Gourmet Doctrine (グルメ教 Gurume Kyō, known in the English manga translation as The Gourmet Faith) is a strict way of life that few people follow during the Gourmet Age. Some of the followers call themselves the Gourmet Knights. Most of the adherents live in Simple Diet Hill. The doctrine clearly states: to entrust one's life completely to nature. This means man-made ingredients and medicine that are not found in nature or are completely artificial. They are known to participate in month-long fasts.

Three Great Ascetic PracticesEdit

The Three Great Ascetic Practices (三大行経想 Sandai Gyōkyōsō) are the three trials that Gourmet Knights undergo.[1]

  1. Verse of Good Fertile Catch (豊穣 豊漁ノ行 Hōjō Hōryōnogyō), or Gourmet Pilgrimage (グルメ行脚 Gurume Angya)
  2. Sutra of All Meals Appreciation (全食感謝の経 Zenshoku Kansha no Kyō)
  3. Conception of Tear Flower (涙花の想 Ruika no Sō)

Known FollowersEdit


  1. Volume 38

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