DVD Info
Episodes: 6
Length (Minutes): 144
Year Released December 2, 2011
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List of EpisodesEdit

  • 015. "The Unyielding Aesthetic! Sunny`s Manly Battle!" ("Kyoujin Naru Bigaku! Sunny, Otoko no Tatakai!" 強靭なる美学! サニー, 男の闘い!)
  • 016. "Rin`s Final Wish! Awaken, Super Toriko!" ("Rin, Saigo no Negai! Kakusei Seyo, Chou (Super) Toriko!!" リン, 最期の願い! 覚醒せよ, 超(スーパー)トリコ!!)
  • 017. "Super Toriko, the Fists of Anger! This Is the Strongest Spike Punch!" ("Chou Toriko, Ikari no Kobushi! Korega Saikyou no Kugi Panchi!" 超トリコ, 怒りの拳! これが最強の釘パンチ!)
  • 018. "The Taste Written in His DNA! Toriko, Search for the BB Corn!" ("DNA ni Kizama Reta Aji! Toriko, BB (Blue Blood) Koun o Sagase!" DNAに刻まれた味! トリコ, BB(ブルーブラッド)コーンを探せ!)
  • 019. "The Talent of Battle! Show Me, Terry, King in the Making!" ("Tatakai no Sainou! Misero Terry, Ouja no Soshitsu!" 闘いの才能! 見せろテリー, 王者の素質!)
  • 020. "For Terry`s Sake! Burst by Broiling Heat, BB Corn!" ("Terii no Tame ni! Shakunetsu de Hajikero, BB Koun!" テリーの為に! 灼熱(しゃくねつ)で弾けろ, BBコーン!)

Cover Characters & IngredientsEdit

* Retail DVD4 & Rental DVD6

* Rental DVD7

Rental versionsEdit

The numbering of Retail and Rental versions differs. Starting from the second DVD, each retail DVD includes 2 discs (3 eps per disc). But for rental, they are separated as stand alone discs. Example: Retail DVD2 = Rental DVD2 & Rental DVD3.

Rental DVD Covers:

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