RiceBall  Garlic Bird  Manga meat
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Japanese にんにく鳥
Romanized Nin'niku tori
Aliases Garlic Chicken
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Type Bird
Capture Level 45
Length 40cm
Height 45cm
Weight 3.5kg
Price 100g / 200,000 yen
Diet Wild garlic
Habitat Unknown, due to capture difficulty
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Chapter 66
Anime Episode 24
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The Garlic Bird is a small bird beast that is prized as a rare high-level ingredient.


It is a small brown feathered bird around 45 centimeters in height and is no bigger than a large chicken. It has a sharp yellow beak and a pretty common appearance for a simple fowl. It also has notably large eyes which makes it look like it is surprised.


This fragrant fowl only eats wild garlic and has a special liking for it. The wild garlic that it feeds on diminishes year by year, so the Garlic Bird population is also on decline and is often forced to turn to other foods besides wild garlic in order to survive.

As FoodEdit

-A-Destiny- Toriko - 24 (1280x720 h264 AAC) -20840008- 20111013-23153752

Garlic Bird Oyakodon


Garlic Bird Chawanmushi.

The finest of fine foods, it has a rich garlic taste which truly compliments the Ten Yolk Egg and Paradise Rice perfectly, and with both ingredients it can be made into Setsuno's Garlic Bird Oyakodon, where its feathers are plucked and its wing are sliced into small pieces then grilled and mixed in with both said ingredients. When the rich flavor of wild garlic it eats mingles with the chicken's flesh, an unforgettable duet is created. Because of their endangered status, they are now being artificially bred, though the flavor is nothing compared to the natural variety as they require a diet of wild garlic that can only be grown in the wild to maintain their natural flavor. Its meat can also be made into a delicious chawanmushi.


Century Soup ArcEdit

The Garlic Bird is first seen in the Setsuno Dining Hall where it was being prepared by Setsuno into a fine bowl of Garlic Bird Oyakodon for Toriko and Komatsu. She prepared it with excellent speed and precision which greatly impressed both of them.

Toriko's Break ArcEdit

When Yocchi decided to share his Chicken Tiger egg with Komatsu and Toriko, Komatsu chose to cook it and prepared a side dish of Garlic Bird Chawanmushi to go with it which they all greatly enjoyed.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

  • In the anime, the Garlic Bird Setsuno had in stock was already plucked of its feathers and beheaded, rather than showing her remove the feathers like in the manga. The Garlic Bird however did make an appearance with its head in the Toriko trading cards.


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