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Gourmet Carriage Eps 58
English Gourmet Carriage
Purpose Transports passengers on luxury trips
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 125
Anime Episode 58
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The Gourmet Carriage (also known as the Deluxe Carriage) is a luxury vessel which takes its passengers on a "gourmet" trip around the world (presumably "Human World") lasting approximately two years. It moves over "World Connect" and is drawn by two Giga Horses. To get on the Deluxe Carriage, one would have to get a reservation five years in advance.


Mellow Cola ArcEdit

Gourmet Carriage (Night) Eps 58

Gourmet Carriage at night

Toriko and Komatsu rode it on their way to Honey Prison. While on the vessel, they met up with Sunny, who was on his way to the "Sanzu Road", and Coco, who was headed to the "Jidal Kingdom." They were able to taste Crystal Cola and spot a Solid Gold Whale while on the Deluxe Carriage. Zonge and his group won the Gourmet Town Lottery and were allowed a ride.

Toriko's Break ArcEdit

In the anime, the Gourmet Carriage is seen again while Toriko and his group are on the Islandhorse searching for the Watiger. When the carriage passes near the Islandhorse, a Roboster and a Yashimodoki board the deck to attack humans, luckily Coco and Sunny who are still on the cruise swiftly defeat the two beasts and send them flying to the Islandhorse.


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