped, it's blade effortlessly shears through the earth itself, embedding it's full length into the ground. The blade is currently embedded into the ground of Slow Rain Hills after Ichiryuu's demise and it is unknown if it was reclaimed by Melk the First.


Ichiryuu's Chopsticks small
  • Chopsticks ( Hashi?): Ichiryuu forms his hand into a chopstick-grip, and manifests a pair of chopsticks in midair from appetite energy. He can use the technique to pick up and immobilize his enemies, even holding multiple massive Gourmet World beasts simultaneously. Ichiryuu has stated that he has not used this technique since his fight with Midora in the past. Although incredibly strong energy constructs, chopsticks nevertheless replicates the properties of real wooden chopsticks: splintering and cracking when broken. Ichiryuu's chopstick techniques tend to be named after various chopstick-ettiquette breaches.
  • Utshiri Bashi (移り箸 (うつばし)? literally meaning "Chopsticks Pass"): Ichiryuu projects many sets of chopsticks which can catch and immobilize multiple targets. The name comes from a breach of etiquette where one jumps from one side dish to the other without eating rice in between.
  • Sashi Bashi (刺し箸 (さばし)? literally meaning "Stabbing Chopsticks"): Ichiryuu uses his chopsticks in a manner similar to a claw or punch knife, slamming them point-first into an opponent with a punching motion.The name means pointing towards somebody or something with one's chopsticks, which is also a breach of etiquette.
  • Seseri Bashi (せせり箸 (ばし)? literally meaning "Chopsticks Skipper"): Ichiryuu strikes his opponent with multiple quick chopstick jabs. Its name derives from a breach of etiquette in which one plays with their food.
  • Nigiri Bashi (にぎり箸? literally meaning "Chopsticks Gripping"): Ichiryuu physically grabs his chopsticks to combine them with his great physical strength, although he admits that it reduces the "delicacy" of his techniques. Nigiri bashi is a breach of etiquette where one holds two chopsticks by grasping them in their fist.
  • Chopstick Cannon (箸砲 (はしほう) Hashi Hō?): After grabbing a chopstick, Ichiryuu hurls it at a target like a spear with unbelievable force. The spinning chopstick flies incredibly fast, creating a typhoon-like wake. Ichiryuu suggests that such thrown chopsticks, combined with Nigiri Bashi, may fly all the way into space. The attack is simple and straightforward enough that some enemies could potentialy see it coming and dodge, but Ichiryuu can increase it's probability of striking by degrading their reaction times with his 'minority' powers.
  • Disorder Chopsticks (乱れ箸 (みだばし) Midare Bashi?): Seemingly a stronger, longer-ranged version of Seseri Bashi, Ichiryuu holds his chopsticks and strikes with a flurry of irregular jabs.
Secret Technique Single Chopstick small
  • Secret Technique: Single Chopstick (奥義:一本箸 (おうぎいつぽんばし) Ōgi: Ippon Bashi?): Ichiryuu forms his hand into a fist, projecting a single, huge chopstick floating above. Ichiryuu can bring it down with incredible force to utterly crush his opponent. Although its full power was never shown, as Midora's attack consumed it before it could strike. 
  • All-Meal King Eating Chopsticks (万膳王食箸 (ばんぜんおうしょくばし) Banzen Ōshoku Bashi?): Ichiryuu's final technique, where he throws a massive chopstick made out of a similar energy like Ou Shoku Bansan, directly at the opponent. He can shoot several chopsticks of this kind to heavily batter the opponent.
  • Minority World (マイノリティワールド Mainoriti Wārudo?): A mysterious power which seems to work on both physical and conceptual levels, Ichiryuu somehow takes the strange minority of micro-scale particles observed to behave in 'deviant' ways (sometimes in apparent defiance of physical law) and amplifies and imposes their behavior or properties on a maximum of 50% (anymore and they become a majority and the new minority particles take over reversing the effects desired) of the particles in a structure or organism. This can generate a variety of effects. Ichiryuu's ability to fly, for example, stems from his manipulation of the minority of his body's atoms which do not straightforwardly respond to gravity. He imposes their gravity-defying behavior on the rest of his body's atoms, and thus can fly. The technique can generate a variety of difficult-to-predict effects as organisms and even the battlefield itself rapidly lose their properties or develop new properties completely opposed to their previous ones. Rocky terrain can suddenly become soft and malleable as its constituent particles suddenly all start resisting the solidness of their form, for instance. The most deleterious effects of Minority World are on living beings however, and strike at both mental and physical levels. Mentally, even the most confident foe will find their movements and accuracy thrown off more and more as any tiny minority of unease or fear comes to overwhelm their mental 'majority' of confidence and strength. Meanwhile, within the physical body, Minority World works busily to increase error rates in vital cellular processes, and gradually turns the body's systems away from the 'majority' goal of "keeping the body alive" toward destructive 'minority' behaviors of killing the body, this can also work in reverse by turning the 'minority' of atoms healing the body into a 'majority', thus allowing them to completely regenerate at incredible speeds. Once this effect has taken hold the victim finds that their body will no longer listen to them, and even their best efforts to attack will fail or miss inexplicably. The technique ultimately begins to reverse vital bodily functions, from the lungs beginning to reject oxygen intake to the heart pumping blood the wrong direction, ultimately leading to death. The technique can only be resisted by taking advantage of this 'reversal' property. For instance, when dying from the most devastating of Minority World's effects, Midora intentionally struck himself a deadly blow to the chest. By redirecting his will to go along with his body's intent to die, dying became the new 'majority', and thus Minority World's "favor" switched to the new minority of 'living', allowing him to survive Ichiryuu's final blow and even counterattack despite his injuries. Ichiryuu quickly counter that by shutting off Minority World. Later Ichiryuu used this to heal himself from Midora's Hungry Space.



Centuries ago, Ichiryuu was one of the three disciples and the first adoptive son of the legendary Bishokuya Acacia and Chef Frohze , along with "Knocking Master" Jirou and "Bishokukai Boss" Midora. Ichiryuu was the first of the adoptive sons and the first disciple of Acacia (as stated by himself, and proven by Jirou during their youth), the second is his adoptive brother Jirou, and lastly it was the feral child Midora. While each of them were trained separately due to being taken in at different times at some point, eventually all three of them came and trained together under Acacia's tutelage. Ichiryuu's actual age is unclear, but he must be quite old to have trained with Acacia, whose exploits supposedly took place hundreds of years prior to the present.

During the events of the Gourmet War, Ichiryuu would stop the limbs of the Four Beast which had awakened from its slumber as told by the sentient being known as PAIR and began its incursion on the Human World, Ichiryuu ambushed the limbs of the beast while his younger "brother" Jirou had sealed the beast's main body within the Gourmet World. After these sets of events Acacia would be visited by a pack of Blue Nitro, Ichiryuu would be the first to feel their presence out of the three disciples, Acacia, along with Frohze, eventually set out to prepare their phantasmal Full Course Menu. As Acacia and Frohze headed for their journey, the foretold events of the Solar
Acacia entrusting Ichiryuu with his Full Course
Acacia needing to talk to Ichiryuu
ChronoPinoyXAdded by ChronoPinoyX
 Eclipse (as told by PAIR to Acacia) occurred, this event would lead the Three Disciples to eventually offer what little food supplies they can provide to the different war stricken cities and towns during the absence of their adoptive parents as the eclipse caused a serious decline in food supplies. After the return of their parents, Ichiryuu, Jirou and Midora observe as Acacia returns with an ill stricken Frohze. After the events of the eclipse, Acacia sealed away his Full Course, he entrusted Ichiryuu as his successor in observing and isolating the Nitro in his stead[1]. Eventually, due to the sudden death of their mother at the hands of her illness, all three disciples as well as Setsuno were told by Acacia to keep on living, if not for their sake, then for their mother Frohze. After the events, Midora came to visit his adoptive mother's grave on a regular basis, pouring Cure Water in her grave in hopes that it may revive her. 

You don't understand anything... About Acacia-sama's... Or Frohze-sama's will... Come Midora, I'll teach them to you!

—Ichiryuu to Midora

Ichiryuu defeating Midora in the past
Young Midora Defeated By Young Ichiryuu
UnokAdded by Unok

One fateful day when Ichiryuu and Midora met each other at the grave of their mother, Midora began to express a dark, synical personality which Ichiryuu noticed in an instant. Ichiryuu had suspected that his younger brother had sunk into darkness, this caused Ichiryuu to attempt to remind his brother of their golden days when they were young and to teach him the true meaning behind the will of their adoptive parents. However Midora had already sunk far too deep into hatred and darkness, eventually causing the events of their first battle, to which Ichiryuu was the victor, sparing Midora's life (which he later came to regret, as he mentions in their second battle in the Gourmet World).

At some point in his life after completing his Full Course Menu, he put one ingredient of it in every IGO Biotope, from the 1st to the 8th.[2]

Ichiryuu and Mansam finding young Toriko
Ichiryuu and Mansam discovering the young orphan Toriko.

Two centuries later, Ichiryuu, now the president of the IGO began a project with his friend Mansam to distribute food to all the needy children of the world under the guise of Gourmet Santa. During one of their deliveries, he and Mansam discovered several orphaned children and noticed the great potential and spirit they possessed, he then decided to adopt the children and take them under his wing as his apprentices. He then trained them all in the art of the Bishokuya and shared with them his wisdom and philosophies, they would then grow up to become the famous Four Heavenly Kings.[3]

Ozone Herb Arc

After Toriko's recovery in Life, he paid his first visit in ages to his adoptive father Ichiryuu, who was calmly enjoying his semi-retirement on the porch of his cottage. The two discussed about the many details and Toriko's recent exploits, and when Ichiryuu revealed that he plans to seek out GOD soon, Toriko immediately became intrigued and prodded Ichiryuu to tell him more, that is when Ichiryuu revealed to him that he was in fact the first disciple of Acacia and knew much about GOD thanks to his master. Ichiryuu then explains why GOD was sealed away by Acacia and why it must remain as such, for if its existence becomes to public a great war could break out over it. Ichiryuu wanting to change the subject challenges Toriko to a duel to test his power, which Toriko gladly accepts. They then sail out to an isolated island and began an impressive duel, but despite Toriko's best efforts he was easily defeated by a single punch from Ichiryuu who sent him skipping across the lake and into a large rock pillar. After both got back on land, Ichiryuu expresses delight on Toriko's improvements and decides to give him a list containing several rare and legendary ingredients that can help train Toriko in adapting to different environments instantaneously by seeking them out and thus make him ready for the Gourmet World. Later on he gave similar lists to Coco and Sunny as well.

After Toriko successfully acquired the Ozone Herb, the first item on the list, he and Komatsu went to the IGO Headquarters to deliver an Ozone Herb to Ichiryuu. There Ichiryuu met Komatsu for the first time and noticed that he can hear the voice of ingredients and was greatly impressed when Komatsu explains that he had to manually set the Gourmet Case to keep the Ozone Herb fresh on site. Ichiryuu was then shocked when he heard they encountered a Nitro and wondered why one had come all the way to the Human World. As night was upon him he lamented about the new development and thought to himself that they need to hurry up and get stronger, he then quickly ate the Ozone Herb given to him in a flash without letting it rot.

Reality of the Gourmet World Arc

After having given Toriko, Coco and Sunny their respective lists of items they would need to journey to the Gourmet World, Ichiryuu paid a visit to Honey Prison alongside Yosaku to negotiate the release of Zebra. After his negotiations with Love were over and finishing his remaining duties, he set off for Gourmet World himself to meet up with the 0th Biotope and begin the race for Acacia's Full Course Menu.

Meteor Garlic Arc

After arriving in Gourmet World, Ichiryuu set off to the Bishokukai's Gourmet World Headquarters, in hopes of reasoning with Midora and even invited his "brother" to Food Immersion Cape, the place where he, Midora and Jirou used to train in their youth to have a meal and hopefully talk him out of his evil plans and just share GOD with the world before a terrible war brakes out. Midora however refused and ordered Ichiryuu to leave before he was killed. Ichiryuu complied but not before releasing an overwhelming intimidation. Midora was surprised by this sudden burst of power and called Ichiryuu his "big brother" one last time before disappearing. Ichiryuu then left the base atop his beast and let out a small tear over the loss of the brother he once knew.

Bubble Fruit Arc

Ichiryuu cloud tree
Ichiryuu in the Gourmet World, after evolving.
BuranchiAdded by Buranchi

Ichiryuu assembled the other 0th Biotope members in Gourmet World. He greeted them, while eating, telling them to prepare for the upcoming war with the Bishokukai. When the members gathers at the table, Ichiryuu reports that Chin Chinchin wasn't able to make it due to his heavy injuries. When Manan asks why the Ichiryuu gathered them, he answers that the Bishokukai have become aware of CENTER. Sakura wondered how they knew it, which Ichiryuu responds that one of the 0th Biotope members leaked it, but says it was a joke. Rapp suspected Ryu, but Ichiryuu believes that there is nothing can be done about it and that they need collect the full course menu of Acacia.

He asks Rala for the time of the Gourmet Eclipse, after that he asks the time when EARTH was done from Yosaku and the knife for AIR from Melk the First, which he can't hear clearly. Ichiryuu then asks from Kousairou for the location of ATOM and counts for Atashino to prepare it. Ichiryuu warns them that there might be a war coming against the Bishokukai and that they should leave their work for their successors in the Human World, and with that sends them off.

After the meeting, Ichiryuu was approached by Rala, who tells him that Midora will become active and that the Four Beasts are awakening and that the Human World will be in danger. Ichiryuu relieves him that the Four heavenly Kings will handle them as their final ingredients. Ichiryuu is surprised that the Bishokukai gathered a lot of chefs, Rala tells them that the Bishokukai will probably appear at the cooking fest, they are approached by Kousairou who suggested that he will take care of it. After Rasa and Kousairou left, Ichiryuu calls out Kuriboh.

Four Beast Arc

Ichiryuu expresses his pride in his four sons as they take on their final test.

As the Four Heavenly King gather in Zen Ou Restaurant. A video recording is played to them showing Ichiryu explaining the current data on the Four Beasts and where to find them. But before the recording can finish its message, Zebra turns it off as he considered it a waste of time to sit through the rest. Later on, while Toriko, Coco, Sunny, and Zebra are fighting their respective opponents, Rin and Komatsu finish watching the rest of the recording. Ichiryu explains that the Four Beast is actually a single creature that grows stronger every time it appears, and that their is a mastermind behind the scenes controlling the monster and unless they defeat him they cannot defeat the Four Beast.

Sometime after the Four Beast's defeat, Ichiryuu along with Melk the First and Atashino is seen in the Slow Rain Hills of Gourmet World where he is informed that the Four Heavenly Kings were successful. He is pleased with this news knowing that if they could not defeat the Four Beast they would not be able to survive in Gourmet World. Melk then presents Ichiryuu with his final and greatest knife that will help him prepare Acacia's salad dish, AIR. An excited Ichiryuu picks up the massive knife and he and his comrades set off to capture AIR.

Cooking Festival Arc

During the Cooking Festival, Ichiryuu has been absent due to his mission in the Gourmet World. As the battle during the Cooking Festival slowly concludes, Joa notes on another "Peak Showdown" referring to a fight that has been ensuing in the Gourmet World. Mansam, having noticed what is occurring, becomes shocked as he realises what has happened due to what Ichiryuu had said to him before the events of the Cooking Festival. Ichiryuu stated to Mansam that "If by slim chance something happens to me, that will mean the Human World will be in danger". As meteors fall down towards the Human World, both Setsuno and Jirou look to the sky and realise what had just occurred. Jirou states "The smallfry cat beat him eh...?" highly implying that Ichiryuu has been defeated by none other than the Bishokukai Boss and Acacia's Third Disciple, Midora

In a flashback, Ichiryuu, Atashino and Melk the First are seen in the Slow Rain Hills whilst attempting to get AIR, Acacia's salad. The IGO president comments that the other members of the 0th Biotope should already be near their destinations. Shortly after, however, Midora arrives riding his beast, a massive eight-legged tiger. Ichiryuu asks if they can have a calm chat instead of fighting, but the Bishokukai Boss merely replies that they shall only chat "with fists".

With Midora's refusal for a calm chat, a Rampage and Tornadragon approach from behind Midora and the Octopard he brought. With both Rampage and Tornadragon present, Atashino and Melk the First prepare to fight while Ichiryuu flies, dropping of the knife that Melk had made for him. As he floats above Midora, he insisted on changing the locations to which Midora replies that where they fight does not matter as Ichiryuu will go to the "Next World". Ichiryuu makes light of what Midora says and states that they move to the sky (which they proceeded afterwards). 

As Ichiryuu flew, he was followed by Midora and his beast, they both landed on Stray Islands, there Midora taunts Ichiryuu by stating he is "rushing to [his] grave", as Ichiryuu stood, he was met by a Jack the Ripper and a Goron Beast. Midora further taunts Ichiryuu by stating how the islands beasts get hungry as well and before proceeding to fight Midora, Ichiryuu should be the food of the beasts first. As the beasts proceed towards Ichiryuu, the latter used his Gravity to pull the three beasts towards him. As the beast struggle to move away from Ichiryuu, Midora takes note of the Gravity that Ichiryuu possessed, stating that while everyone has their own gravity, Ichiryuu's Gravity was something far more powerful than what can be achieved through Food Immersion, comparing the latter's gravity to a "Power of Humanity". Ichiryuu then posed his right hand in a manner similar to one holding a chopstick (which shocked Midora for a slight moment). Ichiryuu theh projected a large pair of Chopsticks using Appetite Energy and reminded Midora of their past battle to which Ichryuu had won but failed as he stated he failed to kill Midora. Ichiryuu then proceeds to pick up the three beasts he had pull towards him using his Chopsticks and told Midora that he was going to "Finish off the thing [he] left on [his] plate that day". He then tells Midora that he has become far too rotten to which Midora replies that the former "Merely aged". Midora then proceeds to tell Ichiryuu of his hatred, how his hatred will fall upon the Human World, and that Ichiryuu shall become one to be food.

With the two former "brothers" in a standoff, Midora proceeds to consume the three beasts on Ichiryuu's Chopsticks using his Hunger Tongue. Ichiryuu states that it is considered bad manners to lick someone elses chopsticks but Midora continues his assault towards Ichiryuu. As Midora's attack continued, Ichiryuu managed to dodge every single strike performed. After the assault, Midora noticed that Ichiryuu has managed to avoid all his attacks and fly with little effort made. Ichiryuu begins to state as to how Midora's attacks were dodged due to the "slips of [Midora's] movements", he then continues to explain that Midora's movements had an error below Micro level to which Midora asked if it was the "Square Root Law". With Midora's explanation of that law, and how it affects a minority of ones atoms, Midora then states that many creatures are capable of flight however only Ichiryuu uses an unusual method of flight by using a minor number of what is considered "stray atoms". Ichiryuu then states that even though they are a minority, one day they will be capable of banding together and change the world, he then proceeds to tell Midora that the minority within him is also beginning to gain influence little by little to which the latter violently rejects by attacking Ichiryuu. With Midora's Tongue of Thorns, Ichiryuu managed to avoid any kind of casualty by catching every single tongue using Utsuri Bashi, he then rushes towards Midora and jab him in the mouth using Sashi Bashi however Midora managed to use his Tongue Shield just in time to block the attack. Midora then counterattacks with a flurry of punches towards Ichiryuu however the latter manages to dodge every single hit. Ichiryuu then exclaims that Midora was "slipping" and stating that he didn't even have to dodge anymore, he then counters with Seseri Bashi, sending a flurry of Chopsticks to stab Midora's body. With the influence of the minority within Midora creating a "Large error" as Ichiryuu states, Ichiryuu is at an advantage and began to use his Minority World to fight. 

As the two continue to do battle, Ichiryuu gains the upper hand with his Minority World. Due to the behaviour of Ichiryuu's ability, Midora struggles to fight Ichiryuu as every move he makes, from his attacks, to even the simplest of movements, have become overruled by the"minority" (stray atoms) which causes the original nature of the atoms around the area to become heavily distorted. With this, begins a flurry of attacks using his Chopsticks. As Midora attempts hold his ground against Ichiryuu, Ichiryuu taunts Midora by asking Midora what he was aiming for and that Ichiryuu hasn't even taken a single step. With the nature of stray atoms against him, Midora continues his attempts to attack Ichiryuu but all have failed to do so; Ichiryuu states that Midora's body has began to stop listening to him and that the grounds that they stood on are becoming overruled by the minority thus that which is usually composed as a hard and rigid material becomes soft. Midora still attempts to hit Ichiryuu but to no avail; Ichiryuu then begins to state that the true terror behind his Minority World was not the distortion of the area around them nor the conciousness being ignored by the strays, but the fact that Minority World literally reverses all natural forms of behaviour, thus Midora's struggle to survive have now been reversed by the strays and instead of trying to keep him alive, they are killing him. Ichi then states that ever since his technique was executed, the battle had been decided. Ichiryuu then projects a single Chopstick and explains to Midora that he regrets the day in which he was unable to finish him off. 

As Ichiryuu says that he will meet his brother on the other side, his Chopstick began to break and with it, his right arm. Shocked by the turn of events, Ichiryuu watches as Midora, having realized the nature of the stray atoms, reverses the effect of the stray atoms by mortally wounding himself and letting his body accept death. With this, Midora ensures his survivability by letting the stray atoms go against death and let him survive. Ichiryuu then realizes that his Chopstick along with his right arm was eaten by the "space" which Midora rules over. 

With the intensity of the fight between Ichiryuu and Midora reaching deadly levels, a vortex known as the Emperor's Ring forms around the two forces. The vortex was so intense that unlike the many vortex formed in the Gourmet World, the one that had been formed between Ichryuu and Midora had a seriously deadly Gravitational Pull that pulled any helpless monsters within vicinity, all of them ultimately being lead to their death. Ichiryuu praises Midora for having gone through such an extent as to end his life in order to gain the upper hand by reversing the effects of Minority World around him. Midora them follows his comment with saying that he was able to imitate such an ability however Ichiryuu retorts by saying that it is not nearly enough to imitate him in order to gain the upper hand and suddenly rescineds his Minority World in order to allow the "majority" of the atoms in Midora to deal a heavy damage to him by reversing what the "minority" had done however Midora simply smiles and counters Ichiryuu by suddenly consuming a larger portion of him. Ichiryuu, helpless in the situation as he is now dismembered of both arms, realizes the true horror of Midora's ability, comparing it to that of the Four Heavenly King's Ou Shoku Bansan only more deadly. Midora informs Ichiryuu that simply blocking will have little to no effect as his ability not only consumes the very objects around it, but also the atoms that make up the area, therefore rendering Ichiryuu's ability useless as there are no atoms to manipulate. 

With Midora now gaining the upper hand and Ichiryuu further suffering damage, Ichiryuu comments on how Midora's appetite can never be satisfied no matter how much he consumes. Midora simply states his appetite is insatiable and shares to his brother his own tragic past as a child. 

After Midora's flashbacks, Ichiryuu remembers his adoptive sons and how he entrusts the future of the world to them. Then, he tries to end the battle with the upper hand using his most powerful techniques, but Midora having full control of the circumstances and after a emotive dialogue between the two, finally defeats Ichiryuu.

After a heated battle between the brothers, Ichiryuu asked why has Midora spared him, his Midora replied that Ichiryuu's Minority World was still active, using it as an excuse, to which Ichiryuu flat out called Midora on his lie, Midora then gave Ichiryuu another reason for being spared: He was past his due date (stating that he was not worth the kill as he has become too old). As Ichiryuu laid on the floor, unable to move from his injuries, Midora gives the former time to recover, Ichiryuu ensured Midora that the Human World is beyond destruction and that he had prepared for the event. He then states that his Full Course Menu would finally be prepared, hoping that it wouldn't be, and that there is indeed a chef who can cook it. Ichiryuu the revealed to Midora information about the “True Enemy” that must be defeated and that both the IGO and the Bishokukai have already been infested by the "True Enemy", unbeknownst to his brother. Midora listened as Ichiryuu followed the information with the story of the movements that Acacia had made in the past, just after the Gourmet God had finished preparing his Full Course Menu. Ichiryuu explained that the death of their adoptive mother Frohze was an unexpected event even for Acacia, this information was then followed by the information regarding the "Final Land" to which a chef "with excellent Food Luck and cooking skills as Frohze-sama" was needed.
Ichiryuu's passing in the arms of his younger brother.
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Ichiryuu continues by saying that in the midst of the events, Acacia performed a "Factor of Evil"  by purposefully allowing Midora to search for the Cure Water in hopes that the chef who was able to prepare the Gourmet God's Full Course would awaken once more.

Just as Midora begins to realize the meaning behind Ichiryuu words, one of the notorious subspecies of the Nitro, a Blue Nitro, appears from nowhere and mercilessly stomps on the heavily wounded Ichiryuu, effectively ending the life of the once great president and father of the Four Heavenly Kings. The mysterious Blue Nitro then attempts to devour the body of the departed Ichiryuu, but is stopped by Midora who frightens the creature away with his mighty presence and warns it that Ichiryuu is of far too high a quality to be eaten by the likes of it. Midora then carefully picks up the body of his older brother while trying to make sense of the final words he spoke to him and then realizes that if Ichiryuu had been aiming to kill him, their fight would not have ended like it did. Midora, now cradling his brother's body in his arms realizes that his brother was the only gallant man in a crude world and was someone who always stayed true to his ideals like a rising dragon. Midora then promises to take Ichiryuu's body to their most cherished and memorable place.

Big Brother's true intentions are unfathomable, but... Big Brother is also... a man that was always pursuing ideals in his thoughts... If he had truly intended to kill me... then it would probably have been quite a different fight...

He was the most gallant in a crude world. Ichiryuu was a man that stuck to his ideals like a rising dragon... The least I can do is bring him to a memorable place...

—Midora to his departed brother, Ichiryuu.

Later on, after the Human World was left in turmoil due to Midora's Meteor Spice, Jirou came to visit Toriko, carrying a pot of Maboro Sake (Ichiryuu's favourite sake) to inform him of Ichiryuu's death. Jirou believed that his death has been dealt by the hands of their youngest brother Midora, unaware that it was actually a Blue Nitro whom had finished the job of ending Ichiryuu for good. He informs Toriko that Ichiryuu was indeed the most powerful man in the world but his strength was only matched by his kindness, stating that Ichiryuu showed kindness to Midora as he always thought of the latter as his little brother more than anyone.  

Billion Bird Arc

A year and a half has passed since the Meteor Spice had struck the Human World, the spices brought about devastation to the lands of the Human World, rendering once fertile lands useless and creating nothing but wastelands. Since Ichiryuu's death, the Four Heavenly Kings searched all of the biotopes for Ichiryuu's Full Course Menu in hopes that it may restore the food sources of the Human World as it was known to be an infinite resource. While Ichiryuu has passed away since his fight with Midora, he still played a major factor in the Four Heavenly Kings' search for his Full Course Menu as Toriko, having enhanced his sense of smell to the point of being able to track back to the distant past, traces a multitude of creatures that had passed the biotope. Amongst the creatures, Toriko was able to individually pick out Ichiryuu's scent and trace it all the way to a small area that is devoid of rubble after Zebra had rampaged around the biotope. Toriko realized (after having experienced it within the Gourmet World) that Ichiryuu (or an ally of his) had created a small "Rest Room", areas which are completely hazard free and untraceable to any creatures. Inside the Rest Room, Ichiryuu hid not only his Main Dish but also a small habitable land and with it, a resident. 

After having used Ichiryuu's Full Course Menu to raise the legendary bird known as the Billion Bird, the Human World had managed to finally taste an ingredient after a year of decline. Thanks to the cooking abilities of the chefs that have managed to avoid captivity, the Human World was saved. When Toriko praised the chefs for their ability to cook the Billion Bird Komatsu instead praised the Billion Bird for being a tasty ingredient. Toriko then has a flashback of when Ichiryuu once told him that no matter how amazing a full course is, if it has no one to cook it it has no value whatsoever. 

When Jirou and Setsuno decide to journey to the Gourmet World, they both decide to visit the Three Disciple's old training grounds, Food Immersion Cape, where they find a Million Tree, Ichiryuu's hors d'Oeuvre, growing healthily with Food Immersion Flowers blooming along with it. This tree was made as a gravestone for Ichiryuu's grave, grown by Midora himself as Jirou mentioned. 

When the Four Heavenly Kings and Komatsu revisit the 1st Biotope, they were searching for an individual who was supposedly the "guardian" of Ichiryuu's Main Dish. Toriko's nose caught the scent of an irritable individual, a Nitro capable of speech known as Chichi, an old friend of Ichiryuu. When Chichi scolds all of the Four Heavenly Kings for breaking down his window and causing him to bleed due to the window flying to his face, Komatsu questions who he was, he throws a fit of disappointment, saying that he told Ichiryuu to tell them who he was which Ichiryuu seems to have not done. 

As Chichi tries to tell the group about his past, Ichiryuu was mentioned to have awoken the Nitro some five hundred years ago. Chichi was unlcear of the time however and began thinking of different years which the two may have met. When Chichi brings the group to his kitchen, he presents the group with an apple which he states was an ingredient that Ichiryuu wanted them to have. The ingredient presented to them was a simple apple however Ichiryuu has somehow managed to give it a tiny fraction of scent from one of Acacia's Full Course Menu. This scent drove the "Appetite Devils" within the Heavenly Kings berserk. When or how Ichiryuu managed to get the scent onto the apple is unknown and whether Chichi helped him to get it or not was never said. 

Chichi mentions Ichiryuu once more in his conversation with the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu when a giant beast, Octopusuika, awakens from its long slumber. Chichi states to the group that due to Ichiryuu's belief and dedication towards his disciples, he went as far as to prepare them a form of transport that acts as a Rest Room for the group, carrying them through the Gourmet World safely. It is not known when Ichiryuu captured the beast or how long it has been sleeping underneath the 1st Biotope. 

Full Course Menu

Ichiryuu's Fullcourse Menu Eps 85
All the items in Ichiryuu's Full Course.

All of the items in Ichiryuu's Full Course Menu are extremely rare and legendary ingredients from Gourmet World. Each ingredient was hidden away in each of the eight biotopes within near-unbreakable giant chests (with the exception of his Main Dish, which is encased in a smaller chest) and Ichiryuu had instructed his students, the Four Heavenly Kings to one day capture and retrieve these ingredients and to find him a skilled chef to prepare them. When Toriko and Coco opened the chest the Hors d'oeuvre was in, the ingredient sent out a signal in the form of it's voice across the planet. Only prominent chefs can hear the voice of ingredients so only the elite few could sense it. Those shown on-screen that heard it's voice include Komatsu, Ootake, Damala, Sumire, and Chiru. Before his death, Ichiryuu indicated that his Full Course will have a greater purpose in the near future. Toriko also found out with a data at Gourmet Casino that this Full Course Menu couldn't be called delicious by any standard, but apparently it can be eaten infinitely.

The ingredients of Ichiryuu's Full Course Menu are not actual components used in cooking a meal but rather components that are used to create a habitat as well as raise Ichiryuu's Main Dish, the Billion Bird. The ingredients of the Full Course itself not only raises the Billion Bird but also increases its growth rate rapidly to the point of raising the bird itself into a full adult in mere minutes after it hatches.

Ichiryuu's Full Course Menu
Course Course Ingredient Capture Level Status
Hors d'Oeuvre Hors Million Tree's seed Unmeasurable Decided
Soup Soup Chameleon's Tears Unmeasurable Decided
Fish Dish Fish Dish Mitarashi-Konbu Unmeasurable Decided
Meat Dish MeatDish Survival Bug Unmeasurable Decided
Main Course MainDish Billion Bird Egg Unmeasurable Decided
Salad Salad Princess Straw Grain Unmeasurable Decided
Dessert Dessert Dry Melolon Unmeasurable Decided
Drink Drink Lord Roasted Mochi Unmeasurable Decided

Anime and Manga Differences

Prior to his debut in the anime, artwork of him and previews of his premier episode showed him with gray hair rather than blonde like in the manga, luckily the anime featured him with his correct hair color upon the episode airing.

Appearances in Other Media

Toriko: Gourmet Monsters

Ichiryuu made his first video game appearance in Toriko: Gourmet Monsters for the 3DS. He appears to take on the roll of a quest giver, sending Toriko and the others on certain missions at points throughout the game.


Ichiryuu has been featured in Toriko trading cards and has so has made two video game appearances.


  • Ichiryuu's name contains the Japanese character for "one" or a homophone of "one" (Ichi), referencing his status as the first disciple of Acacia. His name also contains the character for "Ryū", which means "dragon", so his name means "first dragon". Jirou and Midora have similar patterns to their names and in their birth dates.
    • His relationship with Midora appears to be similar to the dragon and tiger appearing as equal rivals representing matter and spirit.
  • Toriko has stated that Ichiryuu did not have a chef partner.
Ichiryuu CAD
Ichiryuu's CAD
BuranchiAdded by Buranchi
  • Just like Acacia, Ichiryuu seemed to have a secret ingredient in his Full Course Menu. Toriko and Coco retrieved the other seven.
  • He ranked 24th in the first Popularity Poll with 29 votes, tieing with the GT Robo and the Salamander Sphinx.
  • The names of the attacks used for Ichiryuu's Chopstick techniques are derived from breaches in traditional Japanese etiquette using chopsticks. These names are taken from what is considered "bad manners" when it comes to using a chopstick when eating.
  • Ichiryuu's Capture Ability Data remains unknown as revealed in Volume 14, by the events of Ozone Herb Arc.


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