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Mushroom  GOD  Sushi
IGO Icon 2 Name IGO Icon 2
Japanese GOD (ゴッド)
Romanized Goddo
Aliases God Ingredient
IGO Icon 2 Statistics IGO Icon 2
Type Unknown
Capture Level Unmeasurable
Location Continent of Beginnings (Area 2)
Mushroom Debut Appearance Sushi
Manga Gourmet 61
Anime Episode 21
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GOD (ゴッド Goddo) is an amazing and divine ingredient discovered by the legendary Gourmet Hunter Acacia 500 years ago. GOD is considered to be the greatest dish in the world and the pinnacle of all ingredients; its flavor is so great that it was even capable of putting an end to the great 100 year Gourmet War after the leaders of each country were enlightened by its flavor. It is said to rarely appear and it can only be found in Area 2's Continent of Beginnings of the Gourmet World, and while the first time it appeared brought peace to the world, its second appearance might bring about another great war.


Acacia serving GOD to one of the world leaders.

The Blue Nitro hold a clue to GOD, and were a major factor in helping Acacia discover it. The discovery of GOD is said to have marked the advent of the Gourmet Age. Other than its name, all other details regarding this food are shrouded in mystery. The only hint to its whereabouts surfaces during the Gourmet Solar Eclipse once every several hundred years.

Being the greatest ingredient in existence, it is sought after by many powerful and influential individuals, such as Gourmet Researchers, famous Gourmet Hunters, retired professionals, the Gourmet Corp, and essentially every single person in the world wishes to taste it. Even Toriko of the Four Heavenly Kings has chosen this ingredient to be the main dish in his Full Course Menu.


This ingredient is incredibly hard to capture and prepare. So much so that Froese, the greatest chef in history, almost died cooking it despite having the ability of Food Immersion.

According to Starjun, Food Luck is an indispensable ability if one wishes to obtain it.

Jiji and the Five 10-Shell Cooks state that the only way GOD can be created and cooked is to sacrifice enough life forms for their energy which would then serve as fertilizer for enhancing GOD's taste. Originally, different animals were used by the Blue Nitros to create GOD, but once those animals almost became extinct, they leaned their focus onto humans as they made excellent slaves and they could reproduce in abundance. From then on, humans became the sole requirement to create GOD by both the Blue Nitro and people of Blue Grill. Froese luckily discovered a method to prepare GOD without sacrifices 500 years ago, with the only side effect being severe weakness, but due to sacrificing her life to save her son Midora, the mystery of her technique was lost when she died.

As Food

Consuming GOD fully awakens the Gourmet Cells of the brain.[1]



When the Four Heavenly Kings and their allies arrive in Area 6, they are divided into teams to seek out each of Acacia's ingredients at a faster rate. Toriko and Starjun are teamed up by Jiji to seek out and capture GOD in Continent of Beginnings.[2]

After being revived, the apocalyptic demon Neo sends out parts of itself to seek out the ingredients from Acacia's Full Course while it awaits the appearance of the "last," GOD.[3]


  • While all the dishes of Acacia's Full Course are written in katakana (since they're foreign words), GOD is the only one written in hiragana as if it were a native word.


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