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Gourmet Island.

This article is about the crossover, for the filler see Gourmet Island (Filler).

Gourmet Island is a location solely appearing in the manga special Cross Epoch - One Piece x Toriko. It is an island filled with many delicious ingredients and beasts whose capture levels range from 1 to unmeasurable. The island has an unusual weather pattern which consists of rains of Meat, Cotton Candy, Chocolate and sometimes Milk Coffee in the evening. The island overall resembles a plate of spaghetti with an oddly shaped mountain in its center that resembles a fork picking up some spaghetti. The island apparently exist between the world of Toriko and One Piece and acts as a meeting point for both worlds. The island also has an anime counterpart known as Hungry-la Island which appeared in the Toriko x One Piece Crossover special.




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