This article pertains to Match's sword. For the ruler of Area 1 of the same name, see Dragon King.
Fork-knife-icon  Dragon King (sword)   Fork-knife-icon
Japanese 竜王
Romanized Ryūō
English Dragon King
Owner Match
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 68
Anime Episode 25
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Dragon King (竜王 Ryūō) is a blade made from a Leodragon fang. The blade is currently in possession of Match and is the main weapon he uses.

Due to being made from the fang of a Leodragon, the blade is extremely durable and sharp and is capable of even cutting through armor made from Crush Turtle shells, if enough force is put into it.


Ryuuou Eps 31

Dragon King is a katana with a red hilt and is kept in a black scabbard. It is unknown if this Match's own preference or not.


Match uses Dragon King in the martial art of Iai (居合 meaning "Mental Presence and Immediate Reaction"), a style of swordsmanship which emphasizes drawing, striking the enemy, and re-sheathing the sword as a single coherent motion. Everything is to be performed extremely swiftly.

Match Exhaustion Freezer Bison small


By suppressing his emotional reactions and allowing his physical exhaustion (脱力 Datsuryoku) to overcome him temporarily, Match can concentrate to perform a single overwhelmingly fast and powerful sword swing.[1] To reach the most powerful level of exhaustion, Match must stand still and suppress his physical and emotional reactions for a full three minutes. The more powerful a rage he must suppress during this time, the more powerful the resulting slash will be. This emulates the hunting technique of the Leodragon, which suppresses its presence to sneak up on prey before striking with overwhelming, instantaneous force.


Match Iai Sanmai Oroshi small
  • Iai: Three Piece Filleting (居合 三枚おろし Iai Sanmai Oroshi): Match cuts the target into three pieces with one swing. It is first used on a Great Leg.[2]
  • Iai: Stomach Cut (居合 腹開き Iai Harabiraki): Match slashes at his opponent's stomach. It is first used on a Freezer Bison.[3]

Match Meuchi Ichirin Zashi and Kaiten Kaubutowari small
  • Bud Perforation (目打ち一輪挿し Meuchi Ichirinzashi): Match stabs straight down through the target. It is first used on Tommyrod's Jungle Stag Beetle.[4]
  • Rotation: Helmet Splitter (回転 かぶと割り Kaiten Kabutowari): Match follows up Bud Perforation with a powerful wide-arced swing, splitting the beetle in two.[4]

Match's Ittou Ryoudan Kabutowari small
  • Cut in Two with One Stroke: Helmet Cut (一刀両断 かぶと切り Ittōryōdan Kabuto-giri): A wide swing, it is first used to behead Tommyrod's Butterfly Worm.[5]
  • Iai "Dragon King: Cut in Two with One Stroke" (居合 "竜王一刀両断" Iai "Ryūō Ittōryōdan"): After three minutes of Exhaustion, Match lets his anger explode with a single slash of Dragon King. It is strong enough to cut through armor made from the shell of a Crush Turtle.[6]


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