Gourmet Towers
Gourmet Tower (Night) Eps 45
The Gourmet Towers at night
Japanese グルメタワー
Romanized Gurumetawā
Location Gourmet Town
Affiliation Smile (designer)
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 64
Anime Episode 24
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The Gourmet Towers are a pair of towers shaped like a knife and fork located in Gourmet Town. The fork building has 320 floors, while the knife building is even taller with 330 floors. From the 200th floor and up, they reject first-time customers. Those even further up need airships to get to, and the top few floors are 'member-only', which requires customers to be 'recommended', to enter. It was designed by Smile.


There are very few known restaurants in the Gourmet Towers. The ones currently known are:

  • 273rd floor: 7-star Yakiniku Healthy.
  • 312th floor fork building (topmost fork building floor): 7-star Traditional Japanese Restaurant "Guts".
  • 330th floor knife building (topmost knife building floor): The overlook floor and the 10-star Zen Ou Restaurant


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