Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc
Komatsu presenting the parfait
Story Arc Info
Story Arc: Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc
Chapters: None, original story
Episodes: Episode 42 - Episode 43
Description: Toriko, Sunny, and Coco set out on a death-defying quest to see who can track down the most irresistible sweets for a starving Seven-Color Nessie!
Story Arc Chronology
Preceded by: Century Soup Arc
Followed by: Ozone Herb Arc

Gourmet King Deciding Battle Arc is a two-episodes anime-only arc which features Toriko, Coco and Sunny, along with Komatsu, Rin, Terry Cloth and Kiss, as they try to win the Gourmet King Deciding Battle competition. It is the anime's first filler arc and takes place after the Century Soup Arc.






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