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Japanese グレイトレッグ
Romanized Gureitoreggu
Aliases Grand Shark
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Type Fish
Capture Level 6
Length 8m
Weight 1t
Price 100g / 2,100 yen
Diet Carnivorous
Habitat Ice Hell oceans
Related Sharkcrocodile
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 69
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The Great Leg is a shark capable of locomotion on land and water due to the fact that it has legs instead of fins.


The Great Leg is a large shark beast resembling a Great White but with legs instead of fins. Its large body is 8 meters in length and can grow to weight at least 1 ton.


It is a hostile predator that travels and hunts in groups, and will not hesitate to attack when it spots potential prey. It has no problem boarding human vessels even if they are armed and will relentlessly continue attacking even if others of its kind are killed around it.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

It moves as nimbly on land as in the sea, but it can only stay out for one hour. It has durable skin, as a regular large axe is not enough to even scratch it unless wielded with enough force. It also fights in large groups, making it quite difficult when having to face them all at once.

As FoodEdit

The Great Leg is rich with fat and it's a fine addition to any sashimi platter. This fish is a valuable source of nutrition in the sub-zero environment it calls home. 100 grams of its meat can fetch a price of at least 2,100 yen.


Century Soup ArcEdit

As Toriko, Komatsu and the others were on their way to Ice Hell on board Colonel Mokkoi's ship, they were attacked by a school of Great Legs that proceeded to attack and try to eat the Gourmet Hunters on board. Many of the Gourmet Hunters did not stand a chance against them, while Toriko, Match, Takimaru, Brubo and Drunker were successful in killing them and/or fending them off.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

The Great Leg did not appear in the anime and was instead replaced with an anime-only beast called the Sharkcrocodile.


  • Great Legs were the work of Masashiro-kun from Mie Prefecture in Japan.

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