Bubble Way!!
Chapter Info
Volume: 21
Gourmet: 185
Japanese Title: バブルウェイ!!
Story Arc: Bubble Fruit Arc
Romanized Title: Baburu Wei!!
Viz Title: Bubble Way!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: May 7, 2012
WSJ Issue: Issue 23-2012
Episodes: 107
Chapter Chronology
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Short SummaryEdit

Toriko and Komatsu conclude their training with Shuu, when suddenly master Chin Chinchin flies into the arena crumbling a small area around him. His training commences in which he proceeds to let Toriko bite into a fraudulent Bubble Fruit only to realize it's completely void of flavor - with this he begins to convoy Toriko down the Bubble Way; where master Chin promulgates at the end is the location the authentic fruit is kept.

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