Eps 80 Title Picture

The 50th Gourmet Service Competition

The Gourmet Service Competition is an annual competition where contestants must serve high-quality ingredients in a festive and showstopping fashion. The competition has been held over fifty times.

The 50th annual Gourmet Service Competition occured during Autumn Break Arc (Filler) in episode 80. The grand prize for this event was the Diamond Figcrystal; the competitors had to serve the figcrystal for the event. Tina acted as the host while Setsuno, Uumen Umeda, and Apalon were the judges of the event.

The 50th competition had six competitors: Sunny, Zonge, Komatsu, Melk the Second, Jiro, and Toriko. During the event, the highest score in the history of the event was broken 3 times. First by Sunny with 275 points, then Melk the Second with 285 points, and finally Jiro with 295 points. Toriko had a perfect score of 300 points, but was disqualified due to not using the ingredients in his performance. In the end, Pochiko is the one who won the event despite not officially competing due to her lighting the diamond figcrystal with his heat, with the judges giving him a perfect 300 score.

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