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Japanese ドクターフィッシュ
Romanized Dokutāfisshu
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Type Fish
Capture Level 1~30 (depends on species)
Price Diet Fish = 1,250,000 yen per fish
Melanin Gourami = 500,000 yen per fish
Blood Tetra = 20,000,000 yen per fish
Tumor Fish = 100,000,000 yen per fish
Habitat Life
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 94
Anime Episode 37
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Doctor Fish are a species of tiny fish beasts that eat bad things in the body, making them quite useful for healing and rejuvenation purposes. They bred in the waters of Onsen Shark. The cost of bathing with Doctor Fish varies by species, but it's always well worth the price.


There are numerous types of Doctor Fish and each has its own particular diet and is used in different forms of rejuvenating therapy. Below is a list of the known types of Doctor Fish.

  • A type of them eat dirt and dead skin on the body.
  • Diet Fish (ダイエットフィッシュ Daiettofisshu): They use their slender mouths to enter through the pores and eat subcutaneous fat. It's a way to get thinner without pain.
  • Blood Tetra (ブラッドテトラ Buraddotetora): They are invisible to the naked eye. They enter directly into blood vessels and eat blood clots and their components.
  • Tumor Fish (腫瘍フィッシュ Shuyōfisshu): They eat apart the malignant tumors inside the body, but this takes time and there are places they can't reach like the inside of the brain. They like to small-sized sharks.
  • Melanin Gourami (メラニングラミー Meraninguramī): They eat Melanin, which is the pigment responsible for the skin and hair color. So, they eat the skin darkness inside the body.