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Japanese 蟹ブタ
Romanized Kani Buta
English Crab Pig
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Type Mammal
Capture Level 8
Length 4m
Height 2.3m
Weight 3t
Price 100g / 8,000yen
Habitat Around Toriko's house; Will live anywhere
RiceBall Debut Appearance Manga meat
Manga Gourmet 7 (mentioned)
Gourmet 100
Anime Episode 41
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The Crab Pig (蟹ブタ Kani Buta) is a large species of pig with red stripes on its back and six legs.

It is Zongeh's Meat Dish in his Full Course Menu.[1]


The Crab Pig is a large porcine beast normally standing 2.3 meters in height and 4 meters in length. It has pink-colored skin with red Tiger-like stripes on its back. Its most notable feature is its six short stubby legs that enable it to cover ground quickly.


Crab Pigs are very alert and agile pigs, always staying vigilant of possible predators and ready to run with all its strength if its attacked. Its oddly pointy teeth and fangs may indicate that it is a carnivore or an omnivore.

Powers and AbilitiesEdit

Despite its short legs, it is capable of moving at impressive speeds and running long distances to the point where it can even match the speed of a cheetah, proving that it is quite an agile creature.

As FoodEdit


Crab Pig meat and its flavors.

The Crab Pig is considered a gourmet ingredient that combines the refined sweet flavor of crab meat with the light sweet fat of pig meat, which brings about an exquisite harmony. Because of it's elevated physical abilities, a Crab Pig's body is actually pretty dense with muscle, and lacks the expected fat. Its flesh tastes rich, lightly seasoned, and a lot like top-grade crab, hence "Crab" Pig. Since its capture level is based on how difficult it is to find as opposed to how dangerous it is, it can be served in Hotel Gourmet without difficulty on their part. Despite its low capture level, it is able to satisfy Terry Cloth, a Battle Wolf that only enjoys Gourmet World foods such as BB Corn. The only other Human World food that achieved this feat was the Jewel Meat of a capture level 48 Regal Mammoth.


Rainbow Fruit ArcEdit

At Hotel Gourmet Toriko eats roasted Crab Pig wrapped in Mantle Lettuce.[2]

Century Soup ArcEdit

One was killed by Terry and Ob to give as a present to Toriko after he returned home from his long absence. They all then ate together and enjoyed the delicious meat of the Crab Pig.



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