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Gourmet Knights
Aliases Gourmet Knights
Leader Aimaru
Affiliation Eco Land;
Four Heavenly Kings
Base of Operations Simple Diet Hill
Status Active
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 68
Anime Episode 25
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The Gourmet Knights are an order of Gourmet Hunters that follow a strict "Gourmet Doctrine" which states: "to entrust one's life completely to nature". This means shunning man-made medicines or anything else that would normally not be found in nature or is completely artificial. They live in Simple Diet Hill, a place where many of its populace also follow the Gourmet Doctrine. Toriko also stated that they are used to fasting so they can survive for a long time without eating.



It is unknown for how long the Gourmet Knights have existed, however their leader Aimaru has been taking care of the sick and diseased for many years by "eating" the diseases that infect them and effectively curing them while taking the burden of the disease upon himself. This is how the Gourmet Knights also recruited the young and orphaned Takimaru who suffered from a rare Gourmet World disease, and it was Takimaru who helped to remove its fatal effects from Aimaru and then recruited him into the Gourmet Knights.

At an unknown point, the Gourmet Knight leader became friends with the Gourmet Hunter Toriko and promised to compete against him to see who would find GOD first.

Century Soup ArcEdit

After so many years of consuming diseases, Aimaru finally suffered the backlash and was slowly dying, and to save him, Takimaru took part in the hunt for the Century Soup to earn enough money to buy him medicine from Life. Luckily Takimaru was aided by Toriko himself as well as the Gourmet Yakuza member Match. While they were not able to acquire the soup nor the money, they were able to go to Life with the aid of Setsuno and Teppei, and Takimaru was able to meet Yosaku who then gave him an antidote for Aimaru. Takimaru was then able to convince Aimaru to take the medicine by telling him of Toriko's eagerness to continue competing with him, allowing the leader of the Gourmet Knights to keep on living.

Bubble Fruit ArcEdit

At an unknown point, Aimaru paid a visit to the Shokurin Temple and mastered Food Honor and was also able to strengthen the Gourmet Cells of his knights. He was later visited by Toriko and Komatsu who sought his aid in acquiring some Eco Nori, and were luckily aided by Takimaru.

Cooking Festival ArcEdit

The Gourmet Knights took part in the battle of Cooking Fest where they aided the IGO and the Four Heavenly Kings in fighting off the Gourmet Corp..

AIR ArcEdit

The members of the Gourmet Knights along with their leader Aimaru were present during the Four Heavenly Kings' departure to the Human World. Before leaving, Aimaru and Takimaru promised that they would join them on their journey soon.

PAIR ArcEdit



Gourmet Knights
AimaruGC TakimaruGC AkimaruGC TsukimaruGC RaimaruGC
Aimaru Takimaru Akimaru Tsukimaru Raimaru
KagemaruGC YukimaruGC
Kagemaru Yukimaru

Aimaru (愛丸?)
Leader of the Gourmet Knights, not much is known except that he is capable of eating bacteria and viruses out of people's bodies therefore curing them from disease, even eating a dreaded "curse" from Takimaru's body. Years of eating diseases eventually took a great toll on his body. He is one of Toriko's old friends, and they have a friendly rivalry to see who can obtain GOD first.
Takimaru (滝丸?)
A new member highly skilled in martial arts, he joins Toriko's party as they enter the Ice Hell in search of Century Soup, as he needs money to buy medicine for Aimaru. He faces off against Bogey Woods and manages to discover his weakness about his sacrum, proving his intelligence, as well as momentarily defeating him albeit becoming gravely injured. He once suffered a disease from the Gourmet World, which are referred to as curses because known science has no cure for them. Aimaru consumes the disease and leaves only one of his eyes infected, at great personal expense. He is later rescued by Teppei and healed completely by Yosaku. He also receives a medicine which can cure any disease in the Human World from Yosaku.


Akimaru is one of the Gourmet Knights that Toriko met at the Simple Diet Hill.


One of the Gourmet Knights that appears at Simple Diet Hill.


One of the Gourmet Knights that appears at Simple Diet Hill.


One of the Gourmet Knights that appears at Simple Diet Hill.


One of the Gourmet Knights that appears at Simple Diet Hill.

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