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Emperor Ring
Ichiryu and Midora's Emperor Ring
Japanese エンペラーリング
Romanized Enperā Ringu
Affiliation Eight Kings
Debut Appearance
Manga Chapter 250
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The Emperor Ring is a rare and natural phenomenon that consists of an untouchable vortex that gets formed on the atmosphere of Gourmet World when two prominent predators known as "kings" meet and battle each other, such as a Battle Wolf and a Mother Snake. It gets formed in the sky and is caused by an anomaly, which shakes the environment where these predators stand. Even other powerful Gourmet World creatures will not get near it.

The formation of the ring is not limited to beasts as even humans of immense strength (World's Strongest) such as Ichiryu and Midora are capable of forming the ring. Toriko, who was facing the "Horse King" Heracles, was also able to form the ring with the beast, though it was only when his Blue Appetite Demon took over the fight. It is highly hinted that the size and power of the vortex depends on the power of the two combatants (as seen by the one formed on the Stray Islands due to the battle between Ichiryu and Midora, which was immensely huge). It is also stated that this vortex has gravity, as seen when it pulled in several Salmon Wyvern into it, where the fate of this misfortune led them only to death owing to the mighty techniques of the combatants. 


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