True Worth of the Year and a Half!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 31
Gourmet: 276
Japanese Title: 一年半の真価!!
Story Arc: AIR Arc
Romanized Title: Ichinen-han no Shinka!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: May 12, 2014
WSJ Issue: Issue 24-2014
Chapter Chronology
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Short SummaryEdit

Toriko effortlessly defeats the boss of the Real Mist and the Heavenly Kings have a meal, just before a mysterious character arrives.

Long SummaryEdit

After Coco defeats the Leech Heels, Toriko gets ready to fight the boss of the island. Komatsu who gets the data Toriko sent from his wristband is worried after seeing the beast's Capture Level. The Riddle Chapter displays the beast's name as Soy Milk Road which has a capture level of 487 while Sunny who had put his tracker, 'Remote Hair' felt that they are outnumbered by the beasts. Meanwhile the Soy Milk Roads say that it had been a long time since a human came to the Harbor of Evil Spirits. Toriko knew that all the illusions were the Soy Milk Road's doing and says if they like to see one of his illusions. Toriko then intimidates the beasts by making an illusion of his Appetite Devil. The illusion he makes is so mortifying than before indicating that his overall skills have risen during the time skip. The Soy Milk Roads get various illusions of them getting boiled, taken in a barbeque stick and made into soup and filled in a bowl. This make the main Soy Milk Road become unconscious and thus the mist clears up revealing everything. Everyone gets surprised as the mist cleared up while Zebra and Toriko aren't too impressed. The Octomelon finds itself being on land from the beginning. Komatsu and Sunny find Toriko and Coco just a little bit away from the Octomelon. Toriko says to everyone that everything they experienced till that moment was just an illusion created by the Soy Milk Road. Coco says to Toriko that he never thought that he would just defeat them with his intimidation. Toriko says that he did his Ultimate Routine and he doesn't have to fight beasts at Capture Level 500-600. Coco feels the power of Toriko as he could see the intimidation of Toriko even though it was not directed at him. Zebra wakes up and says that he's hungry. Toriko notices the Soy Milk Road he defeated and says that 'Soy Milk Tears' are flooding from his eyes and the smoke around his body is the 'Tofu Skin'. Komatsu decides to have a meal there. He cooks all the ingredients they confronted and makes several delicious dishes. Everyone have a hearty meal including the animal partners and the Octomelon. Komatsu becomes happy on being able to travel together and eat a meal together which was his dream. Just then a frosh riding a card arrives speaking in a language which Toriko and the others couldn't understand. Toriko and the others are clueless on what it said after it finished speaking. At the end of the chapter it said that the Frosh is a key player in capturing AIR.

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