Japanese 千優(ちゆう)
Romanized Chiyuu
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Age 12
Status Deceased
Professional Status
Occupation None
Personal Status
Relatives Chin Chinchin (father)
Chiyo (mother)
Debut Appearance
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Ichiru (千優) is the late son of Chin Chinchin and Chiyo who died at a very young age due to his poor health.


Ichiru has never been seen so his appearance is unknown.


Not much is known about Ichiru's personality, but judging from how much his parents cared for him, he was likely a very sweet child.



Ichiru was born with a weak body and spent his life in the hospital with tubes attached to him at all times. At the age of 12, he was finally let out of the hospital and the first thing his parents did was take him to Disappearing Cuisine so he could enjoy a real meal with his family, sadly his health got worse before they could make it and passed away. Ichiru never got to enjoy the pleasures of food during his life, and it would be a pain that would inflict Chiyo throughout her life.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

Several years ago, Chiyo was told by the "Dark Chef" Joie about the existence of the legendary ingredient CENTER from Acacia's Full Course Menu and how it could be used to revive the dead, as well as how its existence had been kept secret by her own husband Chin Chinchin. Chiyo enraged and shocked by this information immediately left her husband and old life behind, and joined the Gourmet Corp. in hopes of finding CENTER herself and using it to revive her long deceased son and get revenge on her husband for concealing the object that would've brought back their son and allow him to experience what he could not in life.

Years later, Chiyo invaded the Shokurin Temple in order to destroy it and have her revenge on Chinchin. During their battle, she revealed that she knew about CENTER and how she planned to use it to revive Ichiru and make Chinchin pay for concealing the truth from her. Eventually she was defeated with the aid of Toriko, but she left soon after while still holding out the desire to acquire CENTER.

PAIR ArcEdit

When Chinchin and the now reformed Chiyo found out about the support group that would aid the Four Heavenly Kings in their journey through Gourmet World, Chiyo grew in interest in going after discovering that the group might eventually go to the Back Channel, the World of Spirits. Knowing that this might be her only chance to reunite with her son and give him the family meal she always wanted, she chose join to the group with Chinchin, and headed for Gourmet World.


As the support group headed with Komatsu to the great civilization of Blue Grill, they noticed the dazzling sight of Stardust River. Chiyo then wondered if her son could see this heavenly beauty as well. A curious Komatsu hears out Chiyo's tragic tale and her hope to travel to the World of Souls in hopes of briefly reuniting with Ichiru and giving him the loving meal that she could not in life.

After finally entering the World of Souls, Chiyo sought out the soul of her son which appeared in the form of a small faint light, which she still recognized all too well. The little soul then mustered all of his strength to thank his mother for her kindness and that though he had never tasted real food, his mother had allowed him to taste the greatest flavor of all, the flavor of love which she had always shown him in endless abundance. Ichiru thanked his mother with all his heart as she cried tears of sorrow and joy. What became of Ichiru afterwards is unknown, but it is likely his soul ascended along with the others after ANOTHER was fully prepared by Komatsu. Chiyo would later share the tale of her reunion with her husband, who was also moved by what he was told and the two swore to keep on moving forward with what little life they had left.