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Three Eyes Horis
Japanese 三つ目のホリス
Romanized Mittsume no Horisu
Aliases Skewer User
Gender Male Male
Status Alive
Professional Status
Affiliation Mitsu Kushi
Occupation Chef
Personal Status
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 212
Anime Debut Episode 126
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Three Eyes Horis the "Skewer User" (串焼い, Kushiyakī) is a world renowned chef and the master of shish-kebabs who is well known for his skill at skewering and cooking delicious shish-kebabs at light-speed thanks to the enhanced vision granted by his unique three eyes. He is the manager of the Shish-Kebab Shop "Mitsu Kushi" (三つ串, Mittsu kushi). His skill is so grand that he was inducted into the IGO Chef Ranking at number 13, making him the 13th greatest chef in the world. He is first introduced as a contestant at Cooking Festival.


Three Eyes Horis is a tall and very muscular man with three eyes, as his name suggests. His middle eye rests where the bridge of the nose divides the left and right eye. His outfit consists of a forest green A-Shirt with a green cap that has the image of a meat with skewers sticking out of it on the front of the cap. His actual eyes have not been shown yet, as he always covers them with a pair of shades with three lenses, one for each eye. He also has facial hair which consists of a beard connected to his sideburns, creating a goatee without the mustache under his nose.

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Not much is currently known about him, but he is a brave individual who fought the Gourmet Corp.'s beasts without fear and was willing to protect his fellow chefs.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Because of his three eyes, he has superb vision which allows him to make, cook and skewer shish-kebabs at near light-speed, showing an incredible level of culinary skill, focus, reflexes and speed. He is also able to use his skewers as weapons.

Three-Eye Lightspeed Skewer Strike

Sangan Kousoku Kuishi Uchi


  • Three-Eye Lightspeed Skewer Strike (三眼 光速串打ち Sangan Kōsoku Kushi Uchi, Three-Eyed Light-Speed Skewer Barrage in the English Versions): Horis throws a volley of skewers at his opponent which reduces them to a pincushion. He stated that one of his skewers "is 10000".


Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Three Eyes Horis was one of the many chefs participating in the 50th Cooking Festival and upon entering Cooking Stadium, he was graciously introduce by the MC who complimented his remarkable skill. Later in the Cooking Festival's first event, Triathlon Cooking, in the bicycle part, Horis was seen little intimidated from Brunch's Intimidation, when he was passing him and several other participants. Little up ahead, Brunch broke a stone cliff bridge, cutting the path of Horis, but even trough, he was still able to pass the three preliminary events: Triathlon Cooking, Scale Death Cooking and Entire Island Cooking. And was able to reach the Championship Cooking, where his opponent would be Lulubhu. However, the Cooking Festival came to an abrupt end when the Gourmet Corp. attacked Cooking Island in order to kidnap its chefs.

As the Gourmet Corp.'s army of subordinates and Scum Beasts invaded the stadium, many bishokuyas, saiseiyas and other fighters among the audience entered the field to help protect the chefs alongside the IGO. Many chefs also demonstrated their combat prowess to fight off their kidnappers, this included Horis as well who used his skewers as throwing needles and showed that he a very powerful and skilled combatant who took down a giant Scum Beast easily. In the end it is unknown if he managed to avoid capture.

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