Ingot Gradient Whetstone Ore
Gradient Whetstone Eps 54
Ingot Name Ore
English Gradient Whetstone
Ingot Statistics Ore
Type Whetstone
Capture Level Unknown
Usages Sharpening
Location Melk's Workshop
Ingot Debut Appearance Ore
Manga Gourmet 119
Anime Episode 54
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The Gradient Whetstone is a unique naturally occurring whetstone that possesses all the qualities of the three main types of whetstones used in professional sharpening: the "rough stone", "middle stone", and "finishing stone", basically having all the whetstone roles in one, from the coarse textured of the "rough stone" to the fine texture of the "finishing stone".

Normally, in order to sharpen edged tools one has to sharpen them in a graduated manner, starting from the "rough stone" to the "finishing stone", but since the Gradient Whetstone has the qualities of all three, the many sharpening processes can be done on this single whetstone albeit plenty of skill is needed to do so effectively.

It was mined by Melk the First.


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