Zebra's Conditions
Chapter Info
Volume: 16
Gourmet: 139
Japanese Title: ゼブラの条件!!
Story Arc: Mellow Cola Arc
Romanized Title: Zebura no Jōken!!
Viz Title: Zebra's Conditions!!
Total Pages: 19
Year Released: May 9, 2011
WSJ Issue: Issue 22-2011
Episodes: Episode 66
Chapter Chronology
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Short SummaryEdit

The Salamander Sphinx has finally produced the Mellow Cola, but as soon as it oozes the Nitro attacks Komatsu, Toriko, and Zebra. The Nitro eats the Mellow Cola and its body is invigorated. A narration shows how Acacia found the Nitro in the Gourmet World and observed its behavior to obtain GOD. Zebra activates Anger and Toriko, Autophagy, giving them energy to battle the Nitro.

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