Gourmet DJ
Bonkochi sideview
Japanese グルメDJ
Romanized Gurume DJ
Affiliation Their customers
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 148
Anime Episode 75
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A Gourmet DJ is a professional meal planner who makes sure that each course is matched to a specific song that acts as background music (BGM) which can suit the meal and environment.[1]


A Gourmet DJ has to have extensive musical knowledge to know which BGM best suits a specific meal and will help to bring maximum comfort and pleasure to the customer when eating. Things like the furnishing, the cutlery, the temperature, the humidity and the BGM all go into account when performing a proper session, as such a Gourmet DJ has to have a vast understanding of these elements as well to be able to create a proper session. It also appears that the type of music player they use also determines the quality of a session, as shown with Ponkochi who uses a record player hooked up to a large stereo on his back, likely to distribute music to the surrounding area for perfect harmony. When done right, a session enhances the eating experience greatly, creating the perfect harmony, however it should be noted that not everyone will share the same liking for a Gourmet DJ session, as some tend to find it uncomfortable.

Known Gourmet DJsEdit


  • Gourmet DJs may be based on ambient music artists who specialize in playing music that fits as background music.


  1. Chapter 148

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