Guemon GGB
Guemon the "Gourmet Gang Leader"
Japanese 愚衛門 (グえもん)
Romanized Guemon
English Guemon
Aliases Gourmet Banchou (グルメ番長)
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday February 29th
Age 48 (Pre-Time Skip)
52 (Post-Time Skip)
Status Alive
Height 199cm
Weight 200kg
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO

0th Biotope

Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 143
Anime Debut Episode 71
Japanese Voice Iwasaki Hiroshi
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I've been alone here for many long years, spacing out.

—Guemon, to Sunny in the Three-Way Road.

Guemon (愚衛門 (グえもん)), also known as the "Gourmet Gang Leader" (グルメ番長 Gurume Banchō) is a member of the 0th Biotope. He spends most of his time guarding the Wak Continent's Three-Way Road, one of the few entrances to the Gourmet World from the Human World. Guemon single-handedly fights off the powerful Gourmet World beasts which occasionally try to pass into the Human World on the road.


Guemon has several scars on his chest. He wears a haramaki and dresses in clothes which are heavily patched, suggesting they are torn often. He has olive-green hair and hazel eyes. He also wears a light-colored headband around his head. Much like Knocking Master Jiro and Teppei, he has a pompadour hair style.

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He is a very laid back and easygoing man and is friendly to visitors as he usually doesn't get many in his isolated location. His isolation has lead him to 'space out' for long periods of time, sometimes even sleeping while sitting or standing upright. He claims to have been spaced out so long as to forget many things, even how many years he's been guarding the Three Way Road. He seems to have also forgotten much about his past such as his fellow 0th Biotope member Yosaku, and why he is even at the Three Way Road in the first place. However once he returned to the 0th Biotope he seemed to have remembered most of the other members and the organization, albeit he was still a bit air headed. Even while spaced out however, he will expertly and instinctively strike down any vicious beast that comes his way. Sunny considers him a disgusting and insensitive guy with no sense of class.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Guemon killing Fly Shark

Guemon slicing through a Fly Shark's vital areas with ease.

As a member of the 0th Biotope, Guemon is fully capable of entering the Gourmet World. The true testament to his strength however, is the fact that he alone is tasked with protecting the "Three-Way Road" on the Wak Continent, the only land entrance to the Gourmet World, from all the beasts trying to cross into the Human World. In the anime, he is shown to be a competent cook, capable of making a delicious Fly Shark fin soup. His most developed skill is his instinct. Yosaku, a member of the 0th Biotope himself and thus a very powerful warrior, suggested Sunny to ask for Guemon's help when trying to develop said ability.

Guemon is a fearless fighter and a very skilled swordsman. He fights using a large katana with a combat style reminiscent of Iai: his slashes are extremely fast and deadly accurate. He can easily cut beasts in half in a split-second without even trying. Physically, he is very quick and strong, as he was able to draw blood from Sunny with just one palm strike aimed at at his chest, and redirect his dreadful Hair Punch by just moving his head a little. Chin Chinchin stated that Guemon is not the kind of person that would die, even if killed, although he most likely meant that Guemon is a very powerful individual with an uncommonly strong spirit, rather than hinting at some form of immortality.

Food Honor Edit

Since Chin managed to call Guemon by name without making any mistakes, it can be assumed that he has mastered Food Honor.


Guemon has a very highly developed instinct (直観力 Chokkan-ryoku), sometimes referred to as intuition, cultivated from years of combat. This enables him to react without thinking in combat while still performing the best possible action for the situation, and to pick up normally undetectable things like pheromones and Sunny's feelers. This ability allowed him to avoid the Heavenly King's every attack on reflex, even predicting one coming from underground, and to target the vital points of Gourmet World creatures he's never seen before with fatal precision.


Shining Gourami ArcEdit

Guemon surprised by Sunny

Guemon and Sunny meet for the first time.

Sunny had gone off to meet Guemon on the Three Way Road to learn his fighting style on suggestion from Yosaku. When he arrived Guemon was very unresponsive and appeared to be ignoring Sunny which greatly irritated him, but as it turns out he was just spacing out which is quite a recurring habit of his he admits and he then proceeds to warmly welcome Sunny to the Three Way Road. However he soon begins to space out again upon the arrival of a Hercules Dragon which proceeds to attack Sunny, but before it can deal a blow, it is sliced in half through the middle of its body by Guemon in a split-second, leaving Sunny shocked and in awe.
Guemon dodging Sunny's attacks1

Guemon easily outmaneuvers Sunny.

Sunny then challenges Guemon to a match which he quickly loses as Guemon can apparently predict all his movements, he then explains to Sunny that his hair concentration needs to be less focused otherwise he will keep wasting too much energy, but Sunny continues to lash out but to no avail. Guemon then explains that he uses "instinct" and just goes with the first thought that pops into his mind and finishes by saying that "Pros don't think. They feel." and that Sunny is still too much of an amateur when it comes to using his instinct. At that moment a flock of Fly Sharks appear and begin attacking them but Guemon easily manages to attack their vital areas despite never having fought these beasts before, leaving Sunny amazed, he explains that instinct is something one can only gain through years of experience but some with natural talent like the Battle Wolf can have powerful instincts simply by believing and honing what little instinct they have. Eventually Sunny manages to master the art of instinct after many days of fighting the vicious creatures of the road alongside Guemon.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

He and the other 0th Biotope members are called to a meeting by Ichiryu. He comments on how long its been since he has since he left Sanzu Road. During the meeting, he asks why Chin Chinchin isn't at the meeting.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

Guemon and Malee reach the Birth Cry Tree in Sector B to acquire Acacia's soup, PAIR. However, Dores arrives shortly after, escorted by a handful of Nitro, and taunts them. Guemon asks Malee who that man is, and the Knocking artisan answers. At that, the Gourmet Gang leader mocks Dores back. Later on he, Guemon is shown lying on the ground defeated and next to him is a Nitro footprint, implying that he was attacked by a Nitro.

PAIR Arc Edit

When the Heavenly Kings arrived at the location of PAIR, Toriko noticed an presence of a mysterious man wearing a bandanna and patched clothing. Due to the distance of the figure, Toriko could not fully identify who it was, however being the person whom was originally tasked with capturing PAIR, it is possible it is Guemon.

When Toriko was fighting Monkey King Bambina, he was briefly able to see into what appeared to be the "Back Channel" when he attempted to take PAIR. Within this realm were two figures resembling Malee and Guemon who appeared to be watching Toriko's battle with the Monkey King.

After obtaining PAIR, the Heavenly Kings and Komatsu saw their spirits along with Kaka and the ancient civilization of Area 7 at the Birth Cry Tree. Guemon then told Toriko and group that they were not really dead and that Malee had performed a knocking on them to keep them from dying when they fought the Blue Nitro. Guemon tells Sunny the location of their bodies and retrieves it. Pukin undoes the knocking and both Malee and Guemon's souls return to their bodies.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

The violence in his fights were toned down somewhat in the anime, also of note is that whenever he unsheathed his sword and struck it would briefly begin to glow as though it was imbued with energy. In the anime he is also shown making the Fly Sharks into shark fin soup while in the manga it was not shown whether or not he got the chance to make it.


Guemon CAD

Guemon's CAD


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