Dohem Full
Japanese ドヘム
Romanized Dohemu
English Dohem
Aliases "Super Pighead Dohem"
Race Human
Gender Male Male
Birthday June 10th
Age Unknown
Status Alive
Blood Type O
Professional Status
Affiliation Ico igo IGO
Republic of Roto
Gourmet Summit
Occupation President of the Republic of Roto
Personal Status
Relatives None known
Debut Appearance
Manga Gourmet 24
Anime Episode 8
Japanese Kanemitsu Nobuaki
English Grant James
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Dohem is the president of the Republic of Roto and a member of the National Security Council, who aside from his governing duties is also responsible for major decisions regarding the passing of new bills.


Dohem Expressions

He is and old man with dark skin and a long black beard and scruffy hair and has several warts on his face. He wears a beige-colored hat and a long robe, underneath he appears to wear a simple pair of light blue boxers.

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He is often against the passing of new gourmet bills and the people of his nation call him "Super Pighead Dohem" because of it. The anime shows that he is a genuine gourmet with a love for food, especially the Mermaituna.


Regal Mammoth ArcEdit

Bei's GT Robo disguised himself as Dohem to enter the Gourmet Coliseum. When Mansam noticed he was just sitting watching the Toriko fighting the beast in the arena, Bei sticks his hand through Mansam's body.

BB Corn ArcEdit

In an anime sidestory, Dohem is upset at the IGO's security because of the incident at the coliseum. A meeting for the heads of each nation is held at the Gourmet Summit and he opposes an important gourmet bill and the bill won't pass unless he agrees to it. Uumen Umeda asks Komatsu to make Dohem a Mermaituna dish so he can change his mind about the bill. During the Gourmet Summit dinner party, Komatsu arrives a few minutes late and tries to put one more ingredient for the sauce for the Mermituna dish, but it turns into bubbles because of its seven day peak. Dohem became upset again and decides to leave the dish until Coco arrives with a new Mermaituna and Toriko arrives with some Volcanic Ash Salt. This time, Komatsu gets the dish right and Dohem enjoyed eating it. He tells Komatsu he did a wonderful job and allows the bill to pass. He is seen again at the party eating BB Corn. The bill that Dohem allowed to pass was for the ET Rice hand-formed sushi to not go on the rice, but the topping.

Anime and Manga DifferencesEdit

Though the real Dohem never appears in the manga, he appears in an anime sidestory during the BB Corn Arc.

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