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The Members of the 0th Biotope
Chapter Info
Volume: 22
Gourmet: 193
Japanese Title: 第0ビオトープの職員たち!!
Story Arc: Bubble Fruit Arc
Romanized Title: Dai 0 Biotōpu no Shokuin-tachi!!
Viz Title: Biotope Zero's Members!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: July 2, 2012
WSJ Issue: Issue 31-2012
Chapter Chronology
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Gourmet 193 is called “The Members of the 0th Biotope.”

Quick SummaryEdit

The president of IGO, Ichiryu gathers and sits down with the members of the 0th Biotope, whom of which are some of the strongest individuals in the world of Toriko. After a short debriefing they begin to head off further into the Gourmet World preparing to collect Acacia's Full Course Menu now that information has leaked to the criminal organization known as the Gourmet Corp. about the 8th ingredient; entrusting the protection of the Human World to the Four Heavenly Kings. Meanwhile, at the Gourmet Corp.'s Gourmet World Headquarters Midora is seen eating in preparation of the upcoming war with Ichiryu.

Long SummaryEdit

Gathering on the Cloud TreeEdit

This chapter starts with the explanation of the 0th Biotope as the top-secret IGO facility where research and developmemts of ingredients goes on, including the study of the Nitro. The interior of the facility is shown and we see the gathering of the 0th Biotope's staff in the dinning hall. Gourmet Gang Leader: Guemon happily states that it has been a while since all the members of the 0th Biotope have been gathered together however, Gourmet Literary Master and Gourmet National Treasure: Malisman, remarks to Guemon that Master Chin Chinchin isn’t present and questions Guemon's memory. While Guemon comedically looks around for Master Chin; Gourmet Setai Master: Malee asks the President Ichiryu if it's true whether or not Master Chin has actually been attacked which the President confirms and then begins to address the reason why everyone was called.

The great Blacksmith: Kuribou states that he finds it hard to believe that Master Chin would be delayed by a fight and accurately predicts that it had to be a Gourmet Corp. attack and that they probably used “cowardly tactics” in said fight. Warden Love dismisses the fact that he would die and states there is no need to worry about it. Gourmet Magician: Manan then questions Ichiryu as to why the meeting was called with the President saying that the Gourmet Corp. has become aware of Acacia's Hors d'oeuvre: CENTER, which temporarily shocks and silences the room. Warrior of the Goro Tribe: Tack and Assassin: Megarodras both comment on the ingredients while Gourmet Mountain Bandit: Goblin Ramon calls it the ultimate revitalization ingredient and Martial Artist: Sakura questions why the Gourmet Corp. has such information.

Ichiryu then jokingly states that one of the members leaked said information which again silences the room. Rapp however dismisses the joke and states that there is a suspicious member of the 0th, one who joined most recently. The panel shifts to Former Gourmet Yakuza Boss: Ryu as he accuses partly but Yosaku quckly comes to his defense stating that he personally brought in Ryu and that Ryu wouldn't betray them like that. Ichiryu dismisses this claim and states that their goal is now gathering Acacia's Full Course Menu and asks Gourmet Astronomer: Rala if he has narrowed down the date for the Gourmet Eclipse to which he responds that it will be in six months at the earliest. Ichiryu remaks that that's a short period of time and asks Yosaku how close he is to reviving EARTH, Melk the First how his progress with the AIR cutting knife is coming along, and Gourmet Hermit: Kousairou how close he is to finding the location of ATOM. Yosaku tells him that he'll need one more month, while Melk, through Manan who is actually able to hear his small voice, relays that said knife is complete, and Kousairou states that they've nearly cracked it.

Ichiryu states that he's counting on Gourmet Surgeon and Chef: Atashino to prepare ATOM and that the members should prepare themselves for a possible war with the Gourmet Corp. and that they should hand over any work they have in the Human World to their successors which is met with a resounding “SIR!”. Yosaku and Goblin Ramon assert thier intentions of having fun with the upcoming task while Tack states that while it's foolish to fight over food there is no choice if the opponent is the Gourmet Corp.. Rala later states to the President that “He” will become active as the Eclipse draws near, the Four Beasts are waking from their hundred year slumber, and shows concern for the Human World because they won't be able to protect it due to their current duties. Ichiryu dismisses these concerns saying that the Four Beasts are their final training ingredients and that there are some disciples safe to leaving the Human World to. He also comments to Rala that the Gourmet Corp. have acquired some chefs. Rala then states that after they acquire many skilled chefs they’ll probably attack the Human World simultaneously with the war against the 0th. He then reveals that in one month at Cooking Fest, the greatest gatherin of world chefs, the Gourmet Corp. will probably appear and attack to acquire more chefs. Ichiryu regretfully decides to send a member of the 0th to prevent such an attack. Kousairou shockingly volunteers and states that “Chefs are treasures of the Gourmet Age”to which Ichiryu relatesd that he's counting on him. Rala states that they can rest easy on the Human World subject but regrest that the military force of the 0th will decrease due to Kousairou’s absence. Kuribou is then called by the President.

Midora's PreparationEdit

At the Gourmet Corp.'s Gormet World Headquarters, Starjun is seen in the kitchen preparing some kind of dish. He tastes it but disappointedly states that it's wrong, implying that he's been working on the dish for a while. Midora is shown eating a meal with a mountain of bones behind him as he adds to the collection asking “Now...are you coming Old Man...?”


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