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Gourmet id
Japanese グルメIDアイディー
Romanized Gurume Aidī
English Gourmet ID
Creator(s) IGO
Owner Various
Purpose Registration of one's identity on public record.
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 25
Anime Episode 8
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The Gourmet ID (グルメIDアイディー Gurume Aidī) is the Gourmet Data (グルメデータ Gurume Dēta) of the public held by the IGO. From the birth of an individual to the present, the details of every single ingredient eaten and the details are recorded. The latent food information stored inside the brain is read into the Gourmet Data. Everything from the number of bites taken to when something was eaten is chronicled in order to flawlessly identify the individual (this is similar to Taste Data).

Its level of authentication precision rivals that of the DNA authentication. Gourmet ID is precise to the utmost. Its used to investigate dietary cultures, authenticate people in specific places, confirm and verify a Gourmet Hunter's capture, inquire about gourmet crime, and so on. There are also situations where it is used in medical institutions. Gourmet ID is a top-secret personal information so, except special situations of IGO’s management class, reading them is forbidden. Providing and writing the data is also impossible to manage.

It has to be updated once every 3 years, but the examination is refused by many people which can cause significant problems as a disguised GT Robo is able to infiltrate the Biotope 1 as a delegate.[1]

It is a felony to falsify Gourmet ID in which a capital punishment of life imprisonment if done in a constitutional state, but this can be avoided in non-affiliated IGO countries such as the Jidar Kingdom. The Brain Research which the Underground Cooking World started for many people who wanted gourmet criminals who have eaten illegal ingredients in their memories erase.[2]


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