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Gido Full
Gido in his GT Robo operator suit.
Japanese ギド
Romanized Gidou
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday 1st November
Status Deceased
Blood Type B
Professional Status
Affiliation NEO
Occupation NEO Spy,
Gourmet Corp. Subordinate (ruse)
Partner Zaiper and Sedoru
Personal Status
Relatives None mentioned
Debut Appearance
Manga Debut Chapter 30
Anime Debut Episode 10
Japanese Voice Yasumoto Hiroki
English Voice Anthony Bowling
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Gido was a Gourmet Corp. subordinate and was one of the main antagonists of the Regal Mammoth Arc. He is never actually seen in person as throughout the story he was piloting a GT Robo and only his voice was heard. In truth his loyalty did not lie with the Gourmet Corp. and was actually a spy placed in the organization by NEO.



Gido in his operator suit.

As mentioned above, he is never seen in person so his true appearance is mostly unknown. However he is seen wearing a GT Robo operator's suit and judging from that, it is clear that he is a tall muscular man with a well built frame and apparently does not have long hair, as Stajyun's hair was easily seen coming out of his operator's suit.

His GT Robo is a Giant Model covered in chains and has pink "hair" all over its body.
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Gido was a vain and callous individual who was extremely vain and independent, preferring to work alone and gain the credit and recognition of his higher-ups at the cost of making his teammates look bad and sabotaging them. He also had a very high ego and was very overconfident, not believing for a second that he could've lost to Coco.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Cooking Fire

Gido demonstrating his skill with the GT Robo.

Not much is known of Gido's natural abilities but he appeared to have been quite skilled in the usage of the "Giant Type" GT Robo and appeared to have been the only Gourmet Corp. member at the time who could handle controlling it. The GT Robo was also quite durable to the intense poisons of the Poison Tide and other corrosive elements thanks to its highly resistant titanium alloy body and could even survive against high gas concentrations, however in the end it was no match for Coco's unique and highly dangerous poison techniques which were able to enter its body and damage its core antenna.


The following techniques were all performed by Gido with the usage of his GT Robo.

  • Laser: Like all GT Robos, the Giant Type has a laser outfitted in its "face" however it is far larger in size and more powerful than that of its smaller counterpart.
  • Cooking Fire (調理ファイア, Chōri Faia): A flamethrower is installed in the palms.
  • Peeler Shot (ピーラーショット, Pīrā Shotto): It shoots out the hair attached to its body to cut out or shave the skin and flesh of its opponent.



It appears that Gido was originally a member of NEO, an organization led by the "Dark Chef" Joie and had been sent into the Gourmet Corp. as a spy sometime ago. However it is unknown if Gido was a willing member of NEO or a brainwashed victim of Joie's "Taste Change".

Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Gido is first seen encountering Zaiper's damaged GT Robo after the latter was crushed by the Regal Mammoth. Zaiper requested for his help but Gido instead crushed the GT Robo to ensure that he would get all the credit for the Regal Mammoth's capture, leaving an angered Zaiper behind.[1]

Gido's gt robo

Gido and Coco face off.

After finding the Regal Mammoth he discovered it was quite difficult for him to capture, but after it ran off the edge of the cliff and was paralyzed by the poison of Coco of the Four Heavenly Kings, Gido proceeded to capture it and obtain the Jewel Meat but was stopped by Coco who could sense a death omen coming from Gido, implying that he'll die very soon, however Gido laughs this off and engages the poison user in battle. He is eventually defeated by Coco, and his GT Robo was collected by Mansam and Shigematsu. Based on Grinpatch's speech to Toriko "a new guy was even killed", he was presumably killed off screen by Starjun during his rampage in the 6th Branch over the failure to capture the Regal Mammoth, fulfilling Coco's prediction of his death.[2]


During the events of Cooking Fest, Starjun confirmed that Gido had indeed been killed, but not just due to his failure but due to having discovered that he had actually been a NEO spy, something that he told Joie upon their meeting in Cooking Stadium.


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