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Gourmet Seven
G7 Portrait
Name Gourmet Seven
Aliases G7
Affiliation IGO
Status Unknown
First Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 98
Anime Debut Episode 40
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The Gourmet Seven are seven "Taste Masters" chosen from the chief member nations of the IGO. They are an organization of members who hold a miraculous sense of taste, said to be able to recognize the taste of a single grain of sugar in a twenty-five meter pool. They take part in important decisions of the Gourmet Age, such as assigning the number of stars to hotels and restaurants, and the rank of chefs. These important people also serve as inspectors for the IGO.

During the battle at Cooking Fest, three of its members (Nomarch, Toppo, Ahmon) were confirmed as spies and actually apart of NEO and they soon after defected from the G7 and left for the Gourmet World with the rest of NEO, leaving only four active members within the G7.


Gourmet Seven
PatchMS Apalon KittMS PainomiMS
Patch Apalon Kitt Painomi
Former Members
NomarchMS ToppoMS AhmonMS
Nomarch Toppo Ahmon

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